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  1. Much to my chagrin i report that the market in bournemouth/poole is still booming the for sale signs are all over the place houses are selling quickly,flats a little longer "the bigger the rise" the "harder they fall" thats what my instinct tells me, loads of places to rent though,saturation at some point(though i dont know when) i know the crash is coming,just dont know when.so many people have said that when the market crashes it is going to be the mother of all crashes and guess what i know its true,the joy of being a bear in a bull market(as it still is) is as painfull lot but worth it in
  2. totally agree,this is not something that we have really fully appreciated is making a huge impact on keeping btl afloat, at some point i do feel that serious questions regarding our extreemly slack imigration policy will have to be asked hey basically the goverment are allowing this to go on as part of their scheme to keep the housing market afloat and wage inflation at a very minimum,cant last forever though
  3. Well said,indeed it has been a memorable bear week so bulls no hibernation for us
  4. At what time do you feel that there will be such a saturation of propertys to rent that the rental yields will start to collapse?Where i live there are so many to let signs that i cant see where all the tenants are going to come from,i have rented for many years so am aware of how many rental properties were available in the past that figure has now trebled/quadrupled.Whilst appreciating that houses have got out of so many peoples reach forcing people to rent rather than buy i still dont see that has created enough demand to fill rentals,also there is not enough net immigration to tip the bala
  5. I have written to him many years ago to help a situation that my family found itself in, again his reply was prompt and was very congenial during his surgery after approx 6 weeks the matter being discussed was resolved.Without his help we would have been stuffed,so whilst i dont expect him to wave a miracle wand i am happy that he will represent my views in any way he can and keep me informed
  6. I wrote to my m.p because i believe that the sipp regulations are socialy damaging NOT because i am concerned that it will stop the adjustment that will occur in the housing market.I have two children who at this point have no chance of getting on the ladder and i view sipps as yet another hurdle they will have to climb to attain any chance of them owning a property.No i did not ask my m.p if he had plans to invest that i thought would not help my case.Personaly i think there is a very good chance that sipps may indeed not last the course and the more people that show their concerns the more c
  7. I had a reply back today from my local m.p Christopher Chope (conservative) to a letter i sent last week regarding my concerns with the sipps scheme Dear Mr Phillips Thank you for your letter dated 24th october about the likely consequences for first tome buyers of the Goverments proposals to allow second homes to be included in pension plans. I have written to the Chancellor of the exchequer seeking his comments upon the pertinent points which you make Yours sincerely Christopher Chope All in all a pretty positive reply in my mind,i think that there are many mps out there who are appale
  8. changed my life and related so much to how i felt at the time so i totaly agree wonder where matt johnson is now? i still listen to it now and it still makes me feel the same as it ever did.a great songwriter for the disenchanted prospective frustrated house owner
  9. in the tone of surveyors post i must admit that here round bournemouth/christchurch area there is a hell of a lot of properties shifting although i have no idea of selling prices whether up or down.the thing is in this area there is so much money floating around looking for a home and the old bricks and mortar is the public perception of where profit is made. it is when in this area that you see for sale signs sticking for long periods of time that you know the slump is really upon us.the mindset of people(especially when it comes to money)........their money,is very hard to change,emotion,a f
  10. :angry: cut off date indeed where are your balls that is the chicken way out capitulating after less than 6 months from now maybe you should toodle pip off to s.p your negativity is laughable...............vi love people like you :angry:
  11. little do we know it(i do) that the light at the end of tunnel is close by.this horrible crushing, be-liteling, second class making,miss the chance of the century creation that is houseprice inflation is on its staggering last legs just like a cat with only three legs trying to get to a saucer of milk before its more normal four legged cousin gets there and drinks it first...........its over, no longer do we have to feel like a leper in a field of normality our "scabs" will heal,we dont have to feel like the "great unwashed" who cant afford to buy, the shoe is on our foot now,we now have the
  12. dipstick by name dipstick by nature in the lyrics of "dont believe the hype" dont get confused by the panacea created(by v.i) connected by low interest rates (even if the boe dropped them to o%)they would make NO DIFFERENCE to the way houseprices are heading, a bloated, overpriced market has to find a level judged by good honest fundimentals(sic) and that is coming(if not already)here........
  13. much as i value your wisdom and intellect dr bubb, and i do, get a life dude and lay off the hpc and get a life beyond our faebled (sic) dream,surely on a sunday we should just chill and open a few bottles of chardonnay(not new labour) of course and intergrate(sic) with the rest of our normal breed and relax while the natural progression of the houseprice crash rings about our ears. please dont get me wrong but there is more to life than looking at this flickering screen to massage our weakneses and utopian ideals(which of course will come true) maybe you are too clever for your own good henc
  14. ignore him he is the anti christ,he is a fcking liar,he (wrongly) uses his column to play mind games with the gullible and easily lead,we are better informed.....so ignore his vested rantings..................he is one of the worse of his ilk,i.e people in powerful, maniplutave(sic) positions who think they can steer financial sentiment which way they please......as i say,ignore his opinion and manouvering........
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