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  1. The housing market is like a tube of toothpaste. We've had the luxury of squeezing it when there was plenty in the tube. We've squeezed and prodded and rolled up all the toothpaste out by hand. We've rubbed the toothbrush handle up and down on the tube on the window ledge forcing the very last bit out. We've sliced the tube in half with a stanley knife and then turned it inside out and brushed every last molecule off onto our brush. Or is it just me that does that...
  2. "We are proud to present..." "Must be viewed to be appreciated..." "Early viewing recommended..." "Boasts outside tap..." "How do I sign on... ?"
  3. What about the UK arms industry, a very large number of people work there, yet its always criticized - probably rightly so. But someone has to make the stuff, why not the UK, it would only get mopped up by the French, US or Russia. The role of the UK armed forces should be to defend the UK and its interests, not going around the world as policeman. Maybe we should have a mercenary army, export that to the Indians, they can fight our policing wars for us.
  4. Wish we'd exported these, technologically brilliant, economically pants... Rolls Royce RB211 "With titanium fan blades, an intake diameter of over 2m and weighing 3267 kg, the RB211-22B allowed the new generation of 'Jumbo Jet' aircraft to take to the air, while bankrupting Rolls-Royce with its massive development costs." http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/collection...res/rb211-2.asp Blue Streak "Those interested in British rockets will be fascinated by Blue Streak. Developed originally for defence purposes, this was to be the first stage of a European three-stage vehicle, and was itself e
  5. I know for a fact that many of these types of houses bypass the system altogether, its done by closing the front room curtains and passing across tesco carrier bags full of 10 pound notes and leaving the deeds on the settee as you walk out.
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