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  1. CNN seems to have forgotten about this.
  2. IDS was encouraging on his view that the backstop is not workable and the EU know it. Apparently it was chucked in by the German drafters as a legacy from a Turkish proposal. Where there is a will there is a way, I keep telling the defeatist remainers on here, we may just be about to see what that means when minds are focused and the bravado dropped. The conservatives have a month in my view to sort a suitable way forward out or they are toast. We will get an enhanced deal or no deal in my view.
  3. I believe a majority would vote to stay in the EU if offered May’s deal or Remain. However I also believe if the people knew the politicians would enact the decision swiftly a greater majorly would vote for leave than the first referendum if it was the original choice of leave or remain was offered again. Watch the video I posted, there is not going to be a need for a “people’s vote” it will be resolved in the next month.
  4. That is the spirit, such an optimistic perspective. Where there is a will there is a way, maybe some of those constraints will have to change to achieve the greater good. You never answered my earlier question if you got anything wrong regarding the GFC? Maybe you views on Brexit may not be as on the mark as you posting confidence indicates.
  5. Statistics are not that hard to interpret! 24% No Deal 12% Leave with May’s deal (actually another EU treaty drafted by the German’s) 14% Leave the EU but remain in the customs union. Please show me my error in interpreting leaving with no deal as the massive majority of the leave options, which if we honour the referendum should be implemented.
  6. Going back to 2006 for me, did any of the things you argued strongly about in 2007 not pan out as you thought? HPC has been a fantastic education for me. It literally changed my life and for the better, however not everything panned out as I expected. That is why I am pretty optimistic we will find a good solution for the UK and our EU friends.
  7. Don’t take things too seriously regarding that video, I have no idea who made it and certainly did not bother finding out. 2 of the clips I saw live and just thought is was a reasonable illustration of the what I see on a regular basis. I am afraid it is only worth considering the leave options as that is what we are doing!
  8. Absolutely that is the graph! No deal is a massive majority for the leave option. I am staggered it is so high given No deal is just not debated publicly. It is like the elephant in the room when ever the BBC discuss the next options as each ridiculous move by the failed parliament unfolds. I get a feeling that is will only grow as more people take the time to research it as an option having got a sense parliament has not done its job for them.
  9. Not that I am away of, just a group of clips, some of which I remember seeing live. I just typed in Brexit bias media and it came up. I could make a video nearly everyday showing similar situation if I could be bothered.
  10. Absolutely, and you have 21,908 posts to prove it. You make your case very clear but I am afraid frustrating an already made democratic decision by the people in parliament will lead to far greater issues going forward. The vast majority of the public remain or leavers just want this to be resolved and No deal is the simplest route to achieve this. Yes we could revoke article 50 but the long term damage will dwarf any no deal short term bumps. Did you like that clip where the BBC interviewer started to make a very good case for leaving without realising it..... That is the problem when you don’t understand the big picture and just spouting brainwashed rubbish In an effort to stop the person you have in front of you to interview from talking....
  11. One earlier in the thread showing a majority would prefer no deal as the leave option.
  12. The question regarding EU membership has been clearly answered, it is the implementation by a remain majority parliament and biased MSM that is at question here!
  13. No, it is my judgement on a pervasive bias on MSM and the air of superiority the remainers exude. They just will not discuss what the country voted for and still wants, that graph is backed up by other polls. Clips here show the standard of debate on the BBC and elsewhere. Second clip in is probably the best example. The bias BBC London centric remainers were spitting/frothing at the mouth that the country consensus is to leave without a deal rather than the current fudge.
  14. Yes what many people have been saying but refuted by the bias media. No deal is the preferred method of leaving, we should already have left 3 years ago. Quite astonishing No deal got such a high proportion given not one MSM comentatator has seriously discussed it without the hyperbole of the sort seen on here often.
  15. Wonderful, another list of reasons why the stupid people voted leave, nothing to do with 40 years of experience in the EU, a clue as to why the older generations voted leave.... The arrogance of the pious remain nerds is what made me turn very rapidly from remain to leave.
  16. Very interesting, thanks for posting. Seems the same tactics were used then to scare people into the EU as are being no now to keep us in. If as the Ted Heath speach eluded to the political union was to prevent France and Germany every fighting again, I would say we are safe from that now... Job done move on.
  17. You are not facing up to the fact the country voted for a change to the status quo. We will need to restructure the economy and build from the ground up, otherwise this whole endevour will not be worth the disruption caused already. It is an opertunity for a new direction but no doubt your view of the opertunities freedom from the EU presents will be decidedly pessimistic.
  18. That is fine, leave on WTO terms, negotiate the best we can with the EU, move on. I totally agree we will have to make sensible considered judgements. As you suggest in your post above it seems a lot of the remainers argue we are going to deliberatly self harm. We will get the best deal we can with the EU. It is very likely will be inferior to someone staying in the EU, this is the path we are on let’s make the best of it.
  19. No need for the phase to be repeated if we leave and actually start the process in earnest. This whole process smacks of last minute Charlie from both sides, which again is the reason I thought we should leave on WTO terms as soon a practically possible back in 2016. Believe me there will be a will from BOTH sides to resolve this and the way forward will be found. If you miserable doomsayers are correct then future generations can work our way back into the EU, I just don’t know how any individual can be so clear this is going to be a disaster. Unless you listen to the general excepti Nelly biased media consensus, where were they in 2007 warning people of a proper disaster. There were strong signals in late 2006 that trouble was ahead with two Bear Stearns funds collapsing September 2006. As posted yesterday this will be small bump compared to 2008. I sold my house and was fully in cash by spring 2007 much to the dismay of friend and family. So it is not like I am a blinkered optimist, I just think your pessimism is way off the mark.
  20. A good relationship with the UK outside of the EU, it is really quite simple. We will work out this terms over the next decade that suit both our interests, where there is a will there is a way...... The other option that I voted for is to remain inside the EU In it’s entirety, somthing that we can not do, so you seem to be the one struggling with reality.
  21. Exactly is has been a shambles and we have danced to the EU tune trying to form a nothing deal. Time wasted by a legacy many of the most vociferous on this board exhibit regarding their inability to see anfuture outside of the EU. Time for fresh thinking, take the hit and rebuild.
  22. There you go again, defeatist remainer. We have significant strengths if only we would apply them by leaving on WTO. We have years of negotiations ahead of us anyway, we should have started this route 3 years ago....
  23. Yep, look at the stance the EU have made regarding the extension, they appeared they were going to be very strict but when we called their bluff they realised they have more to loose from this situation than us they back tracked. Macron openly wants to teach those who voted leave a lesson, why not just call time on the mess and let us leave! You are utterly convinced we would have to come grovelling back to the masters, it would be perfect for Macron..... This position of strength the UK has is something I would like to have see the negotiators use years ago, We want to be partners and friends with the EU, we just need to shrug this negative defeatism the plagues the remainers.
  24. Was it the engine or was it the electronics or the fuel line or somthing else. Space craft a quite a complicated beast..... So if we are past our best what should we do about it, keep the status quo that I voted for or strike out and create a nimble economy taking advantage of the spectacular technological changes atm. Let’s or just moan on BB rather than push forward for a better future. Where there is a will there is a way.
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