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  1. A key milestone in the construction of the first private sector homes built by Newham Council owned company Red Door Ventures, was marked with a topping out ceremony. first private sector homes built by Newham Council owned company Isn't that an oxymoron?
  2. So a single 18 year old with a £200k IO mortgage gets paid to remain in their 3 bed roomed detached house in the north of England and every other 18 to 21 year old is entitled to nothing and everyone up to the age of 35 is gets paid to rent a room. Seems hardly fair?
  3. I anticipate an ABBA state of affairs. i.e. It just 'feels' like the 70s. I can't quite put my finger on it but it's there, with the way I remember the 70s. I just walked through Knightsbridge on the way to Victoria and the number of shops/buildings all up for rent/abandoned (especially on Sloane Street) was eye opening to say the least. A building probably half or a third the size of Selfridges completely abandoned and some signs of squatting. Possibly. Has it really come to this? I really despair!!
  4. I've not seen the finer points on this yet (whether it applies to Shared Ownership etc), but on the face of it, a couple both living in social housing earning his proposed living wage of £9 an hour will have a combined income of £47,000. Taking them £7,000 over the threshold for London and £17,000 over the threshold for elsewhere and make them liable to pay 'market' rates. You really couldn't make this stuff up! EDIT. Sorry, I got my fingers fumbled on the calculator. It's £36,000 for a couple so this is still over the threshold for elsewhere in the UK. There already calls to increase the living wage for London. As crash2006 says, people will simply work less hours or part time as to take their salary over these thresholds might not be financially viable. It all depends if the additional rent tax is added progressively or hit just in one lump?
  5. My apologies, that's now increased to £85k and £71k respectively: Your total household income needs to be no more than £71,000 per annum for one and two bedroom homes or no more than £85,000 per annum for family sized homes (three or more bedrooms). A lower income threshold (£60,000) is applicable for developments outside London boroughs.http://www.familymosaicsales.co.uk/shared-ownership/am-i-eligible/
  6. Also, will this apply to owners/tenants of Shared Ownership schemes, many of which enjoy non-market rate rents on the portion of the house/flat they do not own? So basically, earners on £80k/£60k Shared Ownership rents are deemed worthy enough to receive tax-payer funded financial assistance for their rents, but tenants/households on £40k are expected to pay this rent tax? They haven't really thought this through have they?
  7. I'm hoping this might be the new Tories poll tax moment. A couple living together in social housing on an income of £15k each will get hit by this rent tax (£20k in London). I think this is going to hit far more people than they imagined. I also don't think it's a coincidence this has been 'leaked' days in advance of the budget. Test public reaction etc.
  8. Ding! We have a winner. Or better still, perish the thought of embarking on a whole new state national building programme for rent only rather than relying on the private sector to do it for us, whilst lining theirs and the banks pockets.
  9. So by your logic, high earners (let's not forget we're talking about £40k in London and £30k elsewhere) should also pay more for their children's education and for any hospital treatment they might have. We already have a progressive tax system in this country, we certainly don't need another one on top!
  10. We clearly have different definitions of what constitutes a subsidy. I'm currently receiving neither a cash payment or tax reduction by the government. In fact, they're contemplating the opposite! http://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/subsidy.asp
  11. I really don't know where to start with this proposed policy? Firstly, Council/HA rents are NOT subsidised! They are ring-fenced, at cost, not for profit. When will people realise this? The 'market' rent rate is the same PLUS, the landlords profit margin!! Stupidly, there are shared ownership schemes in London where the MINIMUM salary you need to earn in order to qualify is £80k PA. Where does this fit in with the logic of £40k high earners in no need of 'government assistance' yet if you earn £80k you still need a help to get on the housing ladder. Would this rent tax (for that's what it really is) be progressive? i.e. Would a person on £39,950 PA be at a disadvantage taking a promotion/overtime at work to salary £40,005 thus taking their rent from an arbitrary £200 a week to £500? I fall into this category with my salary being more than £40 (but less than £50k) and live in a HA I bed flat, but neither do I qualify for RTB (I wouldn't buy it even if I could - for other reasons I have stated in previous posts) and if ever there was a reason for wanting to go down to a 4 day week, for me this would be it. If property prices/rent prices weren't so artificially high in this country, people would be naturally incentivised to move out of council tower blocks/slums rather than penalised for the 'privilege'. This year was the second general election that I did not vote conservative (2010 & 2015) and I feel SO GOOD about myself for this.
  12. Not 'willy waving' but my 1 bed-roomed ground floor flat (Victorian conversion - established 60's Housing Association) is also 50 sq m. That floor plan is depressing to say the least. And Paul & Jane are smiling?
  13. But I never remember these fixed rate teaser rates back in the 80's and 90's, you just went straight on the SVR as I remember it. I was a teen/20's during that time so I might have got it wrong? Anyone old enough to remember/chime in?
  14. Is it me, or is fixed rate deals a relatively new phenomena with this latest 15 year HPI [email protected] I only remember SVR being the norm in the 80's and 90's.
  15. I think that's the first time I've ever seen a large flat screen TV fixed on the ceiling above a bed.
  16. I can get on the housing ladder, it's just that I choose not to until there is value in it.
  17. Ahh, the Right To Acquire links and info makes sense to me now. Thanks.
  18. Not shooting the messenger here FreeTrader, but the section on eligibility in that booklet is absolutely useless. It makes no mention of eligibility for HA tenants, only council tenants. I was interested to see if they were still going with the post 1997 criteria for HA tenants.
  19. This is the blue print for my 1bed garden HA flat. Even if I wasn't principly against RTB, I just wouldn't pay £400k for it, let alone £500k even IF I could afford it/get a mortgage.
  20. Starter homes at nearly half a million £ for first time buyers! Wow! What an achievement!
  21. I could easily pay £10 for a packet of crisps..... Doesn't necessarily equate that that is a right move.
  22. I know one young lad who went to this protest yesterday and he certainly doesn't fit the 'privileged offspring of BTL parents' meme as been suggested on this thread. It's funny, if I didn't know this, I'd probably have also made the same assumptions as others have about the protesters. Now, I know this is only one person, but perhaps the tide really is turning. And for those that have made the distinction between the ethnicity/skin colour between the two riots/photos, I think this is just a reflection of those that feel most disenfranchised from modern London society in today's world.
  23. On the off chance you're still lurking Mark, why not just offer an AST for the first 12 months and then offer an AT (Assured Tenancy) there after? This is what I would consider what separates the professionals from the amateur landlords, and is what my Housing Association did with me. Genuine question.
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