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  1. Evening Standard article and comments. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/conservative-mp-admits-he-cannot-afford-the-deposit-to-buy-a-house-a3176886.html
  2. But do you really 'own' it when you can't even sub let it (job mobility no no there) and you require permission to even tart up the bathroom? Thanks..... But err, no thanks. I think I'll stick with renting.
  3. They even stupidly left the cheaper price in the description. Don't need Part Exchange? You could purchase this home with Help to Buy, the new Government initiative meaning you may only to pay 80% of the £359,995 purchase price now. So that could be just £287,996 on this plot!
  4. I'm local to this house as well. £550k seems very cheap for 2014. Perhaps it is incorrect?
  5. The minimum mortgage part is 25%. This means you can have a situation where a couple on £90k PA put £210k down get a mortgage for £150 and still require a leg up,interest free loan of £240k. Add to that what Long Time Lurking states, if prices plummet, the tax payer is on the hook for the shortfall. Crazy!
  6. Cheers. Although I meant to say "interest free" rather than "tax free". Either way, it's still shocking!!! A quarter million pounds of tax payers money being gambled on which way house prices go from here on in.
  7. There's absolutely no joined up thinking with this lot. In London, couples on £90,000 PA are deemed impoverished enough to qualify for £240,000 (a quarter of a million pound!!!!) tax free loan towards a £600,000 new build home........ But any couple living in London on £40,000 is deemed a top earner and will be charged an inflated (market) rate of rent for having the temerity and good fortune of renting a not-for-profit Housing Association place. You couldn't make this sh1t up!
  8. The government needs to introduce a Help To Rent scheme.
  9. Would need to drop 60% for me to realise any value in Lambeth. Even with a maximum of £108k discount I'm still better off renting from HA. That's the madness here in London.
  10. I'm an ex servicemen left in 1994 so can only speak of my experience 20 years ago, but then there was absolutely NO SUPPORT housing wise. My own LA (Coventry, where I signed up to the army) were not interested in my council lists application a year before I left the army as I already was homed. I could only submit it once the day I left and was homeless. I was lucky and had friends and family, I'm sure there were ex squaddies not as fortunate as me.
  11. I only skim read it, but if she's a writer, why does she need to commute to London every day?
  12. I've seen the same on South London railway stations. Signage promoting local EA/PRS.
  13. Since these ex 3 bed places will now be commanding 2 bed LHA rates/rents (the purpose of the excercise), why not just charge 2 bed rent prices? Propaganda stunt! They've actually wasted more money by knocking the walls down in the first place. [email protected]!
  14. My commute by public transport is 30 - 40 mins and I don't mind saying that wouldn't commute any longer, even if it meant going on the dole/minimum wage. Not least when there's 100s of 1000s of people choosing not to work and happy living on benefits occupying council/social housing in London. Now, that's knocking the indigeounous workshy because unfortunately their jobs have been taken up by economic migrants and what's more the jobs in question wouldn't be able to live on any way. It's one massive [email protected]&k up! The result of 20 years of government lack of foresight and mismanagement.
  15. For £2m that gets you quite a lot of house....... but not a lot of home. I've seen hotel lobby's more inviting!!
  16. I should point out I was only 6 or 7 years old when I was running through the fountains on the way to the cinema on a Saturday morning. That was the 70's.
  17. I remember breakdancing with my 'crew' (B Boys) at the bottom of those flats circa 83'/84'. That area was rough then and I'm sure it's as rough still now. I grew up in Coventry in the early 70's & 80's and its gone from a pioneering/gentrified city in the 60's/70's to a complete sh1thole I see it become every time I visit family in Coventry. It's a shame really. I remember running through the fountains underneath the centre ring road in the city centre in the early 70's on my way to the cinema on a Saturday. Fountains of water all round the under pass of the ring roads. They all got turned off around the 80's. </nostalgia>
  18. So government assistance to buy a flat when earning 82k but if you earn more than £30k (£40k in London) and renting off the council you're considered a high earner and will have to pay market rate tax? This government is truly bonkers!
  19. I just don't want my EARNT wealth being eroded by inflation and/or stupid low interest rates.
  20. I'm sorry, but this thinking is just as idiotic as selling off the council houses in the first place!
  21. A key milestone in the construction of the first private sector homes built by Newham Council owned company Red Door Ventures, was marked with a topping out ceremony. first private sector homes built by Newham Council owned company Isn't that an oxymoron?
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