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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^87490&maxPrice=600000&numberOfPropertiesPerPage=24&radius=0.0&sortType=2&index=0&propertyTypes=detached&secondaryDisplayPropertyType=detachedshouses&includeSSTC=false&viewType=LIST&mustHave=garden%2CnewHome&currencyCode=GBP This is frightening. I was looking at the 40% HTB in London and thought, what if I could get a nice lovely detached new build house in London with a bit of garden for £600k. Who cares if it loses £240k when things do decide to go pear-shaped, just let the government/tax payer (me as well) take the hit. And then this is all I could find. A single 50 sqM one-bed (at a push) rabbit-hutch. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-34429491.html
  2. This is simply the product of outsourcing the governments responsibility to provide its population with safe, secure and dignified housing conditions, to utter spivs!!!! It's beyond comprehension that you have got more clout with the authorities over being sold an out of date sandwich at the supermarket than you have of living in sh1t conditions like this. It's a flippant cliché, but you would get better treatment and accommodation if you were in prison! God knows why the youth of today are not rioting on the streets?
  3. The author has the gall to mention private renting in Germany and yet fails, conveniently for him, to compare the security of tenure and tenant rights in Germany as compared to the UK. Pr1ck!
  4. If we're building more and more housing, surely prices would be going down? I mean, that's what the government keep telling us.....
  5. The best one this morning was when Steph interviewed two Polish workers in a UK bakery about what they thought of Brexit and both said its not a problem and I will keep my job and keep working etc. We never saw or heard from *them* again. 20 mins later in same bakery, she interviewed another Polish worker who claimed on the way home last week after the referendum result was shouted at "immigrants go home!" Result!
  6. Does leaving the EU mean that Ian Duncan Smith family will lose their farming subsidy?
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3631346/Gone-30-minutes-Terraced-house-COLLAPSES-just-half-hour-building-work-six-months-bought-doer-upper-700-000.html Muppets!!!
  8. ....and in the current governments wisdom, any household on more than £40k in London is deemed well off enough to pay private rental market rates if they live in HA/Council accommodation but needs financial help for a further £50k income to get a Shared Ownership slave box. It's perverse.
  9. To the OP. In a world where people buy houses simply to live in, I think your logic has got some legs. However, properties now are investment vehicles, pension pots and the government are now propping up the new build market by 40%! It's a whole new ball game now and has been since since around the mid noughties.
  10. How does this work? I have a work pension which matures between age 55 & 65 depending on when I decide to draw it and leave my job. If I'm ever forced to work in my current job till I'm 81 (as a middle manager in IT Support), I could still be getting a very decent wage AND my full pension. No disrespect to octogenarians amongst us, but I'm not sure how dynamic work wise I will be at 81 compared to 41. I've made the assumptions I'd remain in my same job. That's a pretty good job that will not be available for a younger person for nearly 15 years. Madness!
  11. That's the same as the OP one, but on the ground floor instead so might explain the extra £300k cost. So, 48 square metres for £1.4M = £30k SqM. + Annual Service Charge. Ouch!
  12. Wow! It even has one window* *Presumably for you o throw yourself out of when the horrible realisation and depression of what you've just bought finally kicks in.
  13. Another 'perk' for under 40s! Why do we have to start having all these arbitrary age limits on fundamental policy. Kid till 18 and pensioner after 65. Adult and EQUAL in between. Oh, I'm 47 btw...
  14. Seems RTB is not the road to riches and tranquility its made out to be. Not seen he program yet, it was on last night, but I saw the prequel on yesterdays BBC Breakfast. Surprised no thread on this. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00t0ydd/the-estate-were-in Sorry, no link, I foolishly used IE and I can't copy and paste and If I use the 'link' button it locks the browser. Not sure if this is an IE or HPC issue but its been happening ever since IE11. Just Google the subject title for the link. ​Edit - Edge browser delivers!
  15. Well there goes Fergus's assertion that house prices double every 7 years then.
  16. I wouldn't mind so much if people were BUYING to rent (since this is what professional not for profit landlords do), but in reality the vast majority are simply BORROWING to rent. This really is the cancer of society. BTL. Introduced by the Tories in the 90s and continued by New Labour there on in. Although I think I read somewhere BTL was first coined in the 70s by Labour?
  17. If and when this does affect me, I will do the maths and reduce my hours accordingly. I'm getting close to retirement already.
  18. As someone who could potentially be affected by this (earn over £40k living in London in HA flat), this is hardly a significant U-turn. They're just talking about tapering it now at £30k as they know many people would just reduce their hours as it would cost people a lot more a month than a private rent. The problem is there are not enough HA places to go around and this a result of 40 years successive governments sh1t housing policy.
  19. And who's to say the service charge won't double or triple year on year? No thanks.
  20. I'm fortunate to be in 1 bed HA flat for 15 years now. This IS the FIRST year the rent has gone DOWN.
  21. Presumably the £90 a week rent is a reference in an episode of Spaced. Even so, way off the mark. I rented a 1 bed flat in Hackney just off the Murder Mile in 1999 and that cost £105 rising to £135 at the time. I say the Spaced flat would have been £150 to £180 a week easily. Unless they were renting from the council.......
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