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  1. Its number 17 Lipson Vale from the energy cert. Previous sales. https://houseprices.io/?q=17+pl4+7hf
  2. I heard that as well. On BBC Breakfast. He defined a 'major economic crisis' as house prices falling by 30%!!!! So there was my tea spat over my iPad.
  3. I have a good relationship with my boomer neighbour who bought their house mid 90s and mortgage paid off. Whenever the subject of housing or house prices comes up (she knows I'm in HA rented flat) I always tongue in cheek say I would be more than happy to buy her house off her for what she paid for it plus CPI. That generally shuts them up. ?
  4. It still amazes me that maintenance and service changes are never included in the pricing. I mean, I would never buy a mobile phone and network plan without asking what the monthly charges were. Bizarre!
  5. It's a grade 2 listed building, which probably explains the exposed utilities. Its goddam awful and tiny. I wouldn't pay more than £20k for it. Seriously!
  6. My bad! I think I must have got Kate Faulkner muddled up with Merryn Somerset-Webb. Doh!
  7. I used to think she was quite independent/unbiased thinking. After watching her this morning, how wrong was I.
  8. Saw this on the BBC news this morning. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-37508968 Ironically, my sister and I fall into these two profiles (all be it I was born late 60's) and I rent and she has a mortgage/owns house.
  9. JTFC! The tagline at the bottom of the floor plan states: "Space to live and luxuriate in"
  10. Two key things I would want to see/know before even contemplating this: 1. Floor plan (looks like a studio flat from the pictures rather than 1 bedroom) 2. Monthly service charge FAIL!
  11. I always thought the advice by councils was to continue paying your rent all the way up to bailiff eviction in order to 'qualify' as homeless and get housed by the council?
  12. You are both missing the point, either deliberately or otherwise. Roy, the figures are hypothetical, not invented. There is plenty proof out there that there are many WORKING households in central London claiming housing benefits and tax credits and I have just proved the numbers/amounts involved. koj, these are not homeless families living in Pimlico, they are not even unemployed people living in Pimlico, of which I am sure there are 10s of thousands already, these are working families in Pimlico entitled to housing benefit. Where the hell do you think £9bn of tax payers money is going every year?
  13. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tax Credits £5,466.88 Child tax credit. Council Tax Support £0.00 £0.00 On the basis of the data entered you are not entitled to Council Tax Support. Housing Benefit £23,897.48 £459.57 Your full rent of £625.00 per week will be reduced by £459.57 per week because of your entitlement to Housing Benefit. This means you will have to pay £165.43 each week. Child Benefit £3,926.00 Total Entitlements £33,290.36 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is why this will not work and is pure lunacy. The above is the yearly amount of benefits for a hypothetical family with 4 children living in Westminster. Two working adults both earning £20,001 and working 30+ hours a week each (and so would be affected by this new ruling). The flat they rent is Ex Local Authority (you couldn't make this sh!t up) @ £625 a week. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-43913355.html Play with the figures yourself here: http://www.entitledto.co.uk/
  14. To be honest, I can't quite see the difference between your picture and these pictures I posted back in 2009. Except one is presumably state built and cheap to rent and the others will cost you half a million £ for a one bedroomed apartment. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/158270-very-very-desperate-selling-gimmicks-for-shared-ownership-ripoffs/?p=1248265
  15. @koj. I grew up in a tower block not dissimilar to that picture, so yes, that is basic enough for me. As it happens, I grew up in that tower block for a time because Coventry City Council had just built them (late sixties), the rent was cheaper than anything private and my mum (and I) had no where else to live. To be honest, I'm as much for tenancy law reforms for PRS than I am for building more council housing.
  16. So by this extension, do you still think the government and local authorities should provide NHS medical care, policing and education? But not basic housing/shelter? Why not leave market forces to determine, health,education and policing?
  17. I'm likely to be affected by this and have commented on this on numerous times. In essence, a household with two teachers on a starting salary of £22,244 in the north of England are immediately affected and will pay a higher rate of rent (for the same accommodation I hasten to add) and then on the other side of the fence, if I was to earn £89,999 pa here in London, I would still qualify for any of the numerous HTB schemes to buy a flat up to £600k and qualify for £240k (NEARLY A QUARTER OF A MILLION £) of tax payers money towards it......... INTEREST FREE!!! The system is FUBAR and is quite clear that that TPTB are only interested in getting its serfs into a lifetime of debt servitude.
  18. I saw it too. It was embarrassingly poor 'journalism'. Someone at the BBC has obviously got a BTL portfolio to shift....
  19. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=REGION^87490&maxPrice=600000&numberOfPropertiesPerPage=24&radius=0.0&sortType=2&index=0&propertyTypes=detached&secondaryDisplayPropertyType=detachedshouses&includeSSTC=false&viewType=LIST&mustHave=garden%2CnewHome&currencyCode=GBP This is frightening. I was looking at the 40% HTB in London and thought, what if I could get a nice lovely detached new build house in London with a bit of garden for £600k. Who cares if it loses £240k when things do decide to go pear-shaped, just let the government/tax payer (me as well) take the hit. And then this is all I could find. A single 50 sqM one-bed (at a push) rabbit-hutch. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-34429491.html
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