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  1. My bold. And there are equally people who have saved all their lives and had their savings decimated by 13+ odd years of zero interest policies. What about them?
  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such pro HPC comments on a Daily Mail comments section! Going by the best rated comments alone, I get the feeling they are from a younger demographic than normal. Perhaps the ‘kids’ are finally getting it?
  3. In any other area of politics, this would be sen as a conflict of interests (I’m not bothered about which house he goes to at the moment, that’s another debate), so why is housing treated any differently?
  4. Legalities not generally in favour of lodgers going by this https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/eviction/eviction_of_lodgers_and_other_excluded_occupiers But there again, there has to be a balance I guess as it will be the landlords primary residence.
  5. You’d hope that the consequences of 40 years of selling off council housing and outsourcing the responsibility of housing the nation to private landlords and enterprises might make the current government think twice about embarking on a new council building program.... but I don’t think they will I'm not anti private landlords, because there is definitely a market for it (where renters want more luxurious places/houses to live in than basic council housing) but we need more council properties. All IMHO.
  6. So despite all the other money figures quoted, what this Help To Sell advertorial fails to mention is what their monthly mortgage costs are, whether it’s IO and how long the term is? Funny that.
  7. This is more about control than anything else. Landlady’s pretty pathetic to be honest.
  8. First time buyer. 4 bedroom detached house. Help to sell......err.... buy anyone?
  9. The possibilities of this happening are almost zero.
  10. Those Zoopla “Estimated Running Costs” are pointless without including the Service Charges.
  11. I wonder if the young lads used these guys? (Credit to another poster on here that posted about this) https://rentrepaymentorder.co.uk/
  12. Bump! Good find. This could be interesting. ?
  13. Being 50 and planning to retire early at 55 with DB (USS) pension, this has been news to me so if correct, thanks for sharing as this might alter my plans now as the primary reason for doing so was to get out at the first opportunity to protect the payments.
  14. That’s was my immediate thought too.
  15. Grade II listed as well, don’t overlook that high maintenance chestnut!
  16. Ripple effect from London outwards in a year or so’s time?
  17. The way I see it is this questionable £50k valuation is a way for the government to take almost all of the hit from negative equity looming and not her. Anyone really think that the highest that flat will sell for is £50k? Once again, tax payers being taken for cash cows.
  18. New HMO licensing regs come in October this year. No longer has to be three storeys or more. http://www.insidepropertyinvesting.com/new-hmo-rules-licensing-2018-official/ More regulations for slumlords to flounce and local authorities to turn a blind eye on. ?
  19. At some point surely, people must begin the think, “What’s the ******* point?!”
  20. Just had to reply to this. I went to Italy skiing on school trip in February 1983 and Nutella was all the rage. I brought 4 jars back with me to the UK and the empty jars were designed to be used as whisky glasses.
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