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  1. Serious question. If you had been offered a Council/HA/Social equivalent place to rent (not crack den, but not Knightsbridge) on an Assured Tenancy Agreement, would you still have bought?
  2. Well, according to the LloydsTSB loan junk mail that came through the door this morning, 'INTEREST RATES ARE RISING' - Shock horror!! They cannot guarantee the 5.9%APR fixed loan rate after 31/10/06. I'm not stupid enough to see this as a cert, what I can't believe is that LloydsTSB can get away with such a bold statement on marketing/advertisement material?
  3. I think most of this can be said about London on the whole, being crappy. I can't believe people will even consider 250k for an ex LA crack-den in the vain hope of getting on the property ladder. Mugs. People are seeing the light, selling up and moving out of London while they can still afford to. Before long, London will be home for the super rich and the 'benefits' gang. God I sound depressing
  4. Actually, this link raises another interesting find. Unless I'm mistaken (or their database is skewed), notice the trend that less properties have been sold for the latest figures, towards the end of August. Could this mean a slowdown in the market I wonder?
  5. I currently have my savings in an ING Direct account currently earning 4.75% interest. What other ways could I invest this money in order to get a better return than I already am? What are other people doing? Would prefer it to be not very risky too.
  6. I found this interesting. I'm sure that these are the same people that recently predicted house prices were going to go up by 40% in the next 5 years too. http://www.mirror.co.uk/mirrormoney/mirror...-name_page.html I'm hoping history will be repeating itself very soon.
  7. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum. I stumbled on this site with a Google search over a month ago (no internet history) and I seem to recall that there was a part of this site that had a section on what the papers said in the late 80's early 90's building up to the last crash. I can't find it now for the life of me. Any ideas?
  8. Your own personal debts 'die' with you. Your siblings are not responsible for them Yes. Your 'estate' is used to pay off your creditors.
  9. Thankyou. Yes thats very helpful, thanks, that last bit you wrote is what made it fall into place for me Cheers.
  10. Yeah me too.............10 years ago. Forgive me being the newbie, but what's 'I/O' in the context of this thread? Cheers.
  11. Odd. Looking at the graph of house prices where they go down in the first half of the 90's, I don't seem to recall us, the UK, being in a recession. (although I was in Germany in the Army during most of this time)
  12. Have no fear. The Nu Liebour machine will just create the same number of public sector jobs. It's worked in the past.
  13. Not sure I understand you. Ultimately, buying a home should be for somewhere to live foremostly and as a possible investment (depending on the current market) secondly. The point I'm trying to make is that, from the posts I've read on HPC so far, I get the impression that there's a lot of people here fed up because they are hacked off with unscrupulous landlords and flaky Shorthold tenancies, no-one's appears really bothered that they cannot afford a house in order to make a profit. I could be wrong in my assumption?
  14. This is by far and large the most sensible bit of advice that I have read on HPC so far. Why the obsession to own your own home at a time when they are so bloody expensive? If you're really concerned about tenancy security, do what I did and mass apply to every single Council/HA you can find detailing exactly how you feel and how much you would value the security of an Assured Tenancy. For the price of 100 2nd class stamps (£18) you may get lucky, as I did - after 18 months later on being on someones list I hasten to add.
  15. Ohhh goody. I'm glad I'm not the only one that found this womans diary immensely infuriating! She's got the business acumen of a fruit-fly and bloody stubborn to boot with it too. :angry: Her constant whingeing made me realise what I must sound like about the high house prices.
  16. Errr.... our (taxpayers) money. In fact the more I read into this new scheme, the more I think its just a ploy to prop up an over-inflated market together with keeping the low-paid voting fodder happy. I'm biding my time for the next 5 or so years to see which way HPI is gonna go, to be fair, its hardly likely to rise at the rate they have done over the last 6 years is it. I empathise with a lot of people on here who are forced to rent privately. There are a lot of unscrupulous landords out there and being on a SH tenancy is far from having home security. I would imagine that if there was an abundance of affordable Council/HA Housing with Assured Tenancies then half the FTB people on these boards would wouldn't have this obsession to get on the property ladder. Am I right? I blame the current government for their failure to reign in the runaway housing market over the last 5 or so years by their failure to invest in and build in more Social Housing. And I hope that it comes back to bite them. New Labour, Blair and Gordon Brown - 'Economic Miracle'!!!..... yeah right, don't make me laugh.
  17. The Cheshire BS are doing a 25 year fixed rate mortgage. This seems very risky (for the Cheshire BS, not for the borrower). If I was in the market for buying at the moment, I'd snap this up definitely. In fact I pointed this mortgage out to a colleague at work and he swapped his mortgage over to it the very next day!
  18. One of the interesting points regarding the eligibility of this scheme is that if you qualify because you are a key worker, and you happen to change jobs and your new career doesn't qualify, you have to pay the money back! i.e. Remortgage your loan to a standard mortgage. Hello everyone. I'm new here on HPC btw, what are Bulls and Bears, I'm assuming something to do with home-ownership status? Well, I am in my late 30's and I rent (social housing) in London. I'm refusing saddle myself with a mortgage 6 times my annual salary to buy a flat at these over-inflated prices.
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