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  1. Well perhaps credible was the wrong word to use, but I see you know what I mean. In terms of feedback, I want to see renters out there being reported adamntly stating things like: "House prices are just over-inflated. It's a simple as that. I will not be buying in this current market, its as simple as that and I don't care if I've missed the boat or not. I'm not paying over the odds for a pile of bricks, sod 'em, sod the lot of them!" You get my drift?
  2. HPL. I don't think Liz makes herself look very credible when she mentions that she wouldn't feel comfortable unless she could fix her mortgage deal for several years, maybe decades. There are several 20 and 25 year fixed rate mortgages out there. http://www.cheshirebs.co.uk/online-mortgag...-loan/index.htm
  3. And what a pair of ill-informed people/examples they have on theire report as well, the renter and the FTBer. 1. The renter will only buy if she can get a fixed-rate mortgage for more than 10 or so years. Has she never heard of 25 and 30 year mortgages? 2. The FTBer's justification for buying was because banks are reducing lending multiples and he didn't want to miss the boat. You couldn't make it up!
  4. I'm getting sick and [email protected]#ing tired with the BBC reporting a rise in interest rates in a persistently negative way. Have they forgotten not every one is mortgaged up to the hilt and has savings? Emailed the BBC Breakfast Team just now:
  5. I hope so cos I stuck £2 on at 80/1 on Betfair on Monday. Yesterday they were 36/1 and today they're 40/1. This is my first ever bet on Betfair btw, I lnow its a long shot but its only £2.
  6. The area does have problems admittedly. However, those houses are relatively new builds (I think 20 years ago, maybe less) and look at the state of them now? You can bulldoze them away and what ever you replace them with will almost certainly end up the same way after a few years. I didn't think it was indicative of a potential crash, more to reflect that people are starting to say 'no' to any old crap in a run down area, and thats obviously including developers too. This is whats very telling. If it goes down to £9,950 I'm gonna buy it. Though for why, I'm not sure yet.
  7. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-130...=1&tr_t=buy I posted this house here a couple of weeks ago and someone suggested I keep an eye on it. I did. It was up at £54,950 until a day or so ago....now its at £49,950. Thats about a 9% drop I think. I know the area well. I still think that price has got a long way to go (down that is)
  8. It seems as though a fortnight doesn't go by without many things on my Sainsbury's Local list going up an extra 20p or 50p.
  9. EXACTLY!!!!!!!! http://www.thecheshire.co.uk/online-mortga...ortgage-FCJ.asp Admittedley you would be paying for a house at the very top of the peak, however you would be safeguarding any nasty 5%, 10% or even 15% rises in the future. If I wasn't fortunate enough to be living in social housing and I happened to be renting from some private BTL Nazi landlord (God forbid!!!), I know what I would be doing!!........against all my better judgement.
  10. A pseudo MP with their snout in the public trough. Who'd have thought it?
  11. It's because it was actually "Nothing can stop the great car economy". http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q...earch&meta= Nonetheless, I still think Maggie was effing fab!
  12. How exactly will prudent customers end up funding these bad debts?
  13. You forgot another one. 3. Government failure to build more council/social housing.
  14. Errr. How can we, the UK, compulsorily vaccinate people from outside the UK?
  15. I'm just playing devils advocate here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xenophilia
  16. I think I've mentioned this before on here, but what would happen if everybody fixed their mortgage rate for the next 25 years, maybe hypothetical, where would the banks be then? A kind of inverse 'run on the bank' if you will. Surely, if the banks spot a trend of people fixing their mortgage rates, they're either gonna: 1. Stop doing fixed rates or maybe fix them much higher than they are now and/or 2. Wallop those people on SVR with higher rates No?
  17. Right, I really am going to bite the bullet I think and buy some of this gold that everyone keeps yabbering on about (my palms are all sweaty just thinking about transferring real hard earned savings, safe REAL money into a block of metal stuck in a safe somewhere!) So far I've seen mentioned GoldMoney and BullionVault on here. Are there any others? Ones that people are currently with and would recommend, ones that I shouldn't touch with a barge pole? Please convince me these aren't scam websites. Thanks in advance.
  18. Ahhh...thanks all. It makes even more sense when I remembered that house prices aren't included in the CPI/inflation figures.
  19. Just when I thought I'd got my head round 'nominal' & 'real' prices, can anyone briefly explain how inflation can have an effect/impact on 'real' prices? My current understanding is that inflation is bad because inflation makes things we buy more expensive.
  20. It still astounds me that 25 year fixed rate mortgages actually exist, some seem even lower than SVR at the moment. My workmate remortgaged his house last year, 25 year fixed rate @ 4.99%.
  21. Actually, I've thought about this a lot recently. I think that there is a very fine point at which we get a 'Bulls in Bears clothing' and vice versa effect. I believe the Bulls really want a bit of stagnation now because any further rises really are gonna make a crash. And me, despite being a tad Bearish, I want prices to go up a bit more yet in order to really precipitate a crash. Hope that makes sense. So, last year she had a fairly nice flat in Bayswater and this year she's got......er.....errmm... a fairly nice flat in Bayswater. Well thats how the Bulls keep telling the Bears how to view buying a property these days isn't it?
  22. As an anecdote, quite a few people that I know that were looking to ftb last year (despite my advising not to) have in fact given up looking to ftb, in the belief that the market isn't sustainable, prices are unrealistic and bad value and that prices are surely to come back down. I even went to bookmark this site on one of my colleagues favourites for him, and he'd got it already!
  23. Personally, I think they're in a 'Catch 22' situation now. Damned if they do and damned if they don't.
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