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  1. I find this trend bizarrely the wrong way round (although I know I'm wrong with my logic). I'd wanna live there after the olympics when its all quietned down and all finished, not before the olympics when there's all the building going on and extra traffic, the noise etc.
  2. Like the idiot that I am, I could never be arsed to use my ISA allowance (shifting money here there and everywhere). However, I got my apathetic ass in gear on Monday and opened up a Direct ISA from NS&I too.
  3. Excellent! Declan Curry just gave this report a mention on his BBC Breakfast slot just a minute ago.
  4. I'm beginning to think I should just spunk my cash savings away (coming up to the big four ohh) on a big world cruise for me and the family/friends rather than watch it deflate away in a poxy 4.75% (AER Gross) savings account. My deposit is diminishing every day. HAH!!!! How do you like that Crash Gordon!!!
  5. Well I personally think they're well suited. <naughty Bomber - smack bum bum!>
  6. JTFC. This outfit is no different than a loan shark. Locked into a rental agreement with a huge non returnable deposit. I despair. I really do.
  7. And therein lies the problem. As a bear myself, I get really racked off by some other fellow bears that instantly dismiss council housing and feel that the whole world owes them a brand new home. Please note, there are only a few bears like this, not most like you claim tenroom. I've got no time for any FTB that would turn down a 'reasonable' council property, no time whatsoever. Jesus, when I was homeless after leaving the Army in 1994, you should have seen the pi$$y lift high-rise hovel I took, just to get a 'secure tenure' roof over my head. I needed stability and it was important to me. I cannot reiterate that phrase, 'secure tenure', enough! It's as good as buying your own home.
  8. Well, thats easy enough to say now. However, I put it to you that there was, relatively, a hell of a lot more council houses existing and being built around in the 70's than you see now in Britain 2006. I've not got any stats to claim this either way, just my hunch.
  9. Well I'm still waiting for ING Direct to pass the recent rate increase to its saver's accounts. Not holding my breath. :angry:
  10. So then, exactly why did 60% decide to rent? Because it was the most secure and economically viable option at the time perhaps?
  11. I'm sorry, but thats not how I remember it with me and my single mum getting a well nice new council high rise flat in Hillfields, Coventry in 1974. Rented from the council. Bottom line with the the UK 2006 is that there is not enough social/council housing and this is fuelling this unhealthy OBSESSION with owning your own home because there is no other way people can have the security of tenancy. Sad, very sad state of affairs for 'Great' Britain 2006. Not so much the governments inability to build more council housing, but also the muppets that have fuelled this property boom as a result. Sad.
  12. Simple! There was a hell of a lot more social/council (real affordable - not pseudo affordable like today) housing out there 30 years ago! Council housing wasn't considered a dirty word either 30 years ago, like it is today. Next!
  13. I think thats more an indication that the flippers really have had their last 'flip'. My flipper mates of the past 5 years (and I have several of them) haven't flipped at all this year. In fact, they have actually branched out into building garden properties. (pseudo extensions) This is, for me anyway, an indication that we really have reached the peak.
  14. cough....splutter...... you mean you don't have some Polish or other Eastern European immigrant come round and iron your shirts for £1 a shirt? Me - I iron my own shirts freshly as and when I need them every morning before work. [email protected]*k meeting an untimely death, run over by a London bus, with 15 or so already ironed shirts still left in the wardrobe! Life's too short.
  15. I thought that raising general inflation simply deflated the amount that these muppets have recently borrowed in order to buy houses at these hugely inflated prices? Anecdote: LloydsTSB withdrew my credit card in 2004 because I didn't use it enough. Since 2004, LloydsTSB have offered me a Platinum Credit Card on several occasions with all the usual 0% balance transfers blah blah. Oh, the ironing.
  16. A very good question. My opinion of them is that they are the new 'Council Housing' but at market value rents, and they are very far from affordable. Private renting priced Assured Tenancy's, thats all they are. And depending on what type of mortgage you get, a very unsecured monthly rental/mortgage cost. That said, there is a hidden potential benefit to them that any property bear could be challenged to by a proprty bull about, and thats the bears HPC round the corner. eg. If you 'buy' a shared ownership place on 25%/75% at £300k (£225k rent - £75k buy) and the flat drops in price by 50% after the crash, you could then buy the other 75% at half the price!!!!
  17. Blimey, you're not wrong, and they were my sentiments too - which I posted on the 'readers views' and they, fair play to the Evening Standard, actually published: You pay cheap - you pay twice. - Bomberbrown, London
  18. BLOODY HELL!!! Being out of the private renting community for 5 years, I hadn't noticed just how cheap private renting had become!!! 249 rental properties where I live (SE London Zone 2) + 1 mile
  19. But isn't there some law that protects the tenant regarding the maximum % that a rent can rise in a year or something?
  20. I look at it this way. There is a time scale at which point you buy a property, the extremes of either end are: 1. High house prices/Low interest rates 2. Low house prices/High interest rates For buying a house to live in, I know which end of the scale I would prefer to buy in.
  21. Interesting, I know that credit cards credit isn't secured against property, but if you owed them money couldn't the credit card company force you to sell your house to pay them back? Moreover, is it possible to max out loads of credit cards and by a flat with the proceeds and you would still keep the flat?
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