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  1. LOL indeed! Coventry to Euston in an hour on Virgin Trains. The same commute time as Southend to Fenchurch Street.
  2. That really is a damning chart, there's no doubt. Could it also be explained by the technological revolution of the almost last 40 years?
  3. 250-year leasehold LOL. Will be amazed they stay standing for 25 years, let alone 250!
  4. Every time it see this thread updated, I read in anticipation that the dubious duo from Ashford have finally had their just deserts. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.
  5. I think the neighbour has every right to complain. The planning application department are corrupt to permit a house to be squeezed in that space when 95% (or whatever it is) of the UK is still unbuilt on.
  6. Hang on a minute, doesn't a council discount apply to RENTERS just as much as as it does home owners?
  7. Started here under a different title. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/200086-does-your-house-make-more-than-you/
  8. For child tax credits/benefit, the children do not even have to reside in the UK. Don't shoot the messenger.
  9. I think the developers have finally sussed a loop hole in meeting their quota but still segregating via service charges. You gotta hand it to them really, it was a stupid idea from the start. Just build some more social housing FFS! (For rent only)
  10. Not the door, the main kitchen window to the side of the door.
  11. That flat is hilarious! The kitchen window looks out on not your own garden, but uptstairs next doors
  12. Oh, this is very poignant for me. This is exactly how I got to move to London in 1998 on the dole. The rent was pitched at £5 more than what the housing benefit paid and I had to cycle on my crappy old bike to pay the £5 in cash over the counter in some shady office in Leytonstone. I had a rent book for this £5 payment and everything. Difference is, this was a self contained 1 bedroomed flat in Lower Clapton, Hackney (Zone 2), not some sh1tty HMO. What a step backwards.
  13. I see the interest rates line on that chart as symbolic for heart rate machine of the economy. We basically flat-lined 2007 and the rest of the time has been CPR. We are fu€ked!
  14. We wouldn't be the first either. Japan interest rates 1992 - 2014
  15. In the 60s and 70s these tower blocks, or equivalent or better quality, were built by councils for rent. They were far more spacious and not so high density by the look of the image in the article. If I was homeless and one was made available for me to rent I would be grateful, if I took out a huge loan/mortgage I would be in despair...... scrap that, I just wouldn't do it! It comes to something when regular tower blocks look better than this crap!
  16. I do this every other year for a tree/street light outside my house because the light flicking with the branches in the wind is like a form of torture. Involves climbing the tree with a saw. Last time I had to do it my mum was visiting and she went crackers at me in case I fell out!! LOL! It honestly never dawned on me to call the council. Next time I think I will.
  17. I'm currently in Plan B (Housing Association flat). 500+% London HPI in 15 years already screwed my Plan A.
  18. You're the second person I heard this from. If BTL is supposed to be a business, what comparable business requires you to have a residential mortgage first?
  19. I think that's irrelevant really. They have to live somewhere whether they buy (doubtful) or rent socially/privately (most likely).
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