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  1. Openly lied to get the loan, but since when do you NEED money for holiday? Since when did a holiday become a NEED?This is the epitome of today's entitlement culture.
  2. I've watched this twice now and I still can't make out if it has been edited in anyway? At the risk of showing my naïveté, is that for REAL!!!!!
  3. At first I thought it was an old bus shelter but then on seeing the floor plan I'm not sure? Possibly post modified bus shelter? Either way, wouldn't pay 60k for it, even if I won the lottery.
  4. You said exactly what I wanted to say. Green belt ban, right to buy etc. It is becoming very clear that NO party is prepared to embark on the type of social housing building program we saw post war 50s and 60s. Well that is, until it becomes too late and they simply have no choice. Next year will mark almost 30 years of voting for me and it will also mark the first year that I will be spoiling my ballot paper. Is this really progress?
  5. Without the stamp duty and maintenance however. Before, I get excited about this, I'd like to see the small print. On the face of it, it does look like a good deal for renters looking for a secure 7 year tenancy.
  6. EU immigrants aside, who cares, it's still a huge amount of money being diverted from the tax payer to the private business of the housing minister for a political party trying to gain power and have influence over the UK's housing policies. I voted UKIP in the last election for the first time and have done in all local elections since. On the basis of this information of almost 3/4 million quid being spent this way its conflict of interests and hypocrisy of the highest order. I will NOT be voting for them ever again or until this housing minister is dropped and a sensible house building program introduced of the magnitude of the 50's and 60's for long term tenancy RENT only, no right to buy.
  7. This single fact alone is the only thing stopping me from voting UKIP at the next GE.
  8. ^^^^^^^^ THIS! ^^^^^^^^^ I was born in 1968 and we were almost sold this as a promise!! I thought when I was a small kid in the mid 70's by the year 2000 when I was a fully grown man I would be going to work on a flying car. But, no, I had Blair and Brown at the helm and no flying cars. Robbed!
  9. When you change the SW8 criteria from 'all' to just 'houses' it drops right down to 70!!! That's a lot of new flats coming to market in SW8. .......reaches for popcorn.
  10. Any self respecting voter would question why they didn't do this for the 13 years they were recently ruining....errr, I mean... governing the country.
  11. Wasn't he the only prime minister to be unelected?
  12. Edit: mix up between chancellor and prime minister
  13. I've often heard this mentioned but I've never really joined the dots till you succinctly phrased it. So in essence, there is an argument that local councils have been quite happy to dole this money out willy nilly all these years as it's not really theirs and their budgets are not affected.
  14. When I was in receipt of Housing Benefit in Hackney in 1998 it was just short of £100 week and I had to top that up by £5 a week from my JSA to a consortium type landlord like this one. Same circumstances today and I would be 'entitled' (well, the landlord would be 'entitled' to) to £256 a week!
  15. Housing Benefit is the only thing propping these shams up. Good on Islington council to have addressed this particular development. Pity is, this is just the tip of the iceberg in London at least.
  16. This is round the corner from me. I'm not generally a big fan of kitchen/living room combos but the space of that ground floor of 40sqm I could live with and the upstairs is also a spacious 35sqm as well. The down side would be the railway line directly on one side and the very busy A215 Norwood road on the other. No idea what the service change is, but I reckon a fair price (2001 - 2004) would be in the region of £130k - £150k and at that I would consider it.
  17. Yes, but at least these savvy home owners will be able to 'get on with their lives'.* * Insert home owning cliche here
  18. By the time most people on this scheme finally finish off paying the mortgage and owning their own home, it will be time to sell it up and start paying the government of the day for your nursing home. You see, the system really works!
  19. OMG. I never saw the bed corners chained to the ceiling. I thought it was a a proper unit, not a DIY hash job. LOL!
  20. Edit: For those that don't recognise it, this is a still picture from the fiction film, Scanners. Nothing sinister/morbid btw.
  21. The immediate thing that springs to mind with this is the snake that eats its own tail. ?
  22. From that Green link "End the right to buy and introduce the right to rent. People facing severe difficulties with paying their mortgage and facing repossession should have a right to rent their existing home as council housing, analogous but opposite to the Tory ‘right to buy’. We would make up to £2bn per annum available to local authorities to support ‘right to rent.’" I couldn't think of a more idiotic and biased housing policy to be honest.
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