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  1. Oh dear, it's subsequently been pulled from the web. I think that speaks volumes. Surely we can still find a copy for posterity? Google cache, way back machine?
  2. I think the 5 years rule by Liverpool council is very naive indeed. I would have said 20 at the very least and the council get first refusal at discounted price in the first 20 years too.
  3. Isn't there some merit in attempting to stay beyond your notice period in terms of your housing status in the eyes of the local council? Or is that just a recent urban myth?
  4. I've genuinely thought there is a market for this type of thing with the proliferation of online ordering. Similar to a banks night safe. Our work place got quite draconian on people getting deliveries sent to work in the lead up to Xmas.
  5. Oh it would be poetic justice if he ended up liable for all the council tax on his properties from which he evicted 200 Housing Benefit recipients earlier this year. The irony being this tenants were able to receive council tax benefit!
  6. Valid points, but not very practical in a real world environment. Draughty and poorly insulated homes, particularly Victorian conversions are not so apparent if you take the tenancy in the middle of the summer. My original point was merely to demonstrate once again the negative side of renting in the private sector; either lump it, risk a revenge eviction or move out.
  7. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-2864445/Homeowners-offered-free-cash-insulation-government-reopens-Green-Deal-fund.html Meanwhile, renters can swivel and continue to rent out poorly insulated homes. Landlords have never had it so good. The best that renters can expect is this new legislation in the link below and even this is not expected to be introduced until 6 years after being announced. http://old.lettingagenttoday.co.uk/news_features/One-in-ten-landlords-have-low-EPC-properties
  8. I read this thread at lunchtime and I only just noticed the pictogram is in the shape of a house! Subliminal or deliberate? IR are a function of much more in the economy than house prices so why the shape of a house?
  9. From the original article And therein lies one of the problems
  10. Westminster Council has recently cracked down on the using residential accommodation as hotel suites issue. http://www.cityam.com/1416535452/exclusive-minister-s-fury-over-airbnb-crackdown
  11. Just discussed on BBC Breakfast between Shelter and RLA bods. I was surprised that Bill didn't know that private tenants could be evicted/asked to leave their rented accommodation by the landlord whenever they felt like it and for no reason at all (section 21)
  12. Ditto mine too. That's a bit less I'll be spending then thank you very much Branson.
  13. What started off 14 years to me as a housing bubble/crisis is slowly becoming one mother of massive problem increasing over the the next few decades to a tipping point not seen since the 20's. There's just no sensible government any more. All IMHO of course.
  14. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but that terminology really grips my sh1t!!
  15. Currently sitting Coventry train station going back down to the 'big smoke' after a weekend at my Mums. Lived in London for the past 15 years but Midlands/Coventry lad born and bred. I know that new Binley area and there is no way... lost for words!! FFS indeed, WTF!!! springs to mind!!!!! That is madness London price for provincial property. Truly insane!!
  16. I think this might be our equivalent early 90's 'broom cupboard' in Knightsbridge for £36k moment.
  17. See my comment on this thread earlier. Last year, my £300 Tesco online delivery failed to turn up/get processed not once, but twice! Joined Waitrose instead. You just can't afford to give that kind of business away.
  18. The Telegraphs take on it. Home owners use properties as 'cash machines' to fund retirement http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/11175896/Home-owners-use-properties-as-cash-machines-to-fund-retirement.html
  19. At least they didn't host it when most 'hardworking families' are at work.
  20. Given the way my DB (USS) is going at the moment, I'd be more than happy to convert it to DC, spunk the money on the good life and then throw myself at the state age 65+ (assuming I live that long!)
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