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  1. Notice that unlike here in the uk, these affordable homes are RENT only, and not some crazy shared ownership. That's the big key difference here.
  2. She wanted to knock down the house and build a new one. Projected 6 years work! God, if I was her neighbour I'd be glad they rejected the planning permission. Completely selfish. Move to a larger place if you want a swimming pool and gymnasium.
  3. The OP Daily Mail link indicates maximum discount of £102,700 in London.
  4. Which implies a maximum discount applied to a £147k home in London. LOL!
  5. The last time this was announced by the Tories, it excluded properties acquired by HA's prior to 1997. No mention of that this time. I also see the maximum discount for London is £102,700. Pi55 in the ocean for what my one bedroomed flat would get on the open market.
  6. I think a few of us have joked that this would be the next thing. I guess it was only a matter of time. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/apr/10/help-to-rent-scheme-for-young-people-proposed-by-liberal-democrats
  7. The RTB for HA tenants pledge is only for homes acquired by the HA after 1997 according to a previous announcement of the same pledge. Also, this must only apply to HA's that receive direct subsidy from the government. I can't see them legislating compulsory purchase for charitable organisations. Edit: spelling
  8. I think the key thing I took from the original article is this potential of RTB for HA is only applicable for properties acquired by HA after 1997. The home I live in was acquired by my HA back in 1984. I can guarantee you it has paid for its upkeep from the (non-profit) rent extracted from it over the 30+ years its been with my HA plus more. Basically, my HA is doing what F***KING lazy governments/councils should have been doing for the last 30+ years. A revolution is all that's left for the young adults of today, when they eventually wake up to how shafted they have been, it seriously is!
  9. The one bed housing association flat I live in in London would cost over £450k in today's market (comparable sales). Even if I could, I wouldn't buy my place as even with 30% off, it would still be 40% over priced.
  10. I'm anticipating this under 40 discount to be challenged legally if it turns out this is exactly what it is. We won't know until the full details of the scheme are made public, if they haven't already? It's moronic that tax payers that have been taxed far longer are subsidising discounts for people that may have only ever started paying tax themselves. It's absurd.
  11. The most startling info from that graphic is the Tories gifting 20% discount for FTB in London spending almost half a million £ on a typical FTB starter home/flat. Bubbletastic!
  12. And routes change too. I live near a train track and when the Euro Star was diverted for years over my line, the house used to shake like billy o. It actually fell a whole brick wall along the station with the vibrations.
  13. Last page of the MN thread, the OP mentions that she amended the description (and I guess price) of the garage so no-one could find it.
  14. Coupled with Alfie (with 3 kids and a wife) torching the house for the insurance money because they were so broke when you have economic migrants from all over the world risking their lives to get to the UK to exploit one of, if not the, most generous benefit systems on the planet. Totally unrealistic divorced from 2015 modern day reality.
  15. Generation X have been royally fvcked!! Even if I wanted to take advantage of these various bribes, we're too old for HTB3 and too young for pensioner savings bonds. Utter Cvnts!
  16. The BTL model wouldn't have worked if the successive governments of the day had built and maintained a decent level of good quality affordable social houses and flats to rent only (no right to buy) The UK has outsourced it's obligations to house its citizens in a dignified fashion to a bunch of parasitic BTL spivs. It's a travesty!
  17. Like the Duke of Hazard, I also live in SE24. Sadly, that spike is due to a new development of Peabody Shared Ownership slave boxes just about to be completed on Milkwood Road.
  18. I've lived in London for nigh on 16 years and seen some ridiculous prices round here but that even made my jaw drop! I simply cannot see that price increasing over the next decade, probably even in nominal prices. That said, who knows what crazy schemes or policy's they might introduce to prevent a price correction?
  19. The last time I calculated what the repayment mortgage would be on the one bed flat I rent from my HA it was just over £3k per calendar month. This is about 50% of what the PRS is charging and SIGNIFICANTLY more than I pay my non-for-profit HA every month. It really is a no brainier, but I'm one of the few fortunate ones left with a HA flat.
  20. Affordable 3 bed flat? Anyone? https://www.sharetobuy.com/sharedownershippropertydetails?id=17541
  21. http://www.getlivinglondon.com/how-we-do.aspx Saw this advertisd on London television the other day and it's the only one I've seen so far actively courting these longer tenancies . I'm wondering why the change of policy? Pressure groups or they just can't fill them on shorter AST's?
  22. Looking at Stratford's increasing concrete high rise jungle, can you even put a purchase price on what is for all intents and purposes, sub-standard council flats? We were building far better accommodation than this over 50 years ago to house people on a reasonable, living and not for profit rent. And you have these idiots queuing to buy them! Jesus.
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