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  1. 4 hours ago, Roman Roady said:

    28% off of the initial bid on a 2 bed flat in St Helens Merseyside


    Price Change History
    28/04/2021 Price changed from £50,000 to £36,000
    25/01/2021 Initial entry found: £50,000

    I don’t know the area very well, nor what the service charge is, but that flat actually looks like good value for money! (Only at the initial auction price mind you) It’s a very long time since I’ve thought that.  

    edit to add. I knew they’d be a catch. Did a search around the area.  Here’s another (of many) flat in same block. Says cash buyers only so must be something wrong with the building/unmortgageable?  £200 pcm service charge too when only costs £475 pcm to rent!



  2. 5 hours ago, simon2 said:


    Hopefully this is the way new builds are going - down £175k.

    As pretty much usual for most London recent developments, very few proper re-sales - guess they are not easy to sell without HTB.

    Can't identify which one it is but looking at sold prices most likely a six-figure loss. Usual pattern is that they put on the flat initially to try and eek out some gainz for themselves, but in this case seems like they need to sell. 

    What I can't get about this flat is that why build it without ensuite; also you can rent a similar new-build flat 2-bed, 2-bath for around £1600. It makes no sense to buy it even at £625k when you also have to pay a service charge.

    Those views (from the windows/patio) are utterly depressing!  Those views are worse than any council flat I have ever seen. And this is progress? 

  3. 58 minutes ago, Si1 said:


    17% drop West Leeds - a bit of a pointless yuppie refurbishment in an otherwise broadly OK working class area. Basically owing to the bling it's really a doer upper if you see what I mean, 'overdeveloped'




    Screenshot 2021-06-05 at 19.00.04.png

    This is an odd one when you look at the description and floor plan.  It says it has 2 kitchens and there are photos of two kitchens (I initially thought they had erroneously included an extra kitchen photo till I read the description) in the description and photos but not on the floor plan. I reckon the kitchen is on the third floor and this floor was made as a sort of self contained flat within the house, perfect for having a self contained lodger. The description also eludes to this when they it is perfect for carving up into apartments.  

  4. 50 minutes ago, simon2 said:

    This made me chuckle a bit:


    Literally only one person posted the truth, and everyone ignores it and thinks sticking chairs or plant pots will sort it.... General decreases in the market have meant that it is hard to achieve those prices any more. For less money that what they are asking you could now get an equivalent flat in closer areas like Wandsworth.

    Jesus wept!  Where to start with this one?  Half a million quid for a tiny flat and communal patio right outside your living room.  My one bed flat has more square footage than that slave box.  The sooner London implodes, the better.  It can’t be far off yet, surely?


    I think the point was what the poster thinks the flat is really worth as opposed to what someone from London will be willing to pay on the back of their housing lottery win.

    I remember when £250k used to be a life changing sum of money on deal or no deal - now it wouldn’t even buy you a one flat bed in Dagenham!

    Freudian slip? 🤪

  6. Relax. This is non news. This is about over 55’s REMORTGAGING, not taking out new mortgages. 

    Remember, in the good old days, you got a 25 year mortgage with a bank/building society and stuck with them on their SVR......along with all the other mortgagees. 

    All this flitting about trying to chase better rates with better LTV every 2 years and feeling hard done by if you don’t get a cheaper rate is a relatively new phenomenon (past 20 odd years)..... is it not?

  7. 3 hours ago, longgone said:

    Proposals for UBI range from £50 a week per adult to £100 a week for an adult and child

    Surely, the purpose/intention of a UBI is that it would cover the costs of the basics. What adult could live on £50 a week?  Assuming this Is to cover rent, council tax, water, electricity etc etc. 

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