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  1. hmmm not sure if i would or not, would depend on the situation. i maybe was gloating or goading, but he was rather mean earlier in the thread, i thought. anyway, sorry,
  2. hehehe how much have you paid off your flat now Charles Darke? and how much have you paid in interest to get that far? Anyway, no worries, only a quarter of a million pounds or so to go. good luck.
  3. why will the permanent tsb not release its house price index for September, the figures have been getting later and later every month. August figures were released near the end of September, no sign of September figures (manipulations) yet.
  4. i'd agree on that. some of the prices currently paid for some of the most terrible housing in really bad areas must surely take the worst hit. i can't see how much of it is worth anywhere near the price at all.
  5. hehehe, dont start me off on what some areas of london, manchester, glasgow are like. same same, me thinks.
  6. keep your views. i'd rather have this house and 244,000GBP change
  7. totally agree again. so why is something so unhabitable worth a quarter of a million pounds. i could retire on 250,000GBP. i wouldnt buy a shoebox in london with 250K GBP. a house takes a few months for 3 builders to build. the prices now are completely out of sync with what they are worth. we are in for hyper-inflation or a big crash.
  8. can only agree with you steve. my sentiments exactly.
  9. you can get something like this for 140K GBP in the US now house the bottom end of the market is just taking the p*ss . ie. USA 1 My WebpageUSA 2 dont give me the bad area stuff because people are paying over ten times that for really bad homes in the very worst parts of the uk. the same story in most other countries in the world. i'm not sure where a lot of people think they are going to get a quarter of a million pounds from to pay for their small house now (while also trying to pay the ever increasing interest on the loan they took out to buy it). That will take some very very big wage inflation.
  10. there was this link posted on here a short while ago; us real estate it is interesting, if you scroll back through the pages, how quickly the sentiments in the headlines have changed.
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