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  1. Hahaha, King changes tune as new government takes charge, to try and cling to job and multi-million pound pension pot... why am I not surprised? slimeball.
  2. It is the only thing that loony can do, rather than admit he was a t1t for years (prob. all his life). When everything goes even more t1ts up than it already has, he can say we just needed more stimulus. If we get more stimulus (again) and we get a bit of respite before nothing improves (again), he will just say we need more. He shouldn't be on TV at all, he should be locked up.
  3. We know I don't want the hassle and waiting for months/years(?) for money from some compensation scheme or other, particularly for a few tenths of a percent better interest.
  4. I was going to ask this very same question today as I have 3700 from an ISA that I was going to put in a Santander ISA at 3.2%, but remembered that Spain went particularly wild during the boom years. I had a lucky escape with IceSave when I drew all my money out, a while before it went t1ts up, after reading an article in the Times (NOT by D. Smith). Did people get their money back from IceSave (not just the promises), did people actually get the notes in their hands?
  5. "Since the end of November, the gap between the interest rate Britain and Germany must pay on 10-year government debt has risen from 0.35 percentage points to 0.9 points." "And the UK’s yields are also only a fraction lower than those of Portugal, seen as the weakest eurozone economy after Greece." FT Link Looks like the markets aren't going to wait for an official downgrade.....
  6. The fan charts are somewhat disingenous in that regard, giving an appearance of their previous forecasting being near spot-on. Take this BofE GDP forecast chart from 07 done by another HPCer, with the actual GDP figures plotted after in red. It shows that if they are in fact taken to task over the medium term, their forecasting is shown to be the true shambles that it is.
  7. Why should we listen to King and Co when their track record of forecasting is dire in the extreme? Don't worry about that inflation we didn't anticipate says BofE
  8. Haha, green space in the middle of Bradford will just become full of drug dealers, alcoholics, muggers and become a place to buy or put in orders with the shoplifters. I'd like to say the future looked positive, but I can't unfortunately, I think the city will actually descend into some kind of Mad Max post-armageddon type place. Keep an eye on developments with this facebook group Avoid Bradford . If you live there, and plan to stay, then I advise commencing work on converting your car into a bullet-proof war chariot.
  9. more left-wing reactionary nonsense. nu-labour troll? public sector salary at risk? big mortgage?
  10. quite. if you keep giving cheap money to crap businesses that don't work, they will just keep pi55ing it away, it won't make them work efficiently. rates never went this low in previous recessions, so what gives? more lies and propaganda.
  11. You gave Natwest 1.80 or Natwest wanted 1.80USD for every £1 they gave you to make a profit. ie 50USD/1.8 = 27.77 for 1.65 they would have to give you 30.30
  12. "sadly we had to do just this with a few grave stones. People don't realise that in many graveyards the deal is that the plot should be maintained by the family. Obv after many decades that stops happening and whoever runs the graveyard takes over by default. What usually happens is that any stones that are in danger of falling are carefully laid down, and then the council tries to trace who (if anyone) they need to talk to" Sorry, my opinion is that this doesn't appear to be what has happened in the photographs, if it were I don't think people would be getting upset.
  13. 'TRADES NAN' modern bankers equivalent of selling your grandma.
  14. cheers, it could be that GDP one, I thought I'd seen a CPI one too, but could be mistaken, if I did it was something shockingly similar.
  15. yeah, lets just copy Japan, a decade of near zero rates and stimulus after stimulus, resulting in nothing but a gargantuan public sector debt. What was that definition of madness? something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
  16. Yes someone on here did one in an old thread. It's a pi55er, honestly, absolutely hilarious. I'll try find it.
  17. I speak to people in London and they say the same ie. that everybody who wants to work can find a job. I'm spending time in Yorkshire and it's a different story. Lots of people wanting work can not find anything, not even minimum wage.
  18. Blanchflower has always wanted interest rates slashed, even when the economy and house prices were juggernauting along at breakneck pace. The man is insane.
  19. Yeah, the government has been in power so long that it has all its yes men in all the stats producing departments and government propaganda broadcasting (BBC) and media . Figures keep being churned out saying everything is normal, and growth is being resumed, just like the 2% inflation figures and unemployment ******** we've been fed for years. It was the same when Thatcher had been in a while, the old 'everything is fine' message when you'd just seen your mate's dad wandering around looking for scrap metal. to55ers.
  20. American MPC member's view on house prices http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8343237.stm
  21. King does whatever gordenron wants. he got a multi-million pound pension pot for it.
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