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  1. Been here before I'm afraid http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/personal-view/3623669/How-364-economists-got-it-totally-wrong.html Mervyn Kunt was one of the 364, is he one of the 341 I wonder?
  2. "Pay increases also appear to be picking up in response to rising inflation, with recent deals worth at least three per cent - more than double when compared to the same time last year." Interesting...... Merv's running out of excuses to avoid a rate hike.
  3. Funny that he wasn't talking about this 'imported' inflation when Ipods and Chinese tat were dragging the figure down to 2% a few years ago. If that was the case we should have had interest rates to give us inflation of about minus -10% during those years. He's just a crook, and a liar. And he's now cramming his pension fund with as much taxpayer cash as he can before he's shown the door.
  4. Plenty of Nu-Labour shills seeing their noses pushed out of the trough at the IFS. The enormous, bloated public sector Brown created stands blocking any work on deficit reduction.
  5. “I am neither a finance expert nor a trained economist " REALLY? who would have thought?
  6. good to see King becoming the hate figure he deserves to be. never fell for the cuddly uncle act myself. he's a w4nker.
  7. All that is needed is to get King's multi-million pound pension pot out of inflation linked bonds and into a normal bank deposit account. the greedy cant would soon have interest rates rising.
  8. here's how the BBC 'balances' spending your money on recruitment advertising " Yesterday The Telegraph had a letter that gave information about how much money the BBC spent on job advertisements for the different newspapers: In The Guardian, the BBC spent a massive £231,944; in The Telegraph, £32,535; in The Times only £6,159. yet The Telegraph has by far the largest circulation of the three quality dailies, with The Times some way behind and The Guardian a poor third. Don't even ask about The Express because the BBC doesn't advertise at all there." wonder why they don't advertise in the Mail, for 'balance' purposes, think they'll get a nice 'balance' of candidates from this 'balanced' advertising? (quote from biased bbc blog)
  9. just to rub it in, "A council in east London spent more than £111m on one office block, including more than £1,800 on individual designer lights, an investigation has revealed." "During the project bosses spent almost £10,000 on five designer light fittings - at a cost of £1,853 each.""The final £111.5m cost of the building was almost a third of the cost of Arsenal's 60,000-seater Emirates Stadium." more here news article
  10. "Families trying to sell their homes have slashed a massive £500million off the asking price since the beginning of August, research has revealed. It warned many people are becoming increasingly 'desperate' to sell amid fears that house prices could be set to plunge, or because their family finances are at breaking point. The research found more than one in three sellers have cut the asking price 'at least once' since it was put up for sale this year. "... Read more : http://www.dailymail...rty-plunge.html
  11. Can't be much longer before the US people twig on that Bernanke/Obama are full of sh1t and making things worse.
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