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  1. I know what you mean. Somebody posted a letter to me first class, the postmark said 10th Dec and I rec'd it on the 19th.....
  2. This program gets better.... They're talking about Propert Invetment Clubs Now....
  3. I've never used the site before but it's not even possible to look at the forum. When I went to sign up it asks for £9.99 PM.
  4. One of the important things the valuer said about the barge was that the price depends alot on condition. Now that it's just been refurbished then I guess that it's got a high valuation but I wonder how much it will be valued at after it's 'been lived in' for a few years?
  5. It didn't say that much about the barge. Like how much the repayments are or how long the term of mortgage/loan is? I wonder how much the mooring fees are?
  6. I wonder how much the barge will be worth in 2 years time?
  7. Did I hear right that the presenter say that he thinks that house prices will fall!!! And now he's rubbing it in with that e.a. t****r..... LOL!!!!
  8. That blokes says if he can't remortgage in January for 145 grand then he'll be stuck with his credit card debts and a mortgage of more than 1 grand a month. I wonder how he'll go on in Jan? Rather him than me!!!
  9. The best value for money item I've seen so far is the old brown VW camper van.
  10. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shared_appreciation_mortgage "If a customer took out a SAM and house prices stayed steady or declined, the customer would effectively have a completely interest free loan with no downsides. On a 10 year mortgage of £100,000 at 6%, the customer would save £33,225 in mortgage repayments with no loss to the customer". I wonder how many would be complaining if the above was the case? NONE!!! The people that took out SAM's took a gamble and lost!!!
  11. http://www.samvic.co.uk/ I typed in Shared Appreciation Mortgage and found an action group....Not that I want to join it, I just thought you might want to have a read.
  12. But the guy had the choice of selling the house himself for the market value and finding somewhere else to live. Letting it get repossesed and finding somewhere else to live or selling it to a company that offered him £45,000 that was 20% below market value with a short term tenancy agreement. He choose to sell it for 20% BMV and then said he wasn't happy. What I can't understand is why he chosse that option then?
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