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  1. Thank you, he was quite the troll. If truth be known, Jacque and I actually studied at Cambridge together. There was a fierce rivalry between us, but I must admit he was the real star when it came to calculus. Sadly, he never achieved his potential. While I of course went on to become Lucasian Professor, his career highlight was a couple of appearances on Countdown. To this day he still blames it on his French accent. Anyway, back to the topic. Apologies, but I don’t think I will have time to start posting tutorials. If I do though, you’d be better off bringing a pencil and some paper rather
  2. At last, due to public demand, I’ve been given my own area. This section is designed for the more intelligent as a place to discuss what’s really going on in the housing market without all those stupid comments from the bears trying to get a reaction. I’ll like to start by sharing a bit of research I’ve recently been doing. I’ve taken data from the more popular indices, and done a Fourier transform to find the composite wave patterns. The resulting twiddle factors I found produced this simple formula. t – C/x = L + p Where L (landlord being wealthy) was a constant and t (tenants) tended t
  3. Yeah, that's the guy. Little Chinese fellow.
  4. I've decided to write up my entire and definitive explanation of the Property Market boom. It’s fairly complicated, but please take the time to try to understand it. I recommend that you are seated while reading it as some of the revelations may cause you to fall and harm yourself. Many people think the property market is driven by sentiment. It isn’t. It is driven by a man called Ken. Ken used to be a bus driver, but his natural talent was soon noticed and he was recruited to drive the property market. This explains why the market seems to sort of follow a pattern, but makes unexpected turn
  5. Miche, I don't know what it is about you recently, but you've started looking extremely attractive.
  6. Joined April 1st. Coincidence? I don’t charge anyone to jump, that would just be heartless. I charge my tenants extra. There’s no such thing as a free meal.
  7. Very nicely, thank you. I've just returned from hosting a series of seminars across Europe about making money from property in a goat market. I've also offloaded a lot of my less desirable bridges and made a few killings in the process (it’s the only way to treat gazunderers). It also looks like I will be able to increase my rents in the next few months. When the house price crash gets into full swing there will be a lot more people jumping from my bridges. Tenants will always pay extra for easy pickings like that.
  8. A friend of mine recently had a house fire, and quickly rang 999 for help. The operator told him that unfortunately the local fire station had been sold and turned into one bed flats, and he would have to ring the BTL brigade on 666 instead. With lightening speed, a convoy of BMWs and four by fours turned up. An estate agent ran the rescue operation. He was offering a competitive price on a hot new investment property that had recently come on the market. The bidding then started and gradually reduced at a rate slightly faster than the house. My friend was obviously concerned about where he n
  9. Hey, what's going on? When I originally wrote this post it was a very insightful observation relating to the psychology of long term high house prices. It's now been moved and edited to make me look foolish.
  10. I did once comtemplate this. My keyboard had been set up as US instead of UK and every time I tried to type a £ it came out a $. In the end I did manage to sort it out, but by that time my electricity bill had doubled.
  11. Hmmm, not that interesting. The really interesting thing about a pelican it's beak can hold more than its belly can.
  12. I do not have multiple screen names. The only other name I post under is Time to raise the rents.
  13. Every time I read threads about Marketeer, my screen goes darker. I think it must be all the dim people posting on them. According to the survey, most posters here are well-educated, intelligent people. Ironic then, that they should call the Marketeer a fraud. Marketeer, I liked it if nobody else did, and that jaw line is quality.
  14. Come on. You expect me to believe someone has altered his picture to make him look fatter then mocked his ideas. For someone to do that, they'd have to be really cold.
  15. Marketeer, Thank you for your kind words. I do have a delicate stomach and am quite particular about what I eat. Probably similar to yourself, you seem to enjoy fine foods. I'm sure you've have a lot of mens meat and cheese in your mouth over the years. Excellent posts by the way, keep up the good work. You seem to have a problem with your keyboard but apart from that your grammar is excellent and you seem very articulate. Evidence enough that you are not an ignorant gobshite. By the way can I smell something?
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