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  1. Hi everyone, I'm going to be moving out soon, and am hiring a man with a van. I think it's highly likely I'll get a parking ticket as the places to park outside my flat are always full, so the van would need to be on the street but not in a parking space. does anyone know whether you can appeal such tickets as you're moving out and don't have a choice really? i'm in westminster. many thanks, caroline
  2. Hi everyone, I am renting a property for which there was no inventory check when I moved in (or any written statement detailing the condition of the property). The landlord will be inspecting the property next week, and I was wondering whether he has any basis for taking ANY money from the deposit, given there was no record of the condition from the start? Also, I am not moving out until april 9 but the landlord is coming to inspect the property next week. I wasn't planning to clean the place until I left - can I insist another viewing after I have moved out as to the final condition of the property? any help would be very much appreciated. kind regards Caroline
  3. Thanks both. The reason the estate agent gave was that someone had made a higher offer on the same property earlier (but had to pull out) so the landlord would immediately reject my lower offer. The estate agent didn't mention anything about the landlord putting a limit on offers forwarded to her.
  4. Hi, I made an offer to rent a property last week, and the estate agent has rejected the offer, and has refused to forward it to the landlord because it is 'too low' for the property. Does anyone know whether this is legal? Many thanks CJ
  5. Hello, I am renting a studio flat and the shower has started leaking onto the flat below mine. I have stopped using it, and have left phone messages for the landlord (I cannot get directly through to him) but he has not phoned me back. Does anyone know if there any amount of time by which the landlord has to have the shower fixed? Many thanks in advance for any help you can offer. Caroline
  6. Just to add that the landlord has said it is not an HMO.
  7. It is a self-contained flat and I am aware that there are other people in the house (though I am not sure how many). There are locked doors. I am not sure how many floors there are but there are at least 2, and I am not sure whether the landlord owns both floors (or more than one flat). Does anyone know how I can get the council to investigate whether this is an HMO? Many thanks, Caroline
  8. Hello, It's just me living there...I'm in a studio flat in a house! There are other people in the house but in other rooms lol. Many thanks, Caroline
  9. Hi everyone, I've just moved into a studio flat in Pimlico, London and noticed there was no smoke detector. Do you know whether this is the landlord's responsibility to install, and whether the landlord is required by law to do this? Many thanks, Caroline
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