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  1. The Estate Agent has just said that his buyers are put off by any property which requires work. The buyers are already streched to their limit and are put off by any work that needs doing. Oh well!
  2. My Manager and a neighbour have both MEW'd. They have both told me (separate conversations) `well, even though I have borrowed against my property, not to it's full market value, I will never be in negative equity because of the profit i've made anyway, my house will always be worth more....`. Another young couple I have had a chat with told me `Oh yes, we own our own property, why on earth don't you buy?` I explained that i believed house prices were going to drop. I then asked where abouts they live, she told me the town, I said oh whereabouts? She went bright red and said on the coun
  3. Me too! Went straight in the shredder. I was in my local shopping centre yesterday. the young girl in H Samuals, looked at her fellow 6 staff, and said do you think we've got too many staff. I was the only person in there (and i didn't buy anything). Primark seems to be packed, with queues at the tills, but you can get a bargain. Sainsbury's was full of people shopping, but the majority only had the samller trollies. The bestbit of all about this year, is, that i can get a parking space, without sitting around for ages waiting. Great!
  4. Yep, I heard the advert on local radio! Couldn't believe my ears
  5. Just been looking at the C4 Forum for the first time. Yep, sickening! But I love the way they call us `the other side` and `the other forum`
  6. I owned a house back in 93 to 99. (now divorced, so sold property) Brought it for 45k. 2 Bed end of terrace. It was in a great area, good mortgage repayments, bout 250 pcm. If I remember correctly. I Only earn about 5k more now than I did then, (Not a graduate, just an honest hard working girl!) Partner back then earnt earnt less than my current partner does now. Stupid thing is that now we are priced out of the market. And a 2 bed terrace costs around 125k, and they aren't as nice as what i had owned before! So when the girls I work with say it was so hard back then. I look back 10 y
  7. I sold over 6 years ago... Divorce! Back to my parents, got my head out of the sand and realised that I was totally priced out of the market. My boyfriend has never brought before and we are currently renting, whilst saving our deposit. so I feel like a FTB, priced out of the market, and priced out of a decent 2 bed terraced!
  8. I have 2 friends who have their own (mortgaged) properties. They are not linked in any way. One kept bragging about `how weathly he felt` and kept telling us to buy asap, or we will miss the boat... He has fallen behind on 5 mortgage payments and was in the lucky position of relatives helping him out of a very big hole, otherwise his wife & kids would've lost their home. The other, left her partner, got him to buy her out of their joint property. She bought a 2 bed Terrace for 130K and has a mortgage of around 100k. (she only earns about 16K). Sitting up the pub the other night,
  9. Hi There is one for sale in our street with a price guide of £150k - 2 bed end of terrace. The write up says `ideal for a first time buyer`. It's a 2 bed end of terrace!!!!!! That's all, and they want 150k. Scary
  10. I'll have some too please! Maybe go to Curry's and Comet, put them on all of the fridges and white goods. hee hee. Keep up the good work Gal Bear.
  11. Only Me, Thanks. If I notice any more major drops in sales or hear of mags, especially the local homes ones closing, I'll post something.
  12. Yep, you're right, regarding the Mags. We have at least 4 A Place in the Sun Mags, all with different locations, not to mention numerous others. These are selling very well! Totally agree with your sentiment by the way.
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