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  1. The original layout of this house is similar to mine. Where they have taken the wall out that divides the two bedrooms, that wall would have taken some of the load of the roof. In my attic there are huge timbers going up diagonally from the internal wall to another even bigger timber going across the roof half way up both sides. No wonder this house fell in!
  2. That boiler looks very old. Looks like a Glow Worm boiler my parents had installed in the mid 80s.
  3. Yes, my 21 and 18 year old are just the same. Spend a tenner on a night out, buy clothes and stuff off ebay, save much of the little they do earn, search out the best savings rates. Put me right to shame, if I'm honest. What makes me smile is the local nightlife is geared up for some kind of perceived youth culture, but is rammed with middle aged folk.
  4. Also, save time by simultaneously showering and taking a dump.
  5. A few years back, Andy Verity did a TV prog about high house prices and was travelling around in a van with a trend graph similar to that of Nationwide's house price graph painted on the side of his camper van! Or did I just dream that. I'm convinced he used to/still does post on here.
  6. Forward that on to the Daily Mail. They'll need that info to update their article, I'm sure.
  7. I remember my stepdad working in the 70s for Boulton and Paul Joinery as a carpenter with 500 other people making doors, window frames and staircases and exporting the products all over the place and being able to afford a 3 bed semi with garage, central heating, double glazing (albeit aluminium!) and run a Ford Cortina on one wage. Yeah, the 70s were awful.
  8. Yeah, they purchased via that there "new buy" scheme? Something about taxpayers guaranteeing their 5% deposit, or something. They still have their old house which they're renting out and are hoping for the market to recover (VI speak for house prices to rise) so they can make bigger mugs than them out of some poor soul.
  9. Asking too much for her house. Nothing new on this program.
  10. The "boomerang kids' " bedroom is bigger than most new builds. Best they stay put.
  11. Looking forward to the adverts that surround this broadcast. The adverts that are on before this comes on may give an indication on how it's going to go. I'm guessing the term "falling house prices" will probably not be used. I'm expecting to hear "ladder" and "flat-lining" more than twice each.
  12. If all the rainwater that falls on your property drains to soakaway, then you should apply to your water company to get a rebate on your sewage bill. If the rainwater that falls on your property drains to your water company's sewerage network, then that company has to pump that rainwater, incurring huge energy costs, to it's sewage treatment works.
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