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  1. I think this immigration has been a disater for the working classes and they have been betrayed by Labour. The trend is to reduce wages in skilled/non skilled blue collar work. The middle class are happy to get Polish plumbers etc and there is a myth that all forign workers a better than the UK worker. As a member of the Professional class I hope the same happens to us. Already, Enginnering consultants are looking to outsource calculations and drawings in constructiom, eventually this will lead to the loss of graduate/trainee roles. Personally I will be happy when the West London Luvvies get a
  2. used to go out from late 89-91, london, mainly the west end and middlesex. i can't remember the name of the records but remeber going to places like : legends, the limelight,cafe de paris, dingwalls, soho theatre club, gardening club covent garden,heaven, the brain, crazy larrys and queens. wish i could know some of the tunes i liked , but i never found out what they were called.
  3. lots of fit out work starting-ie tenants taking a floor of a building. talking to people in this sector(commercial fit out) banks etc are taking up new office space in prestige new offices, such as the Gerkin. this leaves older office space which needs sprucing up to get a tenant. Therefore, in this part of the cycle new office space is not needed. we are through the worst of it in construction and are looking for green shoots in the commercial sector. this may be a year or 2 away and vacent central london space will have to be let.
  4. how can you mechanise what an engineer does obvoiusly you need to sharpen some pencils you worthless public sector clown
  5. Although we are in recession the is still a shortage of good engineers. i am a consulting engineer in building services (heating ventilation air conditioning electrics and ligting etc) we cannot get a senior electrical engineer. i have had 4 people in a year that we have had to let go because they were sh?t. one was a 32 year old degree qualified chartered electrical engineer who didn't know anything about electrical engineering. the problem is not only qualifications,its also training. i do think that to practice engineering (especially design) you need to have a degree in engineering. this
  6. lot of envy on this site. obviously the people did live well but they worked for it. now, they are middle aged and facing uncertainty and a loss of status. perhaps the age and i expect the rank of the posters shows that they have never gone from a professional wage to nothing. its happend to me so im not willing to damn people for having a car i wish i had
  7. for 12 years britons have been at the back of the queue especialy in labour councils (visit brent,hounslow,ealing). now because the britons have woken up to being 2nd class citizens labour is scared. hopefully its the end for labour and a new political party comes along to take their place.
  8. silly northern monkey try flying on scheduled airlines before they speks out. now go back to your allotment
  9. unfortunately for the keens hounslow has gone from a labour council to a conservative/independant run council. the keens have a long record of bending the rules at hounslow. alan keen openly admitted to allowing illegal building work by the punjabi community which has blighted araes such as cranford and heston when he was a labour councillor. now the scum are being caught out by their own rules
  10. so you are capable of more research than the industry body that has been around for forty years. can you design a jet engine in your garden shed while your at it.
  11. so by your admission it is not providing useful heat QED
  12. diffuse sunlight, the stuff i said woz insufficient to make solar viable. don't beleive me look at the weather data published by BSRIA and you will soon calculate that there is not enough sunshine. by your reasoning your F@cked it you have a fortnight of cloudy weather. i think your forgetting about your 3 kw electric element
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