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  1. I agree, we could see a California style collapse in places like Sydney
  2. Yes you do, indirectly when you bang the HPI drum every day. HPI= less disposable income
  3. Bardon Tell us why less disposable income a good thing? It's killing the economy here and the US, people are staggering under the weight of their debts because they overstretched themselves to pay for an overpriced house and now they are having to rack up even more debt just to survive. As a result, people now have very little money to spend on goods which keeps the economy afloat. Oz is no different, worse in fact because ftbers and investors have borrowed significantly more and have been conned into paying 7-8 x salary for a house in places like Sydney. The bubble will burst sooner or later, probably sooner imo as IR's go back up and the contagion from the US commercial real estate meltdown spreads further throughout the global economy and we get another credit famine next year- which will force banks to ask for higher deposits thus speeding up the process of a crash.
  4. Australian House Prices Are Severely and Seriously Unaffordable http://www.dailyreckoning.com.au/australian-house-prices-are-severely-and-seriously-unaffordable/2009/01/27/
  5. YAY, less disposable income for everybody!
  6. Yeah it is tense, these people are dressed in rags and yet are still in denial that the recession has turned into a depression. Years of conditioning by the tv has turned people into consumer zombies that don't know how to do anything else. I guess that's why they call us 'consumers'.
  7. Economic situation in Cali is getting desperate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEIOgZxvdDs
  8. Economic situation in Cali is getting desperate http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEIOgZxvdDs
  9. Gold, Climbing ‘Like No Tomorrow,’ Sets Record on Hedge Demand http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aO69J6gqQ2rY
  10. Most of the stupid majority will be out out of work or having their wages slashed/frozen soon.
  11. This needs pointing out more often, the sheeple are too moronic to see that expensive houses are a bad thing. They must like spending most of their wages on shelter.
  12. All the more reason to financially stretch yourself while IR's are low by buying house now before you miss the boat
  13. I think he means the housing market is having another Wylie Coyote moment were he's ran off the cliff and has yet to look down
  14. It's people with this attitude that are wrecking our country. They shouldn't be allowed to breed
  15. Some people have done quite well from investing in gold from the recent price spike. Actions of a real 'nutter' eh Imo the real nutters are the sheeple in total denial to the economic collapse that's ravaging our economy, they have their head in the sand and are becoming totally detached from reality
  16. They've already started, have you seen the one that appears in the new british gas advert?
  17. Oz Housing market has a US style crash written all over it imo
  18. But bankers are 'doing the work of God' and they deserve their ridiculous salary
  19. Société Générale seems to think things are turning.... TO SH!T.. globally, and advises clients how to prepare for global collapse http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/6599281/Societe-Generale-tells-clients-how-to-prepare-for-global-collapse.html
  20. George's predictions: $ being dropped $ 150 oil suburbia to become deadzones
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