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  1. I'll stick my neck out and predict a 5% fall for Oz house prices by the end of this year, 10% for 2011 and then a further fall of up to 20% the year after. The coming option ARM and commercial real estate meltdown that will ravage the US later this year will create another global credit famine which will make mortgages even more scare and expensive to obtain and service. Credit crunch 2 will be the trigger for the Oz crash and 2nd leg down here also IMO
  2. Was that back in 1989? I've just done some googling and the average cost to raise a child is around £200k http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/jan/23/child-care-costs
  3. 'Double dip' implies that we're out of recession and the economy is recovering. Neither have happened. Huge cuts in spending will put us into a deeper recession (depression?)
  4. Does anyone know how much it costs to raise a child nowadays? say from birth - 18yrs of age?
  5. Went to the cash machine yesterday and saw that someone had wrote 'i want to work- call 07...' in permanent marker above the atm. I wasn't surprised to see this though, unemployment amongst 18-25 yr olds in the mids must now be exceeding depression levels
  6. She was probably too busy noshing off her Illuminati producers
  7. I would rather live like a church mouse for a few years and see these types of people get pounded back down their rat holes from where they came
  8. You are aware that there are millions of option ARM loans due to reset this year?
  9. Shouldn't you be thinking about changing your name soon to 'the last bull'?
  10. Latest vid from George over at Inflation.us. He interviews an investor who believes property is caught up in a deflationary death cycle and that prices could fall to next to nothing. It's refreshing to see this view from someone makes a living from an inflationary cycle. Worth a watch imo
  11. Oil is also going to become a serious issue for Oz when the global economy recovers http://www.energybulletin.net/node/28383
  12. They want everyone living by themselves in little boxes so we can't breed
  13. The featured video is worth a watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygtqaH-hnFs
  14. Don't forget, on top of this there will be around 70% of $600 bln worth of option ARM loan estimated to go bad--and then there's the commercial real estate bubble which has now burst
  15. This is where the depopulation agenda starts, they've pulled up the drawbridge and are now beginning to starve the "useless eaters" out.
  16. Or you could say it has been the psychology of the bull that has caused this mess
  17. why isn't confidence being dented as a result of the wage freezes and pending 'savage' job cuts in the public sector?
  18. Oracle's share prices and profits seem suspiciously robust considering the carnage that is going in the IT sector and the wider economy. Demand must be shrinking for data management now. I wonder if they have been doing the same?
  19. It's the IT recovery http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601103&sid=a7pUR5eBwlJI
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