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  1. Not even "London Prime" fell that much. See below.

    Hence, if both indexes are correct, the rest of the London market/country fell even MORE than London Prime.

    Maybe due to Sheffield being strongly associated with govt cuts and the coalition (Forgemaster and Clegg). Getting the blame link set up.

    House prices in Sheffield were down 5% last month

    Sheffield could be the ground zero of this crash IMO

  2. Welcome back SoR...

    I think the rises have been upsetting everyone on here - it's been dragging me down and because of all the denial and hype in the media the misses has been desperate to buy... We want to start a family soon and would ideally like to own soon afterwards so it's great news that this may be starting to happen! It's early days - just one month's figure - but maybe, just maybe, it's the start of what we have all been patiently waiting for!



    House prices would enter freefall with an IR increase :P

    I think they already have

    So if you had a stash of £150k, you've effectively just been handed back roughly £6k of lost interest on said stash on the basis of ONE MONTHS fall.

    Nice. B)

    I would imagine theres are quite a few STRrs slightly rethinking their positions today.

    Perhaps we meek ones dont need to be flushed from our comfort zones after all.

    Got gold? Dont need to bother now.

    Would have been nice to be in 2 years ago, but why ride that bubble?

    Just sit tight, things are converging nicely. :)

    Keep your job though readers........ :ph34r:

    Indeed, don't mean to put a dampner on things but what good is 4% monthly falls if you dont have a job :(

  3. Thought this was worth posting from the Telegraph comments section...

    UK property bubble definition:

    A gigantic pyramid scheme aided and abetted by weak, indifferent governments, reckless and lawless banks, rapacious mortgage brokers, servile estate agents, and a foolish, credulous public. And let's not forget the media, which helped to blow up the bubble with all its might (for the sake of advertising revenue).

    And now we have the beginning of the collapse. Let the apologists point out the "lack of supply," the "weak pound," the low interest rates, etc, etc.

    None of it matters. Bubbles all eventually disinflate. Anyone who has the most superficial knowledge of history knows this. And I believe people will soon be showing a renewed interest in the lessons of the past.

    The UK property market is currently 35-43% overvalued according to the 100-year median line. There has never been a bubble like this--ever. Ergo, there has never been a crash like the one that is now imminent.

  4. IMO, the crash will eventualy go global and we aND THE aUSSIES SEEM TO BE THE LAST MEN STANDING (YET TO SEE A 30% PLUS DROP--OFFICIALY* Admitted that is).

    Not long now, IR's are now on the rise, average house price is 7x income lots of people up to their neck and ears in debt and their economy is not a buoyant as the Oz media would have us think. My sister works in marketing for a leading make-up manufacturer based in Sydney and recently told me her job is hanging by a thread. If women are cutting back/downgrading on beauty products this is significantly indicative of an economy in recession IMO

  5. Just to reiterate a point the guy in this video makes, no matter how low IR's go, if you don't have a job you can't buy a home

    Is the second leg down starting as a result Option ARM and Alt - A timebombs now exploding as accurately predicted (FF to 9:00) in this video back in 2008?

    Could this next wave of repos trigger credit crunch2?

  6. Where I am in Australia at the moment, the media is saying everything is wonderful and we are entering a new conrunucopian age.

    Mrs D'oh tells me that the customers' conversations at her place of work centre on the need for home schooling, given the dire state of public education, and the fact that all the shops and restaurants are struggling (lots of restaurants buy their produce from where she works.) The main shopping centre has its first empty shops since it was built 25 years ago.

    The public "know."

    Do you think Oz is about to enter a serious downturn?

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