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  1. Hi

    could only watch 10 mins. Sydney house prices at 10x earnings, friends joining togther to buy a sh!tty flat for £400k, "vibrant" communities. It had it all. I suppose they just re-used the UK script from a few years ago and enjoyed the Oz sunshine. It will all end in tears...

    Thanks, needed to share the feelings - better now :)

    Aye, my sister bought a small house ( think its a 2 bed detached) in Bronte for around $1million about a year ago as a semi investment property which she is now living in/refurbishing. I tried to talk her out of it but being the arrogant so and so she is she was having non of it

  2. I too find no 6 most interesting. Particularly as I spent Xmas up a snow-covered mountain in the middle of Europe with a team working on precisely this kind of stuff.

    As a classically-trained BSc scientist I've been amazed at what is out there now - and I would agree with Celente that 2011 is when this stuff gets real - if maybe not yet mainstream.

    This has real implications for the financial world as all of money is based on oil - once oil is superseded by much better stuff - the changes will be huge - HPC?

    For a taster download the compilation: http://www.free-energy-info.co.uk/PJKBook.html

    I've always found Besslers wheel interesting



  3. Derbyshire footpath project completed

    Renovation work has been carried out on a 2.5 mile (4km) stretch of footpath in Derbyshire.

    The Matlock Spur, which joins the Limestone Way at Bonsall, has had 12 stiles replaced with self-closing gates, Derbyshire County Council said.

    County councillor Chris Jackson encouraged walkers to use the footpath with its "stunning views of the countryside from Masson Hill".

    The county council's rangers' service carried out most of the work.


    Edit: They changed this article: The link says £1m project and further states amount as £947,000, but amount now removed from article. Hmmmm, wonder why?

    Edit no 2: I make that roughly £79k per stile..... and no discount for buying in bulk!

    Matlock is a unique place that is well worth a visit at any time of the year. Lots of atmosphere on Sundays in summer when all the bikers meet up and the views seen from the top of 'Lovers Leap' cliff which overlooks Matlock Bath are fantastic.

  4. Facebook = NWO Spying tool

    "Congress stopped the IAO from gathering as much information as possible about everyone in a centralized nexus for easy spying by the United States government, including internet activity, credit card purchase histories, airline ticket purchases, car rentals, medical records, educational transcripts, driver’s licenses, utility bills, tax returns, and all other available data. The government’s plan was to emulate Communist East Germany’s STASI police state by getting mailmen, boy scouts, teachers, students and others to spy on everyone else. Children would be urged to spy on parents.

    Facebook, however, does what no dictator ever dreamed of—it has a half billion people willingly doing a form of spy work on all their friends, family, neighbors, etc.—while enthusiastically revealing information on themselves.

    The huge database on these half a billion members (and non-members who are written about) is too much power for any private entity—but what if it is part of, or is accessed by, the military-industrial-national security-police state complex?"


    Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs is a member of the Bilderberg Group


  5. The inlaws went to B&Q the day before xmas eve... they've been planning on buying a new front door for some time and had been waiting for it to come back in stock...

    B&Q were desperately trying to flog their real christmas trees. 1p each. Seriously!

    The staff were desperate to shift them!

    The retail park was half shut too with various places just in darkness ... I spose considering the weather shops just cba staying open if no one is coming in.

    Morrisons was dead on xmas exmas eve and this was in the afternoon :blink:

  6. These falls started just as RB turned Bull. The RB ContraroBoost is thus kicking in with a vengeance; central bankers, their politician creatures and house sellers are powerless against this fundamental force of the universe.

    It works for G*ld, too. Next time he waffles about how it is about to drop, buy some. You have about a 85% chance of making money.

    Has RB caved in and bought a house?

  7. This is where the inflationist have got it totally wrong.

    Just because the governement can print it doesn't mean they will. What is to stop them? I say again, The Bond Market.

    No bond holder is going to sit back and watch as YOUR debts and THEIR weath gets inflated away - It just won't happen.

    When the bond market says no more QE then it ends and we deflate - Is this it now? I don't know, but it will happen.

    The coming deflationary collapse will be as big as the inflationary bubble that preceeded it - MASSIVE.

    Thanks for reading and congrats if you finally get it.

    Time to offload gold and silver ?

  8. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financetopics/financialcrisis/8081594/Bankers-caused-credit-crisis-for-kicks.html

    Bankers 'caused credit crisis for kicks'
    Forget the thorny problems of risk, regulation and even reward: bankers blew up the financial system for the thrill of it, according to one British academic.
    With a theory that will alarm Business Secretary Vince Cable, Dr Paul Crosthwaite of Cardiff University has argued that bankers and other investors took on excessive risks not just to make money but for the "desire" and "exhilaration" of destruction.
    "For its participants and speculators alike, the crash is not simply an object of fear or anxiety, or even of mere fascination, but also of an inchoate but urgent desire," Dr Crosthwaite wrote in an article published in Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities.
    Related Articles
    We're all in this together – has anyone told the bankers?
    Former UBS directors escape action over failures
    City bankers expect billions in bonuses In Blood on the Trading Floor: Waste, Sacrifice and Death in Financial Crises, Dr Crosthwaite claims his anthropological study of investors and traders found evidence of an element of masochistic satisfaction in running up losses.

    There is an element of truth in this. The fear of loss is a greater driver than the hope of gain and that fear translates into a strnger chemical reaction in the brain. It explains why gambling is addictive and why losses do not deter the chronic gambler. Banksters are essentially gamblers unproductive psychopaths and had to keep raising the stakes to provide equivalent levels of stimiuls to their twisted brains.

    Brown, being addicted to power, would not have restricted the banksters as their financial "miracles" were necessary to sustain NuLabour during the decade long binging and gambling that has laid our economy and our nation to waste. The massive bonuses were necessary to add more thrills as the millions were spent on fast cars, yachts and other pursuits of the financially reckless.


  9. tee - hee. I'm in the South East (near London) - viewed a place couple of weeks ago, on for 249K, offered 150K - declined, increased to 180K vendors thought about it for a couple of days & then declined. Ah, Estate agent phoned me today - they want to accept my offer!!! tee, hee. Hmm, do I want it now prices are starting to fall :rolleyes:

    200 yrs old, etc, etc,

    Semi-rural unmortgagable - renovation costs circa 70K...........BUT partridges wandering across back garden. hmm we'll see

    And ya, if I do decide to go for it - then I will re-evaluating back to 150K.... :lol:

    I have pheasants and sheep in my back garden :P . I'm paying £400 pcm rent to live in a newly renovated converted 200 yr old stable in Derbyshire, price includes gas, council tax and water :)

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