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  1. Its about balance, lots of oil changes including filters will help remove particulates that can cause engine wear and re the lighter oil in winter that depends on the fuel type and winter temps being exposed to. The thinking behind the lighter oil is it warms up and gets around the engine more quickly reducing the damage caused by the cold start, but light oils means thinner lubrication at the piston head where its really hot. Its all a trade off.

    This is why I use fully synth oils which offer better protection at higher temps

  2. I have made the following changes to our cars (both petrol) and noticed around a 3-4mpg increase in fuel efficiency in both vehicles

    1. Changed engine oil for a lighter grade (5w/30) fully synthetic

    2. Upgraded the air filter for a more free flowing K & N type

    3. Treated engine with injector cleaner

    4. Replaced leads and plugs

  3. :lol: seriously, so much entrepreneurial crap is spouted and some poor suckers lap it up thinking they'll have their own 'business', when it is the Man who profits - hiring a van, for example.

    I actually know another landscape gardener who is quite 'successful' and has substantial projects going for big money, but still it isn't very profitable and he makes less than minimum wage when you add up all the hours.

    This may be the reason why your friend is only making min wage. You can buy a perfectly clean and servicable small van for a grand nowadays.

  4. And there lies the rub. Some on this thread assume that people have money to set up biz or retrain as English teacher.

    Get real. Have any of you survived for long on the dole without some help from friends or relatives?

    Maybe the OP does have some savings stashed, but most don't

    It costs 100s to train as an English-lang teacher.

    How can this guy go out to SE Asia if he doesn't have any money!

    Serious lack of empathy or reality on this thread.

    Quite the optimist arent you. I started my own business 5 years ago with £2500 which I borrowed from a realitive. Never looked back since.

  5. You only really notice how crap a place is once you have been away for a while

    Having been away for 6 months I pop into Tesco to buy some milk & the first thing I see is a big black man

    Dressed as a ******ing


    Seriously. The best 'costume' I've ever seen. The only difference from a real ninja was that instead of a sward he has a thin black umbrella down his back. As far as umbrellas go it is the best imitation sward umbrella I've seen

    After having paused and stared at him for 10seconds (everyone else not taking the slightest notice) I decide..meh...continue with my shopping

    Only to see said big black ninja in another isle carrying a big Nazi swastika board along with his basket (did he know what is was the simble of?). Again I pause for 5 seconds & stare while my mind processes if he is crazy or stupid or a threat...meh

    Anyhoo. Why do you all look depressed?

    Why do you all walk & act in a pretend treating manner? Kids men women old people you all do this!?

    also it seems eye contact or hello or thank you is frowned upon.

    What the fook?

    If you have a house in London sell it. Leave. Never cone back!

    Or you & your kids will be angry unhappy ninjas

    Lol, you should check out the people of Walmart


  6. i am too

    pointless waste of time degree, theres so many ******ing twats going to university, masters of engineering, 1st, 4 years, 30k debt, got a piece of paper i might aswell burn and shit on just to make me feel happier

    also you are up against 10x as many people from other countries as well applying

    i know for a fact that my 'unpaid' internship last year had over 50 applicants and about 6 of them were from britain

    ive come close to killing myself, i really have no future, unless i earn 80k a year i wont ever have kids, and i dont think i can bare to have kids where both parents spend 8-6 working, they will grow up ******ed

    wish i lived back in the 1810s tbh

    Time to think outside the box young man and maybe set up your own business. Doesn't really matter what trade you choose. I know a couple of landscape gardners who are doing quite well for themselves. Do you have any savings?

  7. I'm sure you'll punch through the lean times and come out stronger for it. Good luck.

    I am ashamed to admit that I bought a new car yesterday (Renault Clio 'i-Music' :rolleyes:) with a low initial payment and low rental... Mrs Posh asked the salesman how busy they were, he just shook his head and said business had been 'awful' and not best pleased that I declined GAP insurance/scratchguard. I guess that's where the lions share of the commission is made.

    Wise move, these and exterior sealant treatments like 'diamondbrite' are a total ripoff. They don't last anywhere near as long as they say and the costs are ludicrous. Your money would be much better spent on hiring a detailer to seal the paintwork etc

  8. Today appears to be the day when the markets went "ah." The turning point when false optimism turns to grim reality of just how broke the system is. Flight to safety time folks--US bonds as a depression and severe deflation is just a kiss away now. Demand is falling off the cliff and unsold goods don't command ever increasing prioces--especially when unemployment is soaring.

    The rest of the poisons that have been lurking in the mud are all hatching out. It will be interesting to see if the Crimbocats that many made last Crimbo come to pass.

    Time for a shroom cloud pic?

  9. Crash 2 is gathering momentum in the US. This short report investigates the housing crisis in the US which is growing increasingly desperate for many people who face repossession. Banks who cannot find legal documents behind mortgages are now resorting to forging documents to evict home owners. Tens of thousands of people camping out in 'mortgage lines' and convention centres to beg their banks for lower payments on mortgages and more


  10. to be honest, I know public sector types (clearly not all of them) who are still buying, and paying top dollar, being unable to join the economic dots up

    also incoming BTL landlords, that I have seen myself

    so there are two areas that have not yet given up on HPI - they will, in time, but again I think it will take some yearsECT


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