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  1. Yeah, we're all about to slam into a brick wall at 300mph and he's just stepped even harder on the gas
  2. This is why I use fully synth oils which offer better protection at higher temps
  3. How do you figure that? If the oil has been filled to the correct level then how would it be deprived of lube?
  4. I have made the following changes to our cars (both petrol) and noticed around a 3-4mpg increase in fuel efficiency in both vehicles 1. Changed engine oil for a lighter grade (5w/30) fully synthetic 2. Upgraded the air filter for a more free flowing K & N type 3. Treated engine with injector cleaner 4. Replaced leads and plugs
  5. That article implies that he doesn't know what he's talking about because he doesn't own a house?
  6. This may be the reason why your friend is only making min wage. You can buy a perfectly clean and servicable small van for a grand nowadays.
  7. Quite the optimist arent you. I started my own business 5 years ago with £2500 which I borrowed from a realitive. Never looked back since.
  8. Were these guys working for inbreds living in backwoods?
  9. Lol, you should check out the people of Walmart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHLtc_4jot8&feature=fvst
  10. Time to think outside the box young man and maybe set up your own business. Doesn't really matter what trade you choose. I know a couple of landscape gardners who are doing quite well for themselves. Do you have any savings?
  11. It's a 'mini depression' http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambroseevans-pritchard/100011689/professor-mundell-euro-and-pessimal-currency-areas/
  12. Wise move, these and exterior sealant treatments like 'diamondbrite' are a total ripoff. They don't last anywhere near as long as they say and the costs are ludicrous. Your money would be much better spent on hiring a detailer to seal the paintwork etc
  13. Lol very apt, the show is indeed run by utter clowns!
  14. Sick isn't it, all done by design if you ask me, the banksters new exactly what they were doing
  15. Was all baked into the cake IMO, I've come to the conclusion that the elites do not want us to own homes any more.
  16. The US could end up with thousands of Irish style repo ghettos consisting of vast swathes of vacant unsellable homes, which ain't gonna be good for the economy and it's borrower-consumers.
  17. Crash 2 is gathering momentum in the US. This short report investigates the housing crisis in the US which is growing increasingly desperate for many people who face repossession. Banks who cannot find legal documents behind mortgages are now resorting to forging documents to evict home owners. Tens of thousands of people camping out in 'mortgage lines' and convention centres to beg their banks for lower payments on mortgages and more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaBVVuSpPXE
  18. Fvck buying a house, that's it I'm out
  19. Tokyo is evacuating, apparently http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uYK1bjfZpk&feature=feedlik
  20. what's the hooha about iphones?, they are sh it, a, because they are cumbersome ruddy things and it's like carrying a full size calculator about in your pocket, b, internet browsing speed is like being on dialup, c, the keypad was designed for elves, and d, it's ridiculously expensive!
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