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  1. Don't get too excited, it's mostly people downsizing
  2. Rinoa, just curious, what's your prediction for this months figures?
  3. That's quite a sober article coming from a neither. Good one.
  4. Do you work in the public sector?
  5. Wow. the situation looks far worse than gvmnt are making out, it went from a sea of blue in Jan 07 to sea of blood red in 09
  6. Its failing now, house prices are crashing. Please provide evidence that house prices will start to rise as a result of this. Again, provide evidence other than your personal opinion that house prices will be booming again.
  7. My mother is a pensioner and she has been using an internet connection to help pay her bills. And no it's not porn related
  8. a) Can't be bothered as it has no relevance who was driving. Nobody in their right mind drives a vehicle in this manner on a public highway. One of the attributes of a 4x4 is loading space, which seems to be a necessity of some of the posters in this thread. Vans too, have a high volumetric interior space and high ground clearance which could also be used in a similar way to a 4x4. Here's another Jeep drifting vid Are you still of the opinion that these are unstable deathtraps as posts seem to suggest?
  9. You've posted this before to try and discredit the Jeep. Who drives like this normally? It's a stuntman trying his best to tip the thing over and after his 3rd attempt he finally manages it. He was flat out and then swung it on full lock. The same thing would have happened in a van. In addition, this particular Jeep is on larger 17" Grand Cherokee rims instead of it's original 14's which makes it sit higher and gives it a higher COG making it more prone to roll overs.
  10. Jeep Cherokee Show me another SUV that can be drifted
  11. How do you know these people were actually buying, there could have been a number of tyre kickers/test pilots out that day People still buy 30 year old cars with their emotions Cobblers, not all SUV's handle like barges
  12. I think some workers at HBOS are about to receive a greasy pole
  13. Gerald Celente expect World Riots Ghost Malls and a Revolution
  14. I agree, they use a larger sample size than both HF and NW http://www.hmlr.gov.uk/houseprices/housepriceindex/
  15. Do you think they are playing against each other just to confuse the sheeple?
  16. Can someone write in to NW and tell them not to bother with Hpi stats anymore because they suck at their job.
  17. Sort of reflects what I said in the NW thread a couple of days ago that their stats are total cobblers
  18. How does this work? Is it the same as pay per click?
  19. Difference is, if you lose your job and fall behind with your mortgage payments and get repoed, your creditors will chase you up hill and down dale for the rest of your natural life for the difference. Whereas, if you were renting, there's no outstanding DEBT.
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