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  1. Recent article from the same newspaper arguing the complete opposite to the above. link
  2. I wonder if it has anything to do with this? 0Average cost of bringing up a child to 21 reaches £180k The article is 3 years old so adjusted for inflation the costs would be closer to £200k now
  3. Ebay has gone down the tubes since they changed their policy and made it mandatory that sellers are forced to offer paypal as a form of payment. Approx 5% Paypal fees plus another 5% ebay seller fees on every transaction is a joke. And they have just made things a whole lot worse for the seller by changing the feedback rules where sellers are no longer able to retaliate with -ve feedback. I can't wait for someone to come up with a cheaper viable alternative which will put an end to ebay's monopoly.
  4. I'm really enjoying springwatch atm. There is a lot of bland tripe on though, how anybody can sit and watch dead enders year in year out is beyond me.
  5. Well said, this will translate to further job losses and more damage to the economy. Why can't the cretinous bulls understand that HPI is ruinous for the economy?
  6. Yes it's a gud un Yeah shame he didn't do his job properly though
  7. Governor Schwarzenegger Proposes Closing Nearly All of California's State Parks "“It is hard to even know what to say, it is so outrageous,†said Michele Luna, executive director of the Stewards of the Redwoods and Coast, a non-profit that provides volunteers and conducts educational programs in partnership with the state. “It is ludicrous to take away places where people go for solace and recreation during hard economic times.†http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20090...rks-in-jeopardy
  8. Yey, higher mortgage payments, more stress and less disposable income for everyone- YEY!!
  9. Oh come on, a bag on her head and one on your own in case hers came off, no?
  10. Yep, the BBC have been spewing out the same dross month after month- meanwhile house prices continue their march downward.
  11. Ask her what evidence she has to support this.
  12. My LL gave me a 5% reduction this month, because I asked, and she had no problem with it.
  13. Kunstler sees the end of the road for GM " Something like a week remains before General Motors is reduced to lunch meat on industrial-capital's All-You-Can-Eat buffet spread. The wish is that its deconstructed pieces will re-organize into a "lean, mean machine" for producing "cars that Americans want to buy," and that, by extension, the American Dream of a Happy Motoring economy may be extended a while longer. This fantasy rests on some assumptions that just don't "pencil out." One is that the broad American car-owning public can continue to buy their cars the usual way, on credit. The biggest emerging new class in America is the "former middle class." Credit kept the remnants of the middle class going for decades after their incomes stopped growing in the 1970s. Now, their incomes have stopped coming in altogether and they are sinking into swamp of entropy already occupied by the tattoo-for-lunch-bunch. Of course, this has plenty of dire sociopolitical implications. Unfortunately, the big American banks did their biggest volume business in their biggest loans at the very time that that the middle class was on its way to becoming former. Now that the former middle class is arriving at its destination, the banks are so damaged by bad paper that they won't make loans to even the remnant of the remnant of the middle class. In other words, the entire model for financing Happy Motoring is now out-of-order, probably permanently." http://jameshowardkunstler.typepad.com/
  14. . I once set up Oracle 8i running on a Linux Box on Redhat 7.2. It said on the box that it was 'UNBREAKABLE'. It broke. No really - the installer barfed at the last minute because of the wrong lib version. Oracle had misconfigured the installer to use an old library, dagnammit. Having categorically proven Oracle 8i to be a fraudulent misrepresentation of its abilities I moved on, and now use the lesser MSSQL I'm afraid. I'm surprised to hear that, I got the impression from my mate who is an oracle dba that it is industrial strength software and totally bullet proof
  15. Just a quick update on my Ubuntu instillation. So far so good, it's runs smoother than xp although not much faster andI like the inbuilt bittorrent and firewall which means no need to run shitty 3rd party software. It also has good support for all plugin devices. The interface is more simplistic to windows but i'm sure I'll get used to this. Thanks to Yellercat, Sir Sydney and the other guys for converting me Oh and there seems to be a fair few Oracle DBA positions going for those who are willing to retrain http://www.jobsite.co.uk/jobs/it/dba
  16. It's actually a cultural heritage site. The London eye is a tourist attraction.
  17. Why don't you try driving out of London? http://www.chatsworth.org/
  18. You've somehow misinterpreted my original post which links to an article showing facts based on credible research as a personal attack on your country and it's people.. FYI my sister lives in Oz. And the high skin cancer rates over there is a concern. I posted the article to highlight the dangers that your climate poses which a lot of people are unaware of. I have no problem with you posting the article about high levels of obesity and child pregnancies which is embarrassing and needs addressing It should be brought to more peoples attention. Your derogatory comment however, is unwarranted. I haven't made any personal insults against Aussies.
  19. Thankyou. Btw what's the difference(don't laugh)between unix and linux?
  20. Thanks, I'm going to d/l it and give it a go. Would you recommend creating a separate partition to install it on?
  21. It looks interesting and although I'm no expert, I do consider myself IT literate. Does it require more configuring and setting up than windows?
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