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  1. Job loss counter on the telegraph website has been stuck at 151,216 for 2 weeks now. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/
  2. My sis lives in Sydney and she can't resist having a dig about the UK every time she comes home. I point out to her that w e have things over here that they don't on Oz, like beautiful countryside and how everything is so accessible but she's not interested because sunny Oz is THE place to be
  3. Australian Employers Cut 21,400 Jobs as Exports Slow gloomberg
  4. How do spiraling job losses, repos and bankruptcies account for good news?
  5. I'm self employed and it would take wild horses to drag me back to work for someone else now. I do not like being owned :angry:
  6. Eh? How do you figure that? The mother of all recessions has only just started. Monthly falls will accelerate from here if anything.
  7. I've just negotiated a further reduction in rent with my LL. I encourage others to do the same.
  8. TBH I think they have taken a huge risk by borrowing such a massive amount of money to gamble on property in a country which will do well to avoid a depression.
  9. My sis and her partner have just bought a 2 bed semi in Sydney for close to 1 million $ as an investment property. I warned her to be careful when she was looking but I think it's too late now. Still, she firmly believes that house prices have bottomed out so best of luck to her.
  10. I see your back encouraging people to commit financial suicide.
  11. Apart from my selfish [email protected] neighbours, I have thoroughly enjoyed renting. Have been in this house for 5 years and we get on reasonably well with the LL, when we see her that is.
  12. Oracle seems to be bucking the trend BBC Market data
  13. They need to fall another 50-60% IMO Eric to cope with falling wages and inflation
  14. UK House Prices will Fall for as Long as Unemployment Rises "Almost everyone seems to have developed the belief that a further 10% will be enough for the UK housing market to hit rock bottom. This will mean a 26.5% drop from peak if you go by the current Land-Registry index, and 30 - 35% if you go by some of the other indexes floating around. Several reports have recently either forecast and/or said that this recession will be/is equal to or worse than the great depression of the 1930s. This is undoubtedly based on the last recession/house price crash between the late 80s to early 90s, when the average house price fell 28% from peak to trough. But this recession is to be worse and there is no mystical floor when it comes to house prices. It is more likely that prices will continue to fall for as long as unemployment rises; for however long that maybe and to whatever percentage that fall is." Link
  15. Plumbing isn't rocket science and there's no huge amount of skill needed. I can't understand how they can get away with charging £30 per hr
  16. You made the right choice, you have just saved yourselves a fortune by delaying your purchase. Start looking again in a year or so and you'll be glad you held out.
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