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  1. Makes me wonder if the conspiracy theorists are right and this economic shit storm we're heading into has been deliberately engineered.
  2. HPI in an economic depression. What a deranged country we live in
  3. Just wait until it's bonus time for the bankers at christmas
  4. I was studying for a BSc in Psych at Sheff Hallam uni as a mature student with the intentions of pursuing a career in clinical psych. I dropped out 18 months in though because of stress/anxiety and a rather large debt load that was starting to pile up. Maybe I should have stuck at it as I might have been better equipped to empathise than some because I have suffered with psychological disorders myself.
  5. Isn't this just like telling people to bury their head in the sand and all will be fine?
  6. "What we need to do is accelerate the mobilisation of renewables, energy efficiency and alternative transport. " Jevon's paradox, the more fuel efficient cars become, the more people will drive.
  7. I was fortunate enough see an old nhs counselor/ psychotherapist for some cognitive style therapy for an anxiety disorder I had and he was fantastic- shame he retired soon after. Unfortunately, 'counselors' are not equipped to deal with anxiety disorders, they more a shoulder to cry on and somebody who will listen to you. The millions of pounds the gvmnt spends on prescription SRI drugs would be better off spent on employing an army of psychotherapists which this country desperately needs.
  8. Counseling is far more effective at treating anxiety than drugs, all they do is mask the problem. Only problem is, getting hold of a counselor
  9. "U.S. commercial property prices fell 7.6 percent in May from a month earlier, bringing the total decline to 35 percent since the market’s peak, Moody’s Investors Service said in a report this week. Commercial properties in the U.S. valued at more than $108 billion are now in default, foreclosure or bankruptcy, almost double than at the start of the year, Real Capital Analytics Inc. said earlier this month. Yesterday, more than a half-dozen members of the House panel mentioned or asked Bernanke about the topic, with Chairman Barney Frank saying there’s a “great deal of fear” that a wave of commercial defaults will produce economic problems similar to those caused by residential mortgages. " Doomberg
  10. Nah, she's coming round to the idea that it's not the be all and end all
  11. I can never get my head around people ditching their family to go and set up a new life on the other side of the planet 'cos it's the in place to be innit'
  12. Doubt if I'll ever marry, not after seeing what my parents went through when they got divorced Besides, I'm perfectly happy as the way things are. I've been living with my partner for 5 years, no marriage, no mortgage, no kids and no stress. There's simply no need for us to get married. Also I've noticed that most relationships tend to go flat after a couple has been married for a while and they tend to just rub along and 'put up' with each other and that they end up having to 'make it work'. Doesn't sound like much fun to me. Makes me think that the people who do best from marriages are the wedding planners
  13. Gas doesn't hold much promise as viable alternative to oil. North American Natural Gas Production and EROI Decline http://www.theoildrum.com/node/3673
  14. No such thing as peak coal, gas and uranium then?
  15. My sister and her BF have just paid close to $1mil for a 2 bed semi in Bronte. How they perceive this to be a bargain is beyond me
  16. It's better than having a bar code tattooed on your forehead I guess
  17. Wait until it's been out for a while and then buy it of ebay for a tenner. I've just paid £8 for quake 4 for the 360 BNIP
  18. Lots of people are in denial and are 'busy'....going bankrupt
  19. US Job losses in the Great Recession vs. in the Great Depression article The US is entering great depression II. When America sneezes...
  20. FTSE up 108 points on news of job losses http://newsvote.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/fds/hi/...iew/default.stm
  21. Don't buy now, this monster recession is only just gathering momentum. You'll be more secure renting a house for the time being.
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