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  1. Why don't you guys that are finding it tough get some Oracle qualis, I have a dba friend and his job has been bullet proof, so far.
  2. People will be 'unhappy' when they lose their job and get their house repoed which is just around the corner for a growing number of people
  3. Do you have any more info on this? Should I be loading up on PM's?
  4. Yeah his video title is a bit emotive but he refers to people thinking of taking a mortgage out to buy, not cash buyers
  5. House prices declines in the US accelerated to a record 15.6% in the 2nd quarter. This thing is far from over. bloomberg
  6. This is a warning of things to come in the UK imo. Anyone thinking of loading up on an insane amount of debt to buy a house in a recession which is turning into a depression is going to get pummeled, and deservedly so. Wake up sheeple!
  7. your avatar looks like someone has photoshopped a womans head onto a shaven hogs body
  8. Is this one of the reasons why the banks are now jacking up IR's to cover themselves because they anticipate massive losses on commercial real estate and CC loan defaults?
  9. Hmm, tell that to the folks queuing up outside the job center
  10. This is what the elites want isn't it? The NWO crowd are right IMO
  11. not seen that one, I'll get round to watching it I recently came across this show where listners talks about the gvmnt putting an order in for 500,000 riot gear suits and german troops are now on US soil video
  12. They are preparing for something along those lines U.S. Troops And Police Train For Martial Law And Gun Confiscation.
  13. Martial law coming soon me thinks to keep these 'terrorists' in line
  14. The recession in the US is turning into a full blown depression with real unemployment rate over 20% and growing, don't know about you but that makes me uneasy.
  15. nah "average cost of a rented house down seven per cent, and the average apartment nine per cent, according to new research from the Association of Residential Letting Agents" link
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