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  1. Of course you are right but you can run a pretty special car for the cost of a reps Audi or BMW. Spent £1400 on the Arnage in 14 months and done 12k miles that includes a rad, full service and indicator stalk, people spend more on their people carriers, trick is to get a car that was decent in the first place I.e lotus as opposed to TVR

    Thats very reasonable, is your technician a Bentley specialist?

  2. Actually it's quite cheap to run a supercar these days because generally the most expensive elements the powertrain are so more reliable than thirty years ago. What we are seeing is a rebalancing. in the 50's to 70's you could run a sports/luxury car if you had money or it was your hobby and you knew what you were doing.

    Frankly within reason if you can't look after a plastic tub like the lotus then you don't really deserve to have such an iconic vehicle. Of course there will be specialist work once a year but the ex technicians will start up on their own.


    Timing belts



    None of that is specialist.

    They are notoriously difficult cars to work on, very limited access to the engine. Typically you're looking at an engine out job by a specialist just to replace cooling and oil feed pipes to the turbos, but we got round it by making some special tools which enabled to us to remove them and fit new ones. A few months after we fitted the pipes it had to go to the specialist and have the engine removed anyway to have the exhaust studs and nuts replaced, amongst other things so it was a waste of time <_<

    You cannot run a super car on a shoe string.

  3. At the moment, I see lots of expensive (when new) looking cars sitting parked-up outside people's houses with flattened tyres and very rusty brake disks. Maybe it's just because it's winter though.

    It's one thing to buy a sports / luxury car, it's quite another to run it.

    My uncles Lotus has needed a £20k overhaul/refresh in the past two years to have it put right because it spent most of it's time in storage for several years which caused parts to deteriorate. And it's only done 30,000 miles from new. It can be more cost effective to keep them running sometimes.

  4. Sign of the times, people can no longer afford the extravagance of running super cars. These guys used to look after my uncles Esprit, they weren't cheap but they were very good and had some of the most experienced Lotus technicians in the country working for them. Last time I visited their premises about 18 months back their shop was almost full of cars.


  5. Those Occupy Wall Streeters are calling for the heads of Wall Street bankers when they should be calling for the heads of the Euro government officials and European Central Bankers. The people protesting the loudest should be the German taxpayers for having to bail everyone else out. If the euro blows up, the shockwaves will spread outside the eurozone, quickly to the UK and US, then around the world. There was nothing wrong with the eurozone economy in the 1980's and 1990's before this lamebrained euro was put into play so all of this mess is directly attributed to the euro and to the government officials who keep shoving it down the throats of the hard-working, uninformed public.

    The euro was designed to fail

  6. Britain is odd like that. Being self employed seems to be something to look down upon. My son's friends told him that I "don't look like I work". And a few people over the years have given me the impression that the only people who work for themselves are those who "can't get a real job". Maybe it is different if you employ people rather than just work for yourself?

    I'm a self employed vehicle detailer and I dare say that most of those in 'proper' jobs would not be up to it.

  7. Greedy for food or money?

    Everyone knows Russian's are the most materialistic people on the planet, and can be the most cold hearted too. Chinese people can be pretty mean/ cold hearted/ materialistic but not on the 'Russia scale'. And a lot of countries are not materialistic on the 'China scale'... what does that say about Russia?

    She mentions British girls being fat, ,well I don't like fat girls either. But perhaps the reason Russian women are so slim is because many are prostitutes so trying to look sexy or have pressure to lose weight so they can find a rich husband.

    Russia seems to me to have all the bad attributes I would describe about Chinese people but without the good side, and the bad side is more pronounced. copydude I would say your infatuation with Russia is just that, an infatuation not based on any meaningful gratuitous attributes of Russian people themselves but more out of sheer luck or upbringing that you would be steered towards Russia.

    Why is it that Russia has a lot more internet crime/ online spam than any other country? Perhaps it's because their society has less of a moral compass and many people can be dispassionately cold hearted in their drive to earn money. A lot of European mafia gangs originate from Russia and the surrounding ex Soviety bloc countries, also a very telling sign.

    Russia is one of my least liked countries, though there are many worse places to be in terms of morality and culture- see Dubai, Thailand etc.

    I've almost fallen victim to this. It's rampant in Russia. Lots of pretty girls looking for a green card or to scam you out of your money. They are ruthless.

  8. The first video is about gangs in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. Both of the suburbs in question have a high population of Muslim and Middle Eastern immigrants.

    The second video is in King's Cross, Sydney, the centre of the red light district.

    Sydney is a great place to live. Taking the ferry to work each day was a pretty nice way to travel. Certainly beats the bus. Good quality food, reasonably priced restauarants. Chinatown is the real deal, full of authentic places to eat. The eastern suburbs has pretty nice places to live, same with the Northern harbour suburbs all the way out to Manly and beyond. South East Asia is just a few hours away, if you feel like a change of scene. No good for skiing, well, not in my opinion, but NZ isn't that far away if you have a couple of weeks to spare and want to see some real snow. There's the zoo, the Blue Mountains just to the west of Sydney, lots of wineries dotted around the outer edges of the city. Lots of sports. Paragliding/hang gliding off Stanwell Tops just on the other side of the national park to the south of Sydney is worth a go. Plenty of theatre/opera/concerts/dance and the like. You wouldn't run out of things to do at night in Sydney.

    Melbourne? Good shopping and food. Each to their own - I prefer Sydney to Melbourne and have lived in both.

    What wage would a person need to be on to live in Sydney and enjoy all these activities on a regular basis?

  9. because once your out of the tiny city centres, suburban life is miserable. its rife with smack heads and alcoholics. the cost of living is insane and all they do is squabble like drunks. its hard as hell to get a job and most people sit on their drunk asses all day.

    if it were so good why would there be a heroin problem in paradise.

    i went in april and was totally shocked by the suburbs and general nationalism.

    they even dont like the english very much. if your black or dark skinned you get called a wog openly.

    i didnt like it and i didnt much care for australians. they are in their own tiny little world.

    now china has halted iron ore exports they are a bit sunk as the cost of living (everything is imported) rockets. i once thought about retiring there, but i would prefer to live in the uk or spain. in the end you get bored of the lack of culture and the sea and the cost of living.its not what they say.


    when you consider its only 200 years old the first waves of deportees were people of anti social and petty minded people. people who we would regard now as mentally ill. there is a higher than normal % of mental illness thre and this i think is directly because of that early gene pool. there was high immigration later in the 50s, but being there you can tell the fundamental basis of that country is based on people sent their who have challenging behavior.

    also, its boom days are over when it could simply raise money by selling minerals to china. thats about all they export other than marmite. their currency is beginning to fail also. all the usual cobber types i was expecting to find are all pushed out into the far suburbs.

    heres two vids to express the real australia.


    We're these events in Sydney?

    I keep seeing Sydney pop up on the tv and the same things are shown every time, the habour, bridge, opera house, bondi, a few fancy restaraunts and bars and lots of characterless archictecture. Is there much else there to see and do?

  10. is there another kind ? :)

    It's always been like this - mate was doing the internet dating rounds, and sharing his emails with us (he was taking it seriously, not just looking for easy bunkups - and has been successful... - he now has two kids with a very good girl from the 'net) - many many of the girls were a) delusional about what their level was B) were functionally illiterate (LOL, M8....) and c) were almost all a complete and utter financial basket case, despite him only choosing 'professional women' (no, not like that, I mean accountants, lawyers, proper medical professionals (not bumwipers))....

    bumwipers can make the best lovers ;)

  11. E. Midlands very much on the ropes....Derbyshire -5.0% and Nottinghamshire -4.5% (my area). Curiously it doesn't feel that bad, but then I am probably not factoring in the deluded vendors' asking prices and the fact a lot of the stock has been stuck for years. Nethouseprices shows a very different picture to rightmove.

    Never understand how this index can be accurate. Isn't it revisionary on house already sold. How do they discount flipping, where a house has been gutted and remarketed. That would suggest that the falls are even greater.

    Wow, I live there, that's a big number, didn't think the market was that bad-- I mean good :lol:

  12. Not one of my friends are close to what I would consider "struggling". A few of them are living without being able to save much, if anything, but they certainly aren't going hungry!

    Are they telling you the truth? There are a lot of people out there that appear to be doing OK who are actually living off credit. They will not tell you this of course

  13. Sorry no link, just repeating what I heard on my local regional news last night (Calendar). Reporter said this massive increase in the number of homeless people hitting the streets in Sheffield was due to 'economic pressures' and and 'rising utilities tipping people over the edge'. This figure is shocking and could well double in the next couple of years . It's getting nasty out there folks :(

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