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  1. And the beeb are now reporting the story with the inclusion of inflation worries. Gold surges to highest since 1983 I think it's still remarkably cheap considering the change in value of paper money over the last 22 years.
  2. It's the anniversary of the 1987 crash too.
  3. I've seen several filling stations in Devon that manage to sell petrol for over £1/litre. In ROI they've got the paper 1s infront of the price. Personally I can't see the current prices lasting long. Once the speculation and hedge funds unwind we'll see crude, oil shares and refined products back to where they were a couple of years ago. (I could be totally incorrect of course)
  4. The EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) has the implication that increasing amounts of gold and silver will be used in electronics manufacture. I won't bore you with the technical reasons but when you're no longer allowed to use lead then silver is used in the most cost effective alternative solution. I've no ideas how big a factor this is in terms of total global demand, probably pretty small.
  5. I don't know about Honda, but Nissan make ALL their UK produced cars in RHD then they get converted to LHD in their country of destination, something to do with production line efficiency. Also for the same reason if a car is found to have a fault on the line then the fault isn't fixed but the car get crushed instead. A bit off topic but a useless fact that I found interesting.
  6. The MPC are stuck between a rock and a hard place here. The tool of interest rates is fine for controlling inflation when it’s caused by the domestic output gap. When inflation is primarily stoked by global commodity prices then it’s out of the control of the MPC, other than any effect interest rate changes may have on exchange rates. It’ll be ok for inflation to sail north of the targets under the current circumstances, “there’s nothing wrong with the policy it’s just the wrong type of inflation at the moment”
  7. One difference this time is after the crash we'll be able to do a retrospective search of news archives for terms like "soft landing" and have a right laugh at the drivell we were being fed (and the majority we believing)
  8. It looks like a personal attack on Gordon, I don't think they want him taking over and personally I don't think he will.
  9. I've got a niggling feeling that it could be a shock Conservative win come Friday morning. There are a lot of undecided people that might have a protest vote against the war. I'm tempted to put a few quid on a Conservative win although I hope, for their own sakes, that they don't get it.
  10. Well yes it's now appearant that they were talking &^%$#@!! , the teacher had probably just read a report, similar to this from Simmons, prophesising the demise of oil and not bothered to question it's lack of scientific facts.
  11. I think we're getting carried away with this, Matthew Simmons is a VI of the oil industry, and he just happens to be plugging his new book that's out next month. Imagine if Kirtsy Allsop was writing alarmist articles about how the UK is going to run out of houses in the next three years, oh and by the way you should buy my book about it. I think we'd be taking it with more of a pinch of salt. I remember when I was at school we were taught that all the oil would run out by 2000 and by 2010 we'd run out of uranium! We've got an almost limitless supply of energy in the form of the sun that be
  12. Well put. I recently overheard a conversation in my workplace about how now is a really good time to buy a house. I didn't intervene. The thought process was along the lines of low interest rates and the possibilty of 'getting a bargain' (by recent measures) At this stage a fall in prices = 'the chance to get a brgain'. After a sustained fall, that induces fear and a fall = 'the change to get into negative equity'. We're nowhere near that stage yet. Anyway, the moonshine's going down too well and my spelling's getting worse so better pipe down now.
  13. Fantastic... if anyone's wondering what the hell we're talking about read 'zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance' by Robert M Pirsig, not really anything to do with motorcycles incase that would put you off. Excellent book. I wonder if it was a BTL landlord that never fixed the washer on the dripping tap. (not that they actually noticed it dripping)
  14. Hmm probably not, a bit extreme for a cheap purchase... By the way, is it Phaedrus as in Motorcycle maintenance? (I never could really get my head around that if it is)
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