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  1. RV is £225k now up to £380k according to TR website
  2. If this house is not back on the market in a few months then you know that some one bought it and got the finance or self financed. Best of luck to them.
  3. the rateble Value is £270k. This is just a line in the sand Not sure I see too many other houses that are almost twice the RV in BT9 or anywhere else. Maybe all the houses in Ravenhill have doubled since late RV revaluation? I doubt it though.
  4. How can the school tell you that already? the criteria is here http://www.stranmillisprimary.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/P1-criteria-2019-2020.pdf this is from a 2014 area plan. Green dots are Stranmillis pupils locations which are quite diverse. Rent a house for your application process and then move. If the criteria for this school has always been distance then it looks like people move house further from the school.
  5. But I guess that the buyer knew that when buying off plan. Phase 2 was hardly a secret. They fit well in the street - I guess if your kids fall in the street then it will not be hard to find a doctor and a solicitor close by ?
  6. Sign outside it says sold. Maybe new owners are back to renting it while they decide what to do.
  7. When times get tight the Govt will always look to cut costs and do so in areas where it impacts votes the least - possibly in an area of the country where there are 1.75m people and about 50% of them don't want to be part of your country anyway plus your party (Labour or Conservative) get zero votes. The impact on the housing market will be interesting if the purse strings begin to tighten. A border poll will be very difficult for the Government in the Republic as they will have to answer all the questions about tax and what happens to the NHS etc- it won't be like the EU Referendum where there are lots of unknowns.
  8. With BREXIT expect everyone to feel poorer - and that means little chance of higher house prices - you may find that a good thing or a bad thing depending on your situation. Unless they are going to build a Spitfire factory in Ballymena it really will be very bad all round. Weaker economy in NI and less money to go into the begging bowl. All those nice Civil Servant jobs might just get relocated back to Blighty much like the 300 DVLA jobs in Coleraine. NI costs UK PLC £10bn a year which is almost the same amount of money that was written on the side of the Boris Bus - £192m a week. Soft BREXIT will be bad, Hard Brexit will be much worse and a NO DEAL will be very painful. This could lead to more calls for a border poll as mentioned above in this thread. Whether that happens remains to be seen but the calls for the poll will grow louder. Mr and Mrs Dodds along with Mrs Foster will have their seats in the House of Lords and a nice pension.
  9. The Beacon is an odd one. Trying to extract value from the Planning Permission?
  10. The Balcony is on top of apartments below (accessed from Malone Meadows. Agree - a clever use of space by the developer on a tricky site.
  11. Was on the market for £325k in Dec 2015 before it went to Auction (reserve of £195k) Was this owned by architect who was on Grand Designs? Maybe before 2015. Was also on the rental market before going to auction so it may have been empty for a while hence the dampness?
  12. Horse for courses. Lots of people see buying a house as a way of having somewhere to live in retirement. You can also downsize and bank the money tax free. Also the area you live in now may be very different in 30 yrs time. Look at the holyland and Univeristy area now compared to 20 yrs ago. You can pay rent and then bank/invest the difference between rent and mortgage payments and hope that you get a decent tax free return over 30yrs.
  13. "under planning appeal reference Z/2012/0548/F" This PP has expired and they applied for again (and approved) £500k for a semi is mental. You will be able to hear everything through those walls.
  14. Iceberg II, 47 Knightsbridge Park. Marketed by Templeton Robinson. asking £399,950 I have no record of either being up for rent on propertynews.com website - I just search my daily emails from PN.com to get the prices.
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