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  1. You couldn't make it up! What a bunch of chowderheads. This, along with hedonics, makes inflation targeting a joke. Everyone in the UK is losing purchasing power because some statistitian got their maths wrong.
  2. That is a lot of "ifs". It sounds like you are a low level employee in the Oil & Gas industry. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes as the industry consolidates over the next few years. A big deposit remains a big deposit if house prices are stagnant or falling. If house prices are falling then the deposit (used to purchase a house) increases in purchasing power even if everything lese in inflating. You don't seem to understand purchasing power.
  3. So... inbreeding shows immediate results! Happy defrauding! Any investors in UK commercial or residential property in the past/future 6 months deserve what they get... Natural selection and all. BTW... Enough of these Daily Mail reports... Really... I thought this place was for intelligent discussion only... ...hic... Meh....
  4. Ha! Spot on! Although.... That Marshmallow provides more cushion for the pushin'... I am revolted with myself...
  5. I hate to say it but Bardon is right on this one. Perhaps it should be pointed out that LNG will be significant in the future, just significant in a way that is initially detrimental to us in the UK (used to have North Sea... now must compete with China for Australian/US/Russian resources). LNG is like no other gas transport system in that it can be re-routed to take advantage of the highest market price. Gazprom shuts off supply to Europe? The cost/benefit of transporting LNG from America/Australia/Other becomes very attractive. The number of LNG projects coming online in the next 3-5 years is massive. There must be a reason why gas companies are investing billions in LNG. No?
  6. So this guy did no wrong then? You advocate fraud against us tax paying slaves... I dislike you... not as much as I dislike those that tax us in your name! All the same... You're daft...
  7. Oh... So what he did is alright then? I don't think you have a head TBH... What does this guy's fraud have to do with excessive banker bonuses? In a direct way? Are his actions honourable? If you think defrauding the taxpayer is a non issue then your thoughts on banker bonuses is in direct contrast to your position. Bankers are scum, this guy is scum, and you... are well... wrong...
  8. I wish someone like that estate agent would help me out. My rental place doesn't have a roof and it's gonna snow this weekend!
  9. I like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Uop5R7E314&feature=related Linky Apologies if already posted...
  10. FVCK! Already posted! Sorry. Can the Mods destroy this post?
  11. I thought that too at first... But those are actually graphs of marking predictions based on market interest rate expectations. Market inerest rate expectations are, I assume, derived from the Gilt (indexed and fixed) markets. If so, as these these markets are heavily manupulated (to reflect lower inflation) by QE1 and you end up with some printy printy circlejerk. So what these graphs actually show, is that Gilt investors believe the BOE story less and less and think inflation will rise even after massive public spending cuts have been announced. Bastards! Post note: I walk past the BOE everyday and always look for someone to be looking out the windows so I can flip them the dual bird sign... Oddly enough... I have not seen anyone at one of the hundreds of windows for over 5 years. Very odd. I wonder if anyone is at home...
  12. Been listening for an hour... What peurile rubbish this station is. And WTF am I doing enduring this stupidity diarrhea to hear what Krusty has to say. I'm out!
  13. +1 Aye Aye... from one not originally from these shores...
  14. Let me just check my mood ring.... Hmmm... Apparently I'm menstruating... Fvck you c0ckbreath! (I jest... apologies to all)
  15. Repayment?... Sure!... Just print it... "Real" cash no... Monopoly money yes... Monetisation has already been assumed from the get-go by the markets. I can't see why you are concerned anyway. Life is a pretty sweet fruit out in my home nation. Feel fortunate that you are resident in a country with prospects rather than ... ... ... uhh... poospects...
  16. BTL won't crash? And what if the Currency Vigilantes awake from the dead and bomb Sterling? Resulting in domestic inflation and higher borrowing rates? What happens to real BTL returns then? What happens to real house prices then? Not only that but who the fvck will want to immigrate to this Island-o-Muck with decreased benefits? Your "demand" arguement is bogus because it assumes the people can leverage up 8-12x earnings to "purchase" a house. Immigration did not cause the house price boom. Credit did. Even with another 200bn QE the banks are still FUBAR for the next 10 years. This means that the option to lever up to 8-12x earnings has been removed. The options to over-pay for property have been withdrawn. One only has to look at the pathetic result ZIRP, QE 1 and a massive public sector *****fest to see that it only created minor respite from the ravages of economic reality. The reality is here. The only way the UK is special is in the way it has blown its load all at once for a temporary result.
  17. Hmmm... I'll say that a carrot is usually better thana stick but it all depends on what they set this New Bonus at. Will it be enough incentive to counter the NIMBYs? When will it come into effect?
  18. Let the >2 near starve and take them into care if they are malnourished.. Simples... It is all about decent people and incentives. If another child will generate more benefits what do you think will happen? If another child will generate financial hardship what do you think will happen? What is fair? What happens in the real world where people must work to support that extra child? Christ! What a country of Cotton Candy! You know what? Life is unfair. If all these athiests actually agreed upon this they would be all for natural selection and the like. Life is a game. That means we compete. For a good game we need a good playing field and fair rules. After that the game begins and to the winner go the spoils. Socialists believe a good game is one where the team that scores gifts the less talented team a score in response. If effort and skill is not diferentiated from laziness and stupidity then the motivation to score at all goes out the window. The game dies and the economy dies. This is why socialists always tie themselves up in knots. They are arguing against human nature. Just as competing teams do not gift goals, individuals do not gift their work (unless you are an idiot). The first question is... "What is human nature?" The second question is "How do we optimise human nature for the benefit of all?" Unfortunately socialist fail at the first question, I know I did in University. It is an easy mindset to fall into until you feel the tax burden is to much. Cava!
  19. Not that I expected any different from you, but if you think Lehman, the Labour party, and our current depression are not completely connected then you are past educating. Maybe the Conservatives would have done the same... in which case we would be blaming them. But it was your Labour lefty lot that fvcked every worker in this country they were meant to represent. The blame lies with the economic switchmen. Please educate yourself past the "blame the bankers" stage to a more real reality concerning motivations and regulation. Sheeesh!
  20. Ring-a-Ling-a-Ding-Dong +1 These Jabroni's FFS! They've taken 6 months post election and come up with this clusterfvck? Pathetic! It sounds like somthing they came up with the morning of. This is just a continuation of Brown's Tom Foolery. Why confuse the issue with benefits to people who require no benefits? Scrap the lot starting 2011, then lower the base rate of tax or increase the tax free portion to compensate. This way you make work pay. Simples. Then they can increase unemployed benefits by 0.001% becomeing socialist heroes whilst saving on all the unemployed babymakers. They are too thick to sus it out overall. Are polititians dumber than the unemployed? wtf? WTF? Christ on a unicycle! I'm off to cook me a chicken. Frugal? Yes. Bird including stuffing = £3.99 at Sainsburys. Supper: Chicken Breast x2 Lunch: Chicken legs/wings x2 Dinner: Chicken broth soup with lentils and vegetables x2 Dinner: Chicken broth soup with lentils and vegetables x2 Dinner: Chicken broth soup with lentils and vegetables x2 Lentils and vegetables cost... £3.00. Muah Ha Ha Ha....... HA HA HA HA HA! Ho Ho HO HO HO HO! He He He! Varmints...
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