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  1. Some interesting links worth checking: http://www.viviun.com/AD-66623/ http://www.viviun.com/AD-67688/
  2. Would this be interesting for you? http://www.viviun.com/members/handle?event...1&message=2
  3. Hello everyone, For those who are interested in commecial properties in Berlin, you are welcome to check my listing at: http://www.viviun.com/AD-66623 I hope you will find it interesting. Cheers, David
  4. ex-pat investor, I am the owner of a few high yielding properties in Germany and I placed one of them for sale on the site: www.invest-germany.eu as a test case (it is the house in Gera-Langenberg with the 12% optimized annual net yield). The site is UK based and offers legal and administrative consultancy.
  5. Talking about Gera, how does this sound like: a small house (2 flats and a shop on the ground floor), out of which the shop and one flat are rented out with long term contracts, the last flat is currently empty for the last 3 months. Currently the net annual yield is 8,50%. After letting the vacant flat it would jump to 11.5-12%. Contrary to previous posts, renting out the one empty flat would not be that hard, one should just "adjust" his asking prices down a bit and voila! This property, which I own, is currently for sale directy (not via a real estate agent) at EUR 69900. Net annual yield (from the flat and the shop): EUR 5940. Net annual yield optimized (after letting the empty flat at, say, 3,-/m2 instead the usual 4,-/m2, for filling it up quickly): EUR 8000 or 11,50%. Sound interesting? Send me a PM or post here for more details. Greetings, David
  6. A commercial space, divided into two separate units, both occupied with long term leases (until 2017) is offered for sale by the owner (me). The object is in a very close proximity to "Schloss Charlottenburg" (or Charlottenburg palace) in one of the better neighborhoods of west Berlin and is facing a subway station (i.e. lots of traffic). The 2 tenants are a bakery/newspaper shop and a lunch-room/snackbar (or "imbiss" in German). Total space for both units 272 m2 (including separate storage areas for both units, WC's, etc.). Net annual income (for both units): €16800. Both tenants have a 5% compound raise in their rental contracts beginning end 2007, reaching an annual net income of € 27365 in 2017 (a 63% rise in 10 years)! The German tax rules allow the sale of properties owned more than 10 years without being subject to capital gains tax (i.e. tax free!). The above also means that because the price of an investment property is determined mostly by the income it generates, one could sell the property after 10 years with a substantial appreciation and without paying Capital Gains Tax at all! The property is offered at € 239,900 or 7% annual net yield. By 2017 annual net income will reflect 11.4% net yield (this without taking any capital appreciation into account)! This property is offered directly from the owner, saving you the costs of a real-estate agent. Typical purchase costs would be around 5% (3.50% property transfer tax and around 1.50% notary’s fees), both paid by the buyer. Typical real-estate agent's fees in Germany are 6% (plus 16% VAT) and one is free, off course, to appoint one to assist him/her with the purchase of the property. The whole building (27 apartments and one more commercial space besides mine) is regularly run very efficiently by a management company (as is obliged by the German law). One could appoint the same management company (or other) to look after the daily administration and rental payments of the two tenants. This should cost around €50 a month and will save you the trouble of dealing with the daily administartion, small nuisances and/or tenanats being late with their monthly rental payments as well as skipping the language barrier. For more details, please send me a PM or if of interest to all, you are welcome to post a messaage on this thread. Cheers, David
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