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  1. Five Year's by Bowie a 70's song in the Ziggy era by far Bowies greatest and most famous period. 80's way out.
  2. I moved from Chiswick to Twickenham in 1996 I had a good look around East Sheen this type of house was going for around 80k possibly less a bit overpriced then was my opinion and too small I was a bathchelor then ( but I'm alright now). Not a bad area but out on a limb and having to go into Richmond for a quick connection to Waterloo. This property actually reminded me of the pit cottage we used to live Up North, my parents bought it for £700 2 up 2 down no bathroom and a small back yard that was many moons ago. You would have to be pretty mad to fork out 400k + but 250k sounds about right even in today's market.
  3. Not Cumbuco/Fortaleza way over priced now with a serious infrastructure problem especially Cumbuco which has been destroyed in a few very short years, majority of the new buildings empty not structually completed. Brazil is a great country, as much as i like the N.E. i prefer the South of the country much cooler weather and not a 365 day a year sauna like Fortaleza and most of the N.E.. If anyone is thinking of buying in Brazil visit the country and spend some time there, which i have been doing for the last 10 years spending two 6 month periods there (Fortaleza) make sure it is want you want and remember you are not on holiday. As for buying any property from Gringoe property developers avoid them like the plauge they charge way over the top also be very aware of buying from the local EA's everything is more expensive for Gringoes. I'm bought in the South of the country the best place in my opinion.
  4. Cumbuco nice beach but as for buying a property or living there forget it.
  5. Mixed views on squatter's as to their attitude and why they are squatting and whose property they have taken over, if it's a run down been empty for year's place with nobody living there and they GO when it's required no problem. If it is some scum bag great unwashed illegal dont give a sh1t attitude then this is a very different case. Scenario many year's ago some very foolish squatter's moved into my mate's new house whilst we where in greenham common when they where bringing in the cruise missiles, after putting up with the Piss squirting great unwashed derelict's of society we where all looking forward to a few beer's not squatter's after a small get together with a group of us a few word's of advice and a long journey in a Army vehicle they decided to stay away.Sometimes it's better to sort your own problem's out with the help of a few friend's. BTW my uncle was polish he came over after WW2 after escaping from the Nazi's, along with a lot of his Polish mate's he worked in the coal mines of Lancashire for 30 yr's and never missed a day. There are are genuine Poles in England even today, not all of them are squatter's. Dom, selling the property of someone else after 6 month's free living you sound like a real ARSEHOLE i'll put you in the box of the great unwashed illegal free loading dishonest scum bag.
  6. A friend of mine sold his house just down the road from me 6 yrs ago had his own board made up with his details on it ie phone number e-mail address ok a popular area in SW London and still today or at least 4 months ago when i was last home people driving and walking around the area looking for, for sale sign's. He sold it within a month of putting up the sign and saved himself a small fortune, Lucky good area people actively looking? but EA's not required, BTW my mate moved 3 street's away to a smaller place without the help of EA's.
  7. I bought my 1st place in Chiswick in 92 the EA's where a bunch of lying stuck up B.....d's i had been to the property in question really liked the place and really wanted it. EA he now want's more and other people are prepared to go above the asking price, i went back spoke to the seller really good bloke down to earth and liked a drink a real character his word's BLX i have increased nothing they can now F...k Off i got it for the asking price 84k. EA's where not happy i or the seller did not give a S..t in the end they got a big fat ZERO commission as we where both prepared to take legal action against them for lying deception. Get around the place do your own dealing the EA's cannot do anything about it. Just my pennies worth from sunny Brazil.
  8. The 7 P's are not being observed or taken on board here Madness is what comes to mind.
  9. Blackpool really is a toilet many years ago it was a pretty decent place to go. South Shore i would call a mini Scotland full of jock's and mostly not the nicer class lots of unemployed seasonal workers with a drink problem. Central drive area again DSS one parent drug abuser drunk bed sit land and not really a safe place to be. South Shore is now the pink pound area and probably the cleanest part of the town but again loads of trouble at the weekends all year round with the stag and hen parties. Tha area around Stanley Park i would say is the best place to buy in Blackpool going inland away from the dregs of society that have invaded Blackpool over the years. There is a big problem with Eastern Europeans now in Blackpool which the very tight knit local community do not like, the casinos will draw more criminals prostitutes and scum bags to the place. I would look towards Lytham St Annes not a cheap place to buy but at least you would be investing in a nice area where there is plenty of money. My family lived in Blackpool for 20 years so i know the place pretty well. House prices have gone up even in some of the bad areas Central Drive Dickson Rd to name a couple but real S..t Holes.
  10. Ferry across the mersey listen to Gerry, but on a one way ticket.
  11. Northern Boy, take the bull by the horns if you want a house to live in BUY i would not listen to to much about CRASH CRASH CRASH if it does ask yourself how much of a crash will it be? if there is one? what will happen house prices will probably go up again it did the last time. I bought my place in Twickenham 10 yrs ago a very good move yes my property has gone UP UP UP in value but would i sell NO i bought it to live in at the moment it's rented out very good tennant's. A lot of people pray for a massive House Crash so they can get on the property ladder and if and when they do guarantee they will then be looking at how much their house goes up in value, how long are they going to wait before they decide, looking at it some people on the site have been waiting for years. You can read the posts day in day out on this site and next year still be thinking should i or should i not, make a decision stick to it. Best of luck Prince of Darkness
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