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  1. I like in Ingleby Barwick in Stockton-on-Tees. Persimmon own the vast majority of the remaining land in the area and sell it to the likes of Bryant, Barret and Miller (at a premium I imagine!). Hence, their prices are lower than the other builders, although they are also poorer built, I'm renting one at the mo! Anyway, they had to start advertising apartments and houses on Rightmove last year because they obviously haven't been shifting as quickly as they'd like. They're now reducing prices lower than they were 18 months ago, when I viewed the show homes and got sales information. I've n
  2. bump I posted this yesterday lunchtime to try and get some good comments, but for some reason it didn't get posted, any further comments would be appreciated before I start searching the internet for information.
  3. I have a family member that has been ill over previous years and as such has “lived life to the full” and got into considerable debt (approx. £45k). He is now in a position whereas he is unable to meet all the payments and as such entered into a Debt Management Plan via the Consumer Credit Council. The advise that was given upon entering this plan was that all the companies would be contacted and they would be made aware of the percentage of the payment that would go to them and a request to stop all fee’s and interest. Unfortunately, on checking the monthly statement it appears that this is
  4. I find it unbelieveable that the banks play down the fact that a few interest rises can lead to you house being repod. All they want is a sale and they don't give a damn what interest rates do! I was a little suprised the other day when I was looking at a new build, the sales womnn told me not to overstretch myself and make sure I have plenty of money to "play around with". What makes me laugh is the same woman had previously told me (a few months before) to stretch myself to get the best I can???!!!
  5. I was just checking on the HSBC website what they would loan me for a mortgage and the monthly repayments. Then a pop up window appeared asking if I would like to chat, this has happened a few times and this time I thought I would try and play with their minds!! See below, I hadn't planned this so the questions are not properly thought out. I was trying to play it simple. Please wait for a Mortgage Representative to respond. You are now chatting with Sylvie, an HSBC Mortgage Expert within Direct Financial Services. Please be aware that we will not require your account details as part of t
  6. There is almost so much focus on the South! Look at the North up 75%. There is no shortage of property where I am, they just keep building. At present we could afford a 2 bed semi for £125k. Looking at the last crash from Q3 89 to Q1 93 (Approx. 3.5 years) prices dropped by an average of 20%. 15% on the older properties. I'm waiting for this, that means my £125k at present will get me £147k at todays rates - thats a 3 bed detached. (at 15%) I'm sitting it out, I'm sure I can wait three and a half years. Would like it to happen sooner like, I'm a bit of a DIY fan. Northern Boy
  7. In reply - Overdraft would have been paid off (its no loger interest free) but had to loan my girlfriend some money - My student loan is getting repaid (I'm now on £30k - a lot for my age I know!) - Credit cards are all life of balance - 3.9 and 5.9% - Otherwise I would have added extra to my loan to repay - Car loan was from HSBC at 7.9% - car was a bargain too - Skoda diesel 60k for £5k I only overspent when living in the South, with increased rents etc. This is no more.. Everything else i.e. repayments/ credit check should be fine. HOWEVER, with paying all this debt so fast I'm not s
  8. Why does it take so long for topics to be posted?
  9. Hi all, Been a while since I posted, but been keeping an eye on the main news and a couple of the topics. Just to keep people informed, my area (Stocton-on-Tees - West of Middlesbrough) is seeing no increase in prices! There is atleast 60 homes within 3 miles of where I rent for under £170k! 1 bed flat - £95k, 2 bed flat - £120k, 3 bed sem - £140k, 3 bed detached - £160k. May seem cheap, but expensive for the area considering low average wages, houses doubled in last 5 years (as with most places!). Anyway, to get to the point, I am currently repaying grad overdraft, loan and credit cards.
  10. CAN ANYONE ACTUALLY FAULT MY FIGURES - Or is it true, it all "depends"? Houses stagnate and yes you are better to wait, rent and save a larger deposit?????????????????????????????????????
  11. Where do you get the increase in detached houses from, if your referring to new builds then fair enough but http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_...&lastyear=1 clearly shows a 11% drop in value over the last year!!!! Semi's have gone +14%, but terraced have gone -25%. On average up 2%!! Just take a look at rightmove, large detached houses in the area between £150k and £250k are struggling to sell!! In the last few weeks there has been £5k dropped of a number of the properties at the bottom end of the market. Me thinks the BTL are trying to get out, rental properties are just not sh
  12. Not sure where your looking at, but 76k won't get you a nice place, an ex-council in an OK!!! place maybee. More like a £100k to be honest. As for £47k, the only ex-council you will get for that is in the worst of areas, a street full of smack heads if thats what you fancy!! My landlord bought the property 4/5 months before I moved in, I was the first tenant, £6000 down the drain!!! Plus in that time, getting on for a year now the prices are still static.... and are starting to fall. You refer to terraced houses doubling on the last two years, that's the amature BTL getting on baord before i
  13. There's a new road over the tees from Stockton, so takes me 5 mins to get to A66. They're still building, think they're getting to the point of having no more land now. So they've started on the opposite side of the river near all the car garages, which is a little bit stupid, bit like living in the middle of an industrial estate.
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