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  1. You appear to be suggesting that direct sustained pepper spraying in the face is an O.K. way for the police in the US/UK to deal with peaceful protests by highlighting a more violent response by foreign police against protestors. You're attempting a minimisation of what is an appalling act on behalf of the US police force involved. If you see the use of pepper spray in against non-violent protestors as acceptable, then at what point do you draw the line? Are you suggesting that the video you linked to is an example of what is an unacceptable way to treat peaceful protesters, because if you are, then when policing descends to that level how are you and others going to be able to protest against it?
  2. So you only see the use of pepper spray as justified when people are "trespassing" ( protesting). When bankers and politicians conspire to commit fraud and steal tax payers money through bailouts and plunge our economies into the greatest financial crisis the world has ever seen, the public have no right to remove them, because you define protesting as trespass. What a wonderful world you have in mind for us.
  3. You are defining a capitalistic system as one that bails-out irresponsible businesses that should go bust? and describing people who protest against the bailouts as people who want to destroy the capitalistic system?
  4. I'll condone the use of pepper spray in these circumstances only if you agree that protesters can use pepper spray on politicians and bankers, because it's just the best way to make people shove off without physically harming them.
  5. no, start a business importing cheap pitchforks from china.
  6. Yeah, there's no point watching Question Time it's just the same crap over and over, might as well get 4 regular actors from East Enders to answer the questions (in character), at least when they read from a script it's only second rate acting.
  7. Perhaps the term 'utter ****' would be slightly nearer the mark.
  8. The Black (insert day) thread titles are so 2007, we need to use more up-to date cliches I think Danger Zone has more comedy potential
  9. why is it that we send our young people off to fight and die in wars, why don't we send the old people instead.
  10. I don' think it's that they don't know what they want, it's the corporate news media (owned by the 99%) that is repeating the message that "they don't know what they want", by constantly using that phrase in reference to them and by not allowing them to have a platform to speak. A bit like the way Blair and Bush used the words Sadam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden and weapons of mass destruction in the same sentence to make a case for invading iraq, denying concepts from outside the mainstream corporate news-media a voice, is done by the process the of 'concision' tough on wealth inequality - tough on the causes of wealth inequality
  11. There's a long way to go yet. It's a big fan, but there's a lot of shit to come.
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15652708 This has suddenly got far more serious We are now entering the Danger Zone
  13. Part of the problem is that you cannot trust the labelling system in the UK, just because something says 'made in the uk' on it, doesn't mean that it was made in the uk. Most of the time all the major/most expensive components of the product are imported, very little is sourced from local suppliers. Even if you do by a product that was 'made in the uk' what are the chances of the money staying in the country when firms use off shore tax havens. Due to the strength of out currency relative to other low cost manufacturing nations we can still import all the parts, do a final assembly, then put it in a box for a much lower price than if the product were made entirely in the uk. Over the long term as the situation draws to its bitter end, we will lose the currency advantage and ability to do this sort of thing. A clear trustworthy labelling system would be more useful, with 'made in the uk' actually meaning made in the uk, other items could be 'assembled in the uk' or 'packaged in the uk'. Perhaps a 'paying tax in the uk' label would be more patriotic.
  14. Again with the repetition argument tactic! I would elaborate but you would probably just take it as more 'rambling' (ouch many words - make tiny brain hurt, only communicate one line at a time)
  15. As predicted from the start you are obtuse or retarded. But hey, the threads all about you now, you're the centre of attention.
  16. You're adding repetition to your argument patten now, lets recap. A thread about a news story where a senior police office highlights the cost of heron addicts on wider society, posters here then raised the issue of the costs on wider society by bankers, or the costs of serious police misconduct etc.. After i tried to correct Miko's regurgitation of tabloid smears about the Mendez shooting, you demanded that I explain to you what this has to do with 'an illegal Brazilian' (another untruth), perhaps you prefer that when untruths are posted on HPC that they should not be challenged or corrected. When i then asked you to explain how your comment was relevant the context of the thread and it's content you decided to go with a vague expletive, repeat your question, and the offer a statement thus avoiding the question I asked you. I take this as an admission that you cannot answer the question i asked you, therefore i do not see any obligation why I should answer any questions you ask, even more so given that you have demonstrated that you are either intellectually dishonest by the process of being obtuse or are somewhat retarded in failing at an intellectual level to comprehend the level of discussion in the thread. I could explain the relevance of the point about Mendez, though 'Soon Not a Chain Retailer' already did so, yet you failed to comprehend his reply. The original point Soon Not a Chain Retailer made was relevant whether you understand it or not, but at best it was a simple throw away comment in reply to the police chiefs point about putting a price on things in society, it would't have been a big issue or derailed the thread if Miko had not regurgitated some press untruths in response. The untruths were challenged, and the thread could have moved on if you hadn't thrown a hissy fit about the untruths being challenged. perhaps you would prefer we just allowed media lies to go unchallenged. I would have preferred the thread to swing back towards the original topic, there were some other issues raised by injin and yourself that were more relevant such as decriminalisation of drugs.
  17. Well, well, you are touchy and sensitive now, what i'm saying to you should not be dismissed as 'put downs', it's fair comment based on your interaction in the thread so far.
  18. I cannot explain it in terms that you would understand, 'Soon Not A Retailer' just explained it above in very simple terms, yet it bounced off you like water from a ducks back. As i said before you either deliberately obtuse or retarded, whichever way you have the same impact on the thread
  19. It came up, it was being discussed because it was relevant and ether your being deliberately being obtuse in refusing to acknowledge the relevance or you are genuinely retarded. That fact that you don't or refuse to understand that the issue is relevant, does not mean that it is not relevant, it simply means you are incapable of understanding why it is relevant.
  20. ok but only after you explain how your comment fits in with the context of the thread, and by that i mean the entire discussion taking place 'within the thread', not just the title and last few posts that you read.
  21. So basically you're just half remembering some well promoted 'fact's put out by newspapers like The Sun, repeated by every half drunk demagogue pub-ranter in the country that has only the wit to play the part set for them, adding weight the the phrase "shit sticks". Well i'm quoting from the wiki article on the Medez shooting, which directly quotes from the investigations, and inquests into his death which fully show the level of contempt shown to the pubic by the police and media in reporting the 'facts' I've always appreciated you're contributions to the forum and have never had reason to dislike you in any way, but I strongly take issue with anyone that take the side of those that 1. murdered an innocent man. 2. attempted to cover up the murder of an innocent man. You really should step away from the thread, spend some time reading up on this subject and come back with informed opinion, otherwise this interaction will not go well for you.
  22. That's just not remotely true, where you getting this information from?
  23. £850k holy shit! Thats almost as much as it costs to fund a banker for a year, and that's without factoring in all the damaging effects on wider society, caused by the banker.
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