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  1. WHy is it a red herring? They aren't saying it has risen because of the coronation, it's just a convenient marker because, ooh I don't know, maybe it's the golden jubilee coming up.

    It's a red herring because it's an arbitrary meaningless event that does not have any relevance to house prices rising 100 times since 1952. It would be better to just say since 1952, rather than use a event which distracts from the follow up question "Why have house prices risen 100 times?" or "why has the currency lost so much value?". One might as well use the headline, since Agatha Christie's murder-mystery play The Mousetrap opened at the Ambassadors Theatre in London house prices have risen more than 100 times.

    Of course they don't say because but they use the word since which can imply that there is a relationship between the two. They smear the facts together in a way that media organisations know full-well has a seeding effect in the mind of the general public. Saddam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden, WMDs, 45 minuets. A more accurate story would be to write about how much value the currency has lost since 1952.

    The story is simply a bullish article about how well property has done over the long term, as long as you price it in pounds, if you price property in gold, oil or copper it will tell a very different story, Most people won't question why the currency has lost so much value they will just start thinking about the coronation, jubilee, queen, street parties etc.. while the EA propaganda slips into their subconcious.

    I doubt your numbers. Australia, for a start?

    The figures come the wiki, it references this book as the source. Do you have a source as a basis for your doubts?

    The Oxford History of the British Empire: The Twentieth Century

    ISBN 0-19-924679-3


  2. The coronation is a red herring, it's more to do with the post world war 2 decline of the british empire, the winds of change, suez, bretton woods, sterling area etc...

    Between 1945 and 1965, the number of people under British rule outside the UK itself fell from 700 million to five million, three million of whom were in Hong Kong.

  3. I think this just goes to prove that these guys Have no idea what they are protesting against. They are just jumping on bandwagons to give them something to do all day after picking up their benefits cheques.

    On the one hand they claim to fight against social inequality and social injustice and in the next breath they contradict themselves by fighting to stop house building which is desperately needed for the young and future generations.

    These guys are just anarchists and trouble makers with nothing better to do than start protests and cause trouble. They seem to jump on board with whatever the theme of the day. (just look Dale Farm) even thier main campaign of opposing the banksters in anti capitalist demonstrations is flawed. There is nothing wrong with capitalism. The problem is we don't have a capitalist system if we did the banks would not have been bailed out and would have been left to fail. They don't actually understand what they are protesting against.

    I don't know if the nimbyism is group wide or just with Southend branch:


    I hear they've started campaigning against 'sweeping generalisations' now.

  4. Another request for the collective brains of HPC. Is there any way in which you can advertise a rental property to a specific CLASS of worker. For example, stating that you only want police/medical staff/emergencies services? Or would that fall foul of some ******* uuman rights thing?

    It could be good idea for the government to give a tax incentive to landlords who let out property to emergency services workers, in areas like central london, but then again once the government get involved such a scheme would probably be abused.

  5. My wife and I are FTB's and went to look at our first house today. It is a repo. When we turned up the EA was waiting outside for us and we were surprised when she wasn't even sure of our name. When we were shown inside the house we were greeted by a family of 2 adults and 5 kids also viewing the house. We were told we should just go upstairs until the family were finished.

    We went upstairs and had a look and were startled when another man walked in to the room. Turns out he was a property developer come to have a look.

    Once the family were gone we had a look downstairs for all of 2 minutes before the EA was ushering us out the door as she had another appointment.

    How are you expected to make an informed decision on the biggest financial commitment of your life when you get less than 10 minutes to look around a house with 5 kids running around and 4 other adults.

    I have now realised what they say about EA's is true. They are a bunch of c unt s.

    Rant over!

    Congratulations on your first kill. It sounds a shame that some kids had to be taken out, but at the least you got to collect some bonus adults souls, in addition to the EA you 'retired' a property developer. It's hard to make that decision in such a short time, but sometimes you have to go with your instincts. Generally it's considered best practice not to post online about your kills, but it was your first one, so I understand your need to question your decision. I was just as surprised as you were, when I killed my first EA. Upon dismembering the body, I discovered that they are in fact, made entirely of c nut s. This is why they must die.

  6. I was just reading the story on the BBC skimming down the page quickly to get to 'the thread of hope' they always offer in the face of the undeniable fact that house prices are falling and set to fall further.

    "This effect should fade in the months ahead, and measures such as the Government's NewBuy scheme should provide some support to buyer demand," he added.

    Dear Mr Gaddafi, we regret to inform you that all 95% of your military vehicles have been destroyed by NATO bombing raids, however on the plus side military fuel supplies are now projected to last significantly longer.

  7. USA (parts), Spain & Ireland obviously had much higher rates of building.

    Norn Iron is the fly in the ointment - genuine price crash, but still subject to devalued £.

    I'm sure that conundrum has been covered on the forum before, and there should be useful data to figure out why the 6 counties are different from rest of UK. Is it overbuild/developer bankruptcy south of the border/collapse in mortgage lending?

    Anyone have links?

    Yes, they had higher rates of building houses, but in the UK what happened was that many home owners chose to convert lofts, cellars, and out buildings into spare rooms. Many former 2-3 bed homes are no longer available as entry level homes for first time buyers, they have now become 3-4 bedroom homes which, at current prices, puts them out of the market of anyone who isn't already an owner of a 3-4 bedroom property. Did these homeowners increase the number of rooms as part of a business plan in the hope of renting them out to 'overcrowded Britain'? nope they did it to 'put value on their homes' so that they could borrow more money to buy cheap crap from China.

    If you look in most city centres the capacity has gone right up over the past 15 years, vast amounts of flats where churned out, almost all city centre buildings have the upper floors converted into flats. Former Mills, Pubs, Industrial buildings and offices blocks all were converted on mass. There's plenty of supply, but all at kept at artificially high prices by government subsidy via the inflation tax. Of course you can always buy a home if you are foolish enough to take out a massive loan, but that's only for as long as the credit markets see Britain as a leper with the least spots.

  8. I’m going to send them onto a broker but they have asked me attend this with them as well.

    A nosy part of me is fascinated by what I will see as their gross income should be OK c£60k per year, I really hope I can help them out

    It does sound like they are lining you up for something more that just advice, why else would they want you to attend. I'm guessing that when the mortgage lender tells them that they will need to put down a deposit to get the best mortgage deal they will say "where are we going to get 5000 pounds" and then all eyes will fall on you.

  9. Well thank god for the daily heil, where would we be without their reactionanary half truth headlines. Maybe we should set up a 'Dads Army' kind of defence organisation to repel the hordes of foreign invaders, an excellent tactic would be to switch the signs of the UK Border Agency and replace them with the signs from the Benefits Office, that way we capture johnny foreigner as he tries to steal our hard earned printed money.

  10. http://www.clicker.com/tv/commanding-heights/

    I remember watching this series of videos just before the 2007. Commanding Heights, it's a three part 6 hour long documentary about the history of economics and trade starting with the keynes vs hayek debate, leading into the great depression, WW2, communism capitalism, regain, thatcher, russia's financial collapse, etc.. eventually it comes right up to the 2007 bubble where all the people interviewed are smugly proclaiming that they have created the greatest economic system ever. It's a rogues den of the guilty.

  11. No amount of bellyaching about the past will stop any solution from both rewarding the bad and punishing the good. You simply cant find a solution without cracking such eggs.

    Given it is universally accepted by most people with brains that the debt cycle has reached a peak, there are, to my mind four broad solutions.

    1) Zombie policy. Maintain debt slaves and low rates as it takes a longer amount of years to pay off a larger present valued debt. This is done by structural defaltion which is fended off periodically via bouts of QE and enables the debt mountain to be serviced but not dealt with. meanwhile standards of living are eroded by lower real wages and returns and no growth due to the perpetual debt level.

    2) Deflate and contract. Dramatic structural change involving mass unemployment and destruction of debt via asset worth destructions and disoposal. Years later the debt is defeased as assets are written down to reconnect with wealth. Paper money holders benefit at asset holders and debtors expense.

    3) Default by design. Debt written off. Debtors benefits as wealth transfers from savers to borrowers. Asset rich benefit at expense of cash rich asset poor.

    4) Keen's solution. A different version of 3) but the similar effect. Printing away debts and reducing the purchasing power of those left with paper, thus transferring wealth from cash rich to debtors.


    There is no victim free solution, there is no solution without moral hazard. It depends on who you think desrves to be burdened with the bill, those who have bemnefitted from the recent distortion or those who havent even entered the world of work yet. (the status quo punishes the latter and will continue to do so until there is a reset)

    That's a good summary of most of the options that are on the table, but there's one tried and tested solution that you forgot to include...

  12. Pop quiz, hotshot. There's a debt bomb on the economy. Once the economy goes 50 miles an hour, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do? Aha, very good. There are rules, Jack, and I want you to get this right. No one gets out of the housing market. You try to take anyone out of the housing market, I will detonate the economy. I want my money by 11 A.M.

  13. Greedy for food or money?

    Everyone knows Russian's are the most materialistic people on the planet, and can be the most cold hearted too. Chinese people can be pretty mean/ cold hearted/ materialistic but not on the 'Russia scale'. And a lot of countries are not materialistic on the 'China scale'... what does that say about Russia?

    She mentions British girls being fat, ,well I don't like fat girls either. But perhaps the reason Russian women are so slim is because many are prostitutes so trying to look sexy or have pressure to lose weight so they can find a rich husband.

    Russia seems to me to have all the bad attributes I would describe about Chinese people but without the good side, and the bad side is more pronounced. copydude I would say your infatuation with Russia is just that, an infatuation not based on any meaningful gratuitous attributes of Russian people themselves but more out of sheer luck or upbringing that you would be steered towards Russia.

    Why is it that Russia has a lot more internet crime/ online spam than any other country? Perhaps it's because their society has less of a moral compass and many people can be dispassionately cold hearted in their drive to earn money. A lot of European mafia gangs originate from Russia and the surrounding ex Soviety bloc countries, also a very telling sign.

    Russia is one of my least liked countries, though there are many worse places to be in terms of morality and culture- see Dubai, Thailand etc.

    You are Jeremy Clarkson, and i claim my five pounds. I am however slightly amused by your sweeping generalisations of Johnny Foreigner.

  14. Even if things hadn't gone tits-up, how does this bit work?

    WTF does that even mean? If your small starter-home 'builds up equity' by becoming more 'valuable' WTF do you think has happened to the 'value' of the larger house you want to buy next?

    Ahh yes that may be so, but in the mind of an idiot, borrowing even more money to buy a larger house is ok because the bigger house will go up in value even more.

  15. I'd draw the line at anything that would cause permanent damage. Millions of people get pepper sprayed every day, like I said everyone in the military and police gets sprayed a few times in training. Obviously it's not pleasant but it's probably the safest less-than-lethal tool the police have to use. I have a couple canisters of the stuff myself.

    The only other option was physically man handling them which is a bigger injury risk.

    So electrocution with tazers, chemicals agents, physical beating, are all acceptable methods of dealing with non violent protest (as long as there's no permanent damage) basically anything thats listed as torture by the Geneva convention and UN convention against torture,(as long as it causes no permanent damage) the sort of things we criticise China, Iran, Iraq, Burma, Uzbekistan for are all acceptable methods of dealing with non- violent democratic protests. Remind me again who actually voted for this sort of expansion of the governments ability to violently put down protests.

    You don't think Pepper spray is a weapon that causes harm? perhaps we should decriminalise the stuff and free the people who have been wrongly convicted of using it, after all it causes no permanent damage.

    I noticed you ignored the glaring hole in your vision for a civilised society, because when you give these sort of powers to a government to use via the police force how do people protest against government policy or against a government that then uses methods that do cause permanent damage. The order you crave is the sort seen in totalitarian dictatorships, and that is something for which you will find little support for on these forums and amongst the general public.

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