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  1. Gold buyers forced to go on waiting list Gold buyers are having to wait up to six weeks for their bars and coins after a price dip led to increased interest. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/gold/10028183/Gold-buyers-forced-to-go-on-waiting-list.html
  2. Can't we just send someone round to the homes of unemployed people who can throw all their stuff on the floor and then order them to "pick it up or lose your benefits"
  3. In other news the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors have predicted that Israel could give the Palestinians back their land, Doctors could find a cure for Cancer, and in Sport, Stockport County could win the FA cup.
  4. That's rather strong opinion you have there, do you have anything to support it? or is that just the way you argue. I can argue my point based on personal experience, anecdotal evidence from all of the people I know who have had dealing with the job centre and this Guardian report where a whistle blower explains which type of unemployed person is targeted. Also no doubt many posters here can offer anecdotal evidence, all of which contribute to a much stronger argument than simply making unsupported bold claims. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/video/2011/apr/01/jobcentre-whistleblower-target-culture-welfare This little fantasy you've concocted here is rather interesting. "If you haven't worked for 10 years there is no real point in the Jobcentre forcing you to apply for jobs because you will not be successful anyway." Well then what is the entire point of having a purge on long term benefit scroungers, to discourage long term benefit scroungers, if you DON'T TARGET the benefit scourgers? "The aim is to get the long termed unemployed onto English and Maths courses, to gain volunteer work and improve their CV." The long term unemployed are precisely the people who know how to work the system, these are the ones that have the tax payer fuming, they will go along to courses, but the funding for courses is entirely wasted on them, they know how to play the unemployable game and will do just enough, they know how not be targeted by job centre staff. "If you have recently left a job the Jobcentre acts more like a police force as they assume you are capable of looking for work and want you to get a job as soon as possible before you fall into a spiral of long spells of unemployment." They do it because they care? No they target recent workers, because the workers don't know how to play the benefits game, they are harasses them into applying for temporary low skilled part time jobs. They do it because its the easy way to reach the targets set by their managers. The people who the system should be intended for, are people who have worked and paid tax all their lives. When they lose their jobs they are the very ones who would benefit most from going a a course to learn a new trade, but they are denied the chance because funding is wasted on scroungers. The upshot of this policy is that the newly unemployed either lose their benefits or they learn how to game the system, the financial incentives encourage them to take on the strategy of the long term unemployed. The system rewards dishonesty, if you're honest. you're screwed.
  5. I was in there last year and overheard a staff member being trained. They referred to the claimants with a traffic light system. If you're a green light they push you to apply for jobs, if you're an amber light they get you do do something like go on a skills course or get a CV, if you're classed as a Red light, they know you're unemployable and leave you alone. So what happens, is that when some guy has been working for 20-30 years suddenly finds themselves unemployed, the job centre staff immediately pressure and harass you towards applying for temporary low paid jobs, if your a genuine dole scrounger who hasn't worked for 20-30 years you just walk in, sign your name and walk out without being hassled. So all the things put in place to deal with long term unemployed and people who don't have any intention of ever working are just sticks to beat a working person who finds themselves unemployed for a short period of time. I assume the job centre staff get some sort of bonus for getting people into work so they target the ones that have a track record of working.
  6. The first rule of Project Mayhem is, you do not ask questions about Project Mayhem.
  7. I personally never believed that this current government would ever win the next election, their job was to put a full stop on the end of Labours credit boom, they never had enough seats to do what Thatcher did. I feel that they have managed things as best they could to their own advantage and the people who funded them. With the Tories benefit and public spending cuts labour were always guaranteed to win the next election. The population of the UK are not yet ready for the financial measures that need to be taken to rebalance the uk, that's why I believe that the conservatives are playing a cameo role. When labour get re-elected expect serious borrow and spend, when the public have had enough of that the conservatives will then have a real mandate.
  8. Yes that's how I see it. It's funny how most of these stories warning of a new housing bubble, are by people, media organisations, banks and institutions who denied their was a bubble in the first place, and have persistently refused to acknowledge that house prices are too high. They are just crying bubble to panic the remaining few who were either unwilling to buy at these levels or were unable to buy due to being below-sub-prime standards. If the government has to lend you money to buy a house, then house prices are to high and unsustainable or you're too much of a credit risk in the first place. This is just an effort to prop up current prices to keep the banks solvent, it wont lead to new phase of housing bubble. However, they could alway increase the size of the government loan at some point.
  9. Step 1 Be around at the start of a property cycle Step 2 Be a footballer Step 3 Get better at football Step 4 Become a professional footballer Step 5 Get an agent and cash in on your success as a footballer Step 6 After all the cocaine and hookers, buy a house Step 7 Buy another house Step 8 See step 6 Step 9 Cash in on your success in property with a book, seminar, tv show etc..
  10. I just found this short animation from 1979 about John Law and the Mississippi bubble. I've seen most of the usual videos over that past few years, but this one is new to me. Also a link to Fiat Money Inflation in France pdf http://library.mises.org/books/Andrew%20Dickson%20White/Fiat%20Money%20Inflation%20in%20France.pdf
  11. True there's plenty of lazy people who really shouldn't need to use a car for every journey, but there are also plenty of reasons to use motorised transport, and I speak as someone who regularly runs more than 5k, walks, cycles etc.. rides a motorbike, drives a car and a van. Sometimes we have to carry things/people or be somewhere quickly, or be somewhere 5-10k away and them go somewhere else multiple times in a single day. Years ago, I used to walk everywhere, use public transport and cycle, however the way society is constructed these days people who use motorised transport have a significant productivity advantage over those who do not. It would be ideal if local shops and work opportunities were available within walking distance, but without some serious reversal of the trends of the past 2 decades that's just a fantasy for most people, although I hope with rising energy costs, restructuring of society to scalable distances is something i look forwards to.
  12. I really don't see vertical farming as taking off, there are pros and cons to that sort of growing, the efficiency gains on one side are offset by many other factors, it would probably be practical in certain applications like the space industry due to the cost of transporting food out of the atmosphere. You really cant get more efficient than natural farming without using more energy. You're quite right about growing things locally though, but people will only make those changes when the prices are high enough. There are some really simplistic solutions to using less energy that already exist. For the vast majority of journeys the car could be replaced by motorbikes/scooters or even small scale cars much like go-carts. Young people are already being forced towards small motorbikes by high insurance costs, scooters and motorbikes will be huge growth sectors as the price of oil rises.
  13. If you get in debt you're smart, if you don't your nervous Reckless Rics financial advice is held in extremely high regard on his own website. He doesn't even have to resort to childish coercive rhetoric, such is the quality of his financial advice.
  14. The government are printing money! that's extremely abnormal, and what's even more abnormal is that this state of affairs is considered normal, just as the biggest credit bubble in history, that led to it, was considered normal. The powers that be have thrown everything at this, interest rates at record lows, quantitative easing, and all they can manage to do is to slow the decline, they are running to stand still. Its like when you're racing a car on an icy road, you cannot apply the breaks because you are travelling to fast. All you can do is hope to mitigate the severity of the consequences of your previous actions, you can steer a bit, but your fate is out of your hands, you have lost control. Things may appear to be the same, but they are not. The great depressions didn't just end due to wise financial choices made by governments and central banks, it became a political crisis, that became a trade war. This, in turn, became a geo-political crisis, which eventually led to war. Just look around you at the news events of our time, this won't end pretty. Hubert: "Heard about the guy who fell off a skyscraper? On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: So far so good... so far so good... so far so good. How you fall doesn't matter. It's how you land!"
  15. Yes, I hear there is a layer deep below the earths crust, so far down that our sensors cannot yet penetrate, and this is where an underground species of giant chicken lays golden eggs that contain oil. It's a fact, it cant be proven by science, but its a fact nonetheless.
  16. Maybe he want's you to think he's trying to double bluff you.
  17. As a control method to see how genuine people are about their personal details, you could include an estimate for ***** size in the census.
  18. Yes, you are correct. We cannot eliminate some form of organised state for any period of time without being attacked by other rival states, as were France, Spain, Russia, Somalia etc..when they abolished the state. Humans are more than simply 'a human' we have eternal memory and existence in the way that an Ant is part of an Ants nest, a Beaver is inextricably linked to a Beaver dam, a Cow to a Herd, or a Spider to a Web. The State will reform, much like the Terminator in the second film in the series. We as a democracies must constantly fight against concentrations of power, be they private or state. Democracy is not something you do only once in a revolution, or even once every four years. it is a constant struggle against non democratic concentrations of power.
  19. In part, the self destructive policy of globalisation has been mitigated, and at the same time has taken on a greater magnitude of threat by the role of the international money markets. Long past the point at which a mercantile economy would have been decimated if it were restrained by a hard physical currency, by the magic of fiat, a debtor nation can be vendor financed by a creditor nation. Thus way past the point when the US/UK should have gone bust, or suffered sever social and political unrest due to the exportation of wealth, the reinvestment of that exported wealth by the creditor nation into home loans, car loans, credit cards, unemployment, DLA, etc.. all which provide a positive feedback loop which keeps the plate spinning.
  20. "it is the impossibility of living by any other means that compels our farm labourers to till the soil, whose fruits they will not eat, and our masons to construct buildings in which they will not live. It is want that drags them to those markets where they await masters, who will do them the kindness of buying them. It is want that compels them to go down on their knees to the rich man in order to get from him permission to enrich him. What effective gain has the suppression of slavery brought him? 'He is free,' you say. That is his misfortune. These men, it is said, have no master. They have one, and the most terrible, the most imperious of masters: that is, need. It is this that that reduces them to the most cruel dependence."
  21. 'Free trade' is an interesting phrase, it's universally hailed as a double plus good thing economically and morally. Lets apply 'free trade' to a simplistic scenario of a group of small scale farmers who sell their products at the local market.... 5 farmers sell their produce at the local town market, 4 of these farmers are subject to food standards regulation, health and safety regulations, local taxation, basic workers rights and environmental standards, however one of the farmers does not have to abide by any of these regulations or pay any tax on their profits, this is called free trade. The word Globalisation on it's own is far too vague and meaningless, what should be asked is Globalisation of 'what?' In the current world trade model it's the globalisation of profits for large corporations, there isn't globalisation of human rights, food standards, workers rights, environmental standards etc.. It's only if we had a level playing field that we would see true free markets in operation. As it stands the free markets are circumvented by large powerful corporations that can shift their production off shore and sell back into a market in which they provide few jobs and pay little tax, the net effect is a drain on that economy. But as long as the country can raise revenue in the international debt markets to enable under employed people to afford the iPhones and cheap food it will continue. James Goldsmith predicted it all years ago, and was ridiculed for his opinion.
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