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  1. What happened to roll on spring? Looks like it just rolled on by and bu@@er me if there hasn't been a crash. Roll on winter.
  2. I think the neighbours are being very unreasonable. We are always complaining that we have lost our sense of community spirit in Great Britain, we never speak to each other on the street, half of us don't even know our neighbours on first name terms. This DIY nutter, sorry, DIY chappie deserves praise for being community spirited, and whats more, he didn't even ask the neighbours to chip in half the cost of the work, which in my opinion, he is well within his rights to do so. Mark my words, the neighbours will be the first to complain when they run out of sugar and have to walk down the gar
  3. Whingers and whiners No other country on this planet produces whingers and whiners of equal calibre. The UK is renowned for producing the highest quality whingers in the world. STOP WHINGING AND WHINING
  4. Maybe it was used their as well, can't remember exactly how it drifted into my posession, probably from some obscure and dark website in the distant past.
  5. Japan, think it symbolises mans greed when dealing with his fellow man or something similar, perfectly appropriate for the housing market.
  6. I think you think too much. Welcome to madhousepricecrash
  7. Marching against a popular government, at the same time as asking people to lose money on property will be as popular as a fart in a space suit. Stop being a silly billy. Not everyone, come the election, Tone is back in, because people for the most part are happy with New Labour and can see through the doomsters and Media crap. Not everyone in the country is a hard up FTB. Stop whinging.
  8. You sure can, you'll still be recovering from the kickings and verbal lashings he gave you on a daily basis. Hope the bruises are healing ok. Get well soon.
  9. Right good brainwave that, get back to school and slap your mother for daring to give birth to an idiot.
  10. Fair point, your reply was argumentative, you probably knew that their perception of "always goes up" was indicative of a long term view taking into account that there will be reversals from time to time.
  11. They go up, then they come down, thing is, they go up more than they come down in incremental steps, consequently, in the long term, the statement is perfectly correct, or can you prove otherwise.
  12. Aye, I can always tell the grandkids about the time when people lived in rented places, they'll not believe me though, they'll think i'm a mad old sod, oh, thats right I am, I bought a house.
  13. No point, other than self improvement, a nice shed for the kids, a garden, somewhere to park your car, couple of shrubs at the front door, new window's, a Moben kitchen, 3 bedrooms, en-suite, loft space for your train set, double glazing, Vaillent boiler, wooden floors, crazy paving, block drive, garage full of tools and stuff, utility room, built in fridge, dish washer, granite worktops, nice carpets, your own front door, tree house, matching carpets and curtains, NO RENT, and last but not least, a nice set of Patio doors.
  14. Hi. Why would I, with the supposed 70k combined family income, buy a 1 bedroom flat and live with my lovebird wife when others with 70k combined income are living in nice 3 bed/2ba semi-detatched's they bought a few years earlier? Because you missed the boat. Have I missed the boat? See above. Is my only course of action to lower my standard of living even though my peers who are but a few years older didn't have to lower their's? Fraid so. Is it because it is "different" this time? Is it because we are running out of space? No, you missed the boat. Did life provide me with the short
  15. Is that your offering, no wonder he loves to kick you from one side of the room to the other, have another go.
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