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  1. Trust me, no scam. I used to do buy from here. Might still go back one day, at the moment doing other stuff. This is the biggest indoor auction house in the UK, it is FRICKEN massive in stock and turnover. Every single item will sell tommorow. You bid, you pay, you collect. But the only warning, check and test before buying. Nothing is implied as they are selling returned items. The main reason why I do not like going there, cause I know for a fact that they let select big ebayers view day before the auction date, the rest of us have to view on the two hours alloted before the bidding time.
  2. they are good, you have to test items and make judgement call on batches. How else do you think Currys, dixons and pc world stuff end up on ebay, it is through these auctions. Normally, I would say 90% is returns. This auction does not look like returns to me. Might be end of line, or might be a recall, but unlikely. Anything DAB related might simply be sent back due to poor DAB reception. Can you make a living, yeah if you have no scruples (see below). P.S. 99.99999% of this auction will end up on ebay. The buyers of this stuff will make there own judgment on how to sell the items, most w
  3. I would loved to know where this stock is coming from....... This would be a non reserve auction, and I know these wont come from Currys, Dixons and PC world group, they simply dont do this many Sony items. There normal stock of Sony returns is barely no more than 50 a week. http://www.johnpye.co.uk/0605pcat.html
  4. Grahem Penny results in Derby were not good, prices seemed to have spiked. I have no idea why. I was not even looking at the auction, my friend told me that he may have to buy sooner rather than later as he thinks prices are staging a recovery at the auctions. Something about people being forced to plough there money into property as the returns from banks being so poor. He was not wrong, prices were expensive. Analysing the market on one result could be a mistake. I looked at the sequence auctions were prices seemed to be alot lower. What do you think the general trend is for auction price
  5. I was looking at rightmove today to see what house prices are like in Derby recently. I was surprised to see 234 newly listed properties in Derby. A Vast majority were from Ashley Adams. Trust me when I tell you, that figure is huge. Derby never has more than a couple of pages max, about 30-40 properties. So why so many properties by ashley adams. I went onto there website to see what they was offering. Our services include: A pre-sales analysis of your home. (someone asking you what you think your property is worth and pitching it out at that price)Advice on marketing and advertising.
  6. "Mary Ann and Derrick Lepley bought a home for nearly $300,000 less than what the previous owners paid." They seem to be very happy about someone elses misfortune. Schnadenfreude is a vastly spreading disease that is gripping the western world. $500K homes now selling for $200,000
  7. I think you are in denial if you think the government wont dig there way out of this hole, all they have to do is dig upwards.
  8. Dont ask me why, but alot of people I talk too think that this crash is going to be over very shortly. I am keeping an open mind, if the government keeps of pumping money into the economy, then indeed it might appear on paper that the crash may be reversed, in reality this would be just an illusion, as inflation figures would be ramped upto the max. It would be interesting if we followed the bear market of Japan, and would it change the view on property would be investors. I still hear cries that property is still a brilliant investment and its a sure fire bet to make money, you cannot lose.
  9. There has been some confidence restored back into the market there are loads of examples, about a 2 month ago, you could definately see a trend back to 2002 prices. We are definately moving away from that now.
  10. I had the money to buy this year, and there seemed to be genuine bargains, but not in the areas I wanted to buy in. It appears another ship has sailed leaving me at the dock.
  11. Not sure how this has impacted actual results, but it seems that market expectations have gone through the roof looking at allsop's latest auction.
  12. http://edition.cnn.com/2008/LIVING/12/05/u...sign/index.html havent they got jobcentres in the us. I might start one up and make an absolute killing and then heavily invest into houses, with a view to rent them out, a sought of buying to let out property venture, not sure if you guys have heard of it.
  13. If mr DSG is reading this, I know the answer to your problems, stop sending your returns through to the auction houses, you are losing way too much money. For example Apple laptop sold at auction last night £500, buyer had to pay a further 36% in fees, so the buyer was willing to pay £860 for a returned laptop worth £1400 new. The auction house charges the seller for selling + VAT on selling fees. I do not know this precentage, but I bet you are looking at 20%. I can see where the losses are, I am sure these returns are making there way back to DSG shops, ie currys. Someone will buy new and
  14. No more happy hour. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/poli...icle5233864.ece
  15. His place has gone even better, he has now fallen out with the regulars. It is brilliant, no one turns up. Fantastic, the pool table all to myself. Credit crunch? What credit crunch, he had no business back then either. He laughed at the VAT news, "what the hell is VAT" was his reply. He is lucky to get a tax bill with his turnover. I truley believe the pool table made more money than the bar that night. And too top it all, he treated me to a free pub lunch cause I stayed and kept him company. I do not know why he keeps the place open, I think it is just a place to showcase his elvis memorab
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