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  1. Have a look at http://timesbusiness.typepad.com/money_web...o-you-blam.html Interestingly the most viewed article in the Telegraph is "Swimming with Tigers" - no not another day in the City but some young lion handlers in bikinis swimming with real tigers! Ho hum SB Edited as I don't know the difference between lions and tigers!
  2. The trouble with all public sector agencies is that they have no-one onboard who understands business - they are full of PC useless people who have never and will never do anything meaningful. In our area they've just kicked off a multi-million pound scheme to make Yorkshire the second financial centre after London. Thing is it already is!!!!! Full of useless to**ers! Sleep tight SB
  3. Good work, thought I'd help you out, the address format is different and the previous sales figures are 29/06/2004 £159,000 Flat L No Map 89 Platinum, 212 Apartment, Branston Street, Hockley, Birmingham, West Midlands, B18 6BT 16/10/2003 £126,950 Flat L Yes Map 89 Platinum, 212 Apartment, Branston Street, Hockley, Birmingham, West Midlands, B18 6BT thats a loss of 60% Regards SB
  4. Funny thing is he does remind me of a character - not quite as literary as yours - its Chief Clancy Wiggum in the Simpsons. Well meaning man but absolutely useless! In his own immortal words; Ho hum - is he really the best we've got? SB
  5. Can you believe this? Full article in the LA Times at http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/laland/200...ealestate-blogs Do they have enough money? Enjoy SB
  6. Think I've spotted the flaw in his plan - his house is an over extended semi and quite frankly isn't worth £400K - so thats £750K for a second hand pre-owned Gallardo owned by a 30 year old Essex Boy - not a deal I'd be interested in! SB Edited for space!
  7. Well the $700bn bailout doesn't look too good now as the Dow falls over 3% on the realisation that it won't make that much of a difference http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Tomorrow will be an interesting day Sleep tight Regards SB
  8. Hadn't seen a proposed value on the site so here it is from the LA Times Why do they want to interfere? Enjoy SB
  9. I'll add to that - one IP I know has had £30M worth of property added to his books since the beginning of the year - can't shift it and is now looking for 50p in the pound - so 50% falls are here already for those in the know.
  10. I don't think you have all the possibilities here - I'd go for David "I've been wrong for years but too dumb to realise it" Smith - he should be gone tomorrow after his piece in todays Sunday Times - look at the comments! But thanks anyway SB
  11. They made a profit on their normal trading but, once they had written down the values of their capital assets to reflect current values, it turned into a loss. In reality they made a profit SB
  12. Great question & with sentiment being the main driver of markets (or it wouldn't have hit double digit drops) then I think the concept of worth is an interesting one. To me the key question will be have people lost the view of property as an investment and returned to one of its a roof over our heads? If its a roof its probably a return to 3 * joint income plus deposit (in a low interest rate economy), I fear however people may see the opportunity for a few quick bucks again in which case its 5 or 6 times joint (and accept a few repos along the way) Of course to some the answer will be "Its all Brown's fault", to others 90% drops but I'll settle for my answer and await the throwing of rocks. SB
  13. Interestingly my niece had her purse stolen and someone used her cards to buy stuff leaving her with no money. It took HBOS 8 weeks to even look into the case !!!! That was OK though to leave a young girl with no money at the other end of the country from her parents. However its obviously different for Andy. Sad, it really is.
  14. Drat - too late - anyone see what 37A went for? Thanks in advance SB
  15. Looked at Lot 37A - flat in manchester - went in 2004 for £208,250 - Halifax want to get rid starting at £85K. If it goes at starting price thats a 59.2% reduction - I shall be watching with interest! Enjoy SB
  16. See what the US thinks of what's happening here; http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-brit...0,7316963.story If you want to be really upset check out the weather on the homepage - why do I live in the UK? Have a nice day Regards SB
  17. Its true to say that fewer people are buying new cars than just 6 months ago - I had this through from my local dealer tempting me to trade down to a new E class On the Road price £33,625 Monthly Payment** £329 Customer Deposit £5,499 Retailer Deposit Contribution* £3,448 Number of Payments 36 Optional Purchase Payment † £15,000 So the dealer has to put in just over 10% to get anyone interested - not so long ago you couldn't get anything off a new Merc - how times have changed and I'm sure its only going to get worse for them. Amongst owners they are known as "stealers" - lets see how they fare now people can;t get free credit to buy their cars! Enjoy SB
  18. TTID, Sounds like a good breakfast - I had a similar experience with some bankers ( well HSBC Business Bankers, so actually salesmen / administrators not bankers) yesterday - they understand so little of what they do its frightening. I STR'ed from Fleet in late 04 - Church Crookham to be precise, the Bryant Estate by the Canal - whats been happening to house prices in the area since - have I missed out or has Elvetham Heath kept a cap on prices? Just wondering? Regards SB
  19. Sorry Booby, I've read all I can about them and from what I can see everyone here has two ARMs same as those folks in the US - what's the point you're trying to make ? I have the Honour to be, Sir, Your Obedient Servant STRBear A Fecking Numpty
  20. Check this out; its the foreclosure stats for the Inland Empire, a group of cities to the east of LA that has become the commuter belt. Not bad eh? From the LA times Real Estate blog at http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/laland/?tr...ealestate-blogs Have a nice day now, Regards SB.
  21. People spend what they earn - you just eat out more often, drink more expensive wine and, of course, drive a more expensive car. To many its all about keeping up with the Jones's and whilst thats affordable - its the house thats the killer in this case. Some friends of mine, both professionals on £60K, have a £500K mortgage - one loses their job - game over. There is no depth, no reserves and thats what is about to unfold. Regards SB
  22. You'll never know but I reckon its a 19 hour day so its about £5700 + disbursements + VAT! SB
  23. More in the LA Times at http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/laland/200...as-lewis-s.html And all this before Fannie & Freddie Enjoy SB
  24. Every report seems to take the same route these days; "Mr X, an expert in Y, says" and yet more often than not they are, as time goes by, proven not to be as expert as they proclaim. We can look at the band of house price experts who all talk like lagging indicators following the market down rather than providing true insight, the highly paid business experts who didn't see it coming or any member of the Government! So the question is "Who are the experts in their field and who are just bluffers?" I suggest we build a HPC Hall of Fame or vote on "Britain's most expert expert Awards" to be hosted at the Dorchester and hosted by Eric The awards might be "Completely Unbelievable, in fact they spout rubbish Award" - Nominees Chemical Ali and David Smith of the Times "So expert I might soon be unemployed Award" - Ray Bolger of John Charcol UB40 "I don't have any knowledge and just tell you what has happened not what is going to happen Award" - Fionnuala of Nationwide Obviously there some good experts out there so lets try and get a balance Enjoy SB
  25. Maybe it should say 'limited availability but growing every day!'
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