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  1. For the record, we have a pool table, and it's loads of fun. Since we have young kids we don't get to go out together much, so it's great to have a party in the house once the kids are in bed. The wife has her DJ station set up in the corner, complete with cheapo LED lights, and it looks cool. It's great when you have friends over to, better table than in a pub, nicer environment and cheaper drinks. What about to comment on there being a lot of sour pusses on this thread, but it's par for the course round here I must admit, the downside is that cuing action is inhibitited by the twigs in vases that are placed around the edge of the room.
  2. Wait for ofgem to assign you a new supplier. Advice is not to try and switch now, especially if you have a credit balance with them. The new supplier should take on the credit balance. You should also take a meter reading now according to the article, and just hold on to it pending the notification of new supplier.
  3. Mirror Article I was / am with these guys. They were the cheapest when I signed up. It seems they offered fixed rate deals without forward buying the energy to match against what they had sold. I guess I wont have to pay a leccy bill for a while whilst they sort the mess out.
  4. Did anyone else see the "property expert" on BBC Breakfast this morning. Telling us all how BTL investors are providing a valuable service, and there is no evidence to suggest that they have been responsible for some of the price increases that everyone has been subject to for the past decade or so.
  5. I thought that's quite good value, then realised it was per week. It says it's been on since April, presumably no takers.
  6. What's this trust thing you speak of? Either way, as an accountant, not sure how your figures work, mind you have had a beer. How much of the repayment is interest and how much is capital.
  7. A close contact of mine that works in higher education has been saying for some time that this will be the next mis selling scandal. Students have been mis sold to on two fronts, firstly that the loans were in any way affordable and secondly that the crappy courses that they are studying will actually improve their job prospects.
  8. Check out this RM listing. They are really selling this overpriced house on the kitchen, just take a quick scroll through. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-53010815.html?premiumA=true
  9. The article implies the tax only applies to homeowners, or that they are the only people that the rag cares about
  10. Bought at 265 in 2007, put on market and sold stc very quickly in 2013 at 271, couldn't find anything to buy so had to take off market, found a place we wanted and had offer accepted late 2014, put ours back on market and had full asking price offer of 290 within a few days. Probably could have got a bit more if we'd hung on, but wanted to get moving.This isn't London though, just in to wear Sussex, close to Surrey and East Sussex borders
  11. I wouldn't give up just yet. As a perma bear, I have just traded up from my last house. I bought the last one in August 2007, and we all know what happened after that, so dont give up hope now, if my timing is anything like last time we could be on for another bank run. Annoyingly, prices still went up around our way in nominal terms at least, between 2007 and 2015. Mortgages sure were cheap in 2007 though, and I've managed to keep my super low base rate tracker. Time will tell if 2015 is the year of the proper crash, but I'm pretty relaxed either way as we will probably want to trade up once more if things go to plan.
  12. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-house-buyers-slash-offers-after-chancellors-stamp-duty-shakeup-9917683.html Hopefully the link will work as posting from phone.
  13. Its not for me, but I think you'd learn a lot and have a good time doing it. Gotta be better than a lot of the other naff jobs out there where you have to spend all your wages on rent.
  14. Not especially constructive. The impact on food creation would be negligible for the amount of additional houses that are required. Secondly its a global market in food, so being close to a field does not entitle you to the contents, but having the veg in your own reasonably sized garden probably would.
  15. Had a few conversations on this recently. My view: why on earth would someone in Scotland choose to be ruled / governed by the proven crooks and tools in Westminster. They would be mad to let this opportunity or reform pass them by. Views of others I have spoken to in recent days Common sense will prevail. (clearly there is an obvious reason I am missing here) Generally people seem unwilling to accept that something other than the status quo is the best thing. I am beginning to think I am borderline mad for my views. I've thought this before though, and eventually I have people telling me they always knew I was right, so I guess I have a wee bit of conviction. I have also flagged up the opportunity to take back much of the land stolen by aggressors of the past and handed down to their descendants. This suggestion seems to meet with incredulity, for similar "common sense" reasons stated above. I have no idea what the result will be, but, for the benefit of the Scottish people, and for those in neighbouring countries, I think it would be beneficial to send a strong Foxtrot Oscar message to to the current crop that currently think they have some divine right to boss me around.
  16. Yes - difficult to know how they derive their stats. Although I would say its reasonable to expect that houses in the 100-300 range would generally sell quicker than in the 500-700 range. Hopefully we will see stock continue to build from the 22 month level I have calculated until some would be sellers realise that they will have to cut the price significantly.
  17. There are quite a few high street agents, a quick google suggests 7 with premises in the town that do sales (there are a couple of others that do just lettings). There are also a few of he virtual agents that operate from further afield or completely remotely.
  18. I've done a bit of analysis to calculate the amount of stock currently on the market in my search area. I went to the following website http://www.freemaptools.com/find-uk-postcodes-inside-radius.htm and downloaded a list of all the postcodes within 3 miles of my station, then went to the land registry and downloaded the prices sold data for the last 18 months. Did a bit of filtering and lookups to establish which of the house sale data actually referred to my search area, and compared this to the number of houses for sale on rightmove. By this slightly imperfect method, I've calculated that there have been 58 houses sold within 3 miles of my station since the beginning of 2013, so thats 3.2 per month. The number of listings for the same search on rightmove is 82, and taking in to account duplicate listings (not an exact science due to new builds as there are probably multiple houses for sale) I'd estimate that there are about 70 separate houses for sale, which is equivalent to approx 22 months of stock on the market. I don't have a benchmark to compare this to, but this strikes me as rather a lot of stock. As an accountant, I'd be marking down my stock if I had 22 months worth, but it seems others are happy to wait until someone "pays what its worth". One obvious limitation of the data is that sales of houses marketed at 520, but completing at sub 500 will not appear in LR data, but the equivalent house would be on RM search, but this would be countered slightly by houses marketed at above the 700 mark but sold just below. I just re cut data to include houses between 495k and 700k and it only added 3 houses over the 18 month period. Would be interesting know what others experiences are and whether 22 months of stock is considered a lot by others.
  19. Just listened to the first two episodes of this on iplayer. Quite interesting following the experiences of people priced out and feeling pressure to panic buy. The message was clear that a correction could be on the way. Shame its only on radio 4, but its nice to see the concept of sky high prices being a bad thing being promoted. Here is a link for those too lazy to look it up http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04d0j0v Both episodes are worth a listen, but if you can only stomach one, then I'd suggest episode two.
  20. Links not working for me for some reason, a google of the quote above did the trick though.
  21. If you have been making overpayment, you can probably call this money down from them, so they have a cost of capital for money that isn't at work and is unlikely to be, but could be called and so they will have to maintain some element of capital. I've had similar letters from by division of Lloyds, HBoS. They are not offering me more money though, but keep suggesting that they will not be serving me very well, not doing new business etc and I may want to leave without penalty. I'm sure its just concern on their part rather than my Base +0.62% offset tracker not making them much money.
  22. Had a chat with an estate agent yesterday. He's taken on a house in London, not prime by any means. He said that there was not a single viewing on the original asking prices. They then reduced it 5% and have had some viewings but still no offers. from discussions he'd had with other agents in London (London is not his usual patch - he's semi virtual agent kind of thing) he said that its totally ground to a halt, and that he expected the lack of activity to radiate out of London. This is certainly the most bearing I have heard agents be of late. Also - in my area of the country, sussex / surrey, stock is clearly building, with more and more reductions. Asking prices are still daft of course, but it certainly feels like the tide is turning and for those that are motivated to sell, they may have to accept a lower price than they might have got 6-12 months ago, which is great for the indices! Depends what our reckless government will do to avoid price drops.
  23. Mixture round my way, most notable thing was the volume, one page of results for May (may not have gone to end of the month, but last was 20 something of May) and there were 3 or four pages worth for April. I am looking at places in the 500-700 range and it would appear that there are way more houses being out on for these asking prices than are being sold at these prices.
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